anchorPartner Programs - Operations


The Partner Program takes place in the Los Angeles Convention Center, Concourse Hall, Level 2 and includes six (6) Theaters built for purpose.

The GSMA provides a turnkey solution for Partners which is included in the standard purchase package price, however should you have any customized requirements, please discuss directly with your Project Manager.


Please click here to view the latest floorplan of Los Angeles Convention Center.

anchorOperational Packages

GSMA provides an operational package for each Theater to include the following:

  • Standard AV equipment with crew
  • Standard Theater style seating with stage set
  • Standard Networking area with furniture
  • Standard networking furniture
  • Branding

Should you have any customized requirements, please speak directly with your Project Manager to prepare a detailed proposal.

During our status calls we will walk you through your package.

anchorRun of Show

A Run of Show document demonstrates the level of detail required for our AV crew to run your event successfully. An example to assist you in creating your own can be downloaded here.

Please make sure to submit a first version by Friday, August 17, 2018.

Note: Please respect regular breaks for the AV crew to include the following: Partner Programs are required to include a 15 minute morning and afternoon break (for half day partners) plus a 1 hour lunch break (for full day Partners). If you have questions, please discuss with your Project Manager. 

Whilst GSMA provides you with support both in the lead up to and onsite, it is imperative that each Partner brings a designated Show Caller/Production Manager from your own team to run the content on stage.

anchorVisuals / Branding

As part of the package, GSMA provides branding for each Theater. This will be outlined in the Standard Package.

Deadlines for artwork submission will be communicated soon. The artwork will need to be submitted through the DropBox folder your Project Manager will provide to you. If you are unable to use DropBox, please speak with your Project Manager to find the best way to send your artwork.

anchorAudio Visual 

Standard AV equipment and crew to support your Theater session are included in the Standard Package.

If you require additional AV equipment or support which is not part of the Standard Package, please liaise directly with your Project Manager.

Deadlines for ordering extra AV equipment will be communicated soon.

Note: if you provide your own technical equipment for use in the Theater you might have to order separate power supply and consumption as well as union labour.

Technical Rehearsals

The package also includes one (1) hour immediately prior to your program when the AV crew will be available for a full technical rehearsal.


Standard furniture for the stage, audience and networking is included in the Standard Package. Should you require any additional furniture please contact your Project Manager.

The deadline for ordering extra furniture will be communicated soon.


Should you need to order catering for your Theater, please liaise directly with your Project Manager for a detailed proposal. The catering package as well as deadlines for orders will be communicated soon.

Please note that the venue caterer has exclusivity in the venue. No other caterers are permitted.

anchorHosts / Hostesses

GSMA provides hostesses for general assistance and registration for each Partner Program.

Should you require any additional staff, please liaise directly with your Operations Project Manager for a detailed proposal.

The deadline to order additional staff will be Monday, August 13, 2018

anchorAccess Times & Procedures

Build and De-rig Days

Please refer to our Opening Times & Access on the Online Event Manual.

Los Angeles Convention Center Access Out of Hours

Details to be confirmed.

anchorShipping Instructions & Onsite Material Handling

Detailed information on shipping and onsite material handling can be found here.


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