Booth Plan Submission


The deadline to submit your Booth Plan Submission form is Wednesday, September 16, 2019. Two-story booths must submit their plans by August 16, 2019. This form can be found in the Forms & Deadlines section.

Please review the guidelines below for submitting your technical drawings and ensuring your plans are compliant with our Booth Build Rules and Regulations.

The following booths are required to submit drawings are:

  • Executive Meeting Room Superior
  • Space Only Booths (incl. Space Only Hospitality)
  • Two-story (Double Decker) Booths

Plans should be submitted through the OEM Stand Plan Submission by Wednesday, September  16, 2019. Plans should have accurate measurements (in feet). Plans need to show exact square footage of any covered areas

Booth Contractors

  • As an exhibitor, you are subject to sourcing and hiring your own contractor to build your booth or suite. If you require assistance with a design, please refer to Exhibition Suppliers page
  • Please ensure your contractors visit the Rules & Regulations page where all regulations can be found
  • It is important that you set up your contractor(s) to access this Manual through the Manage My Third Party page. They will then receive login details via email and will gain access to any form you assign to them
  • You can assign forms to your contractors through the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual. They will then be able to submit them on your behalf
  • In order for your contractors to gain access to the venue during move-in and move-out, please submit the Move-In & Move-Out Passes form before Monday, October 22, 2019
  • It is mandatory for all contractors submit the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form in the Forms & Deadlines section with their onsite contact details


  • Please note that all Space Only booths are obligated to submit the Method Statement and Risk Assessment forms in order to highlight their planned control measures to prevent accidents when working at height. These forms can be found on the Forms & Deadlines page in the event manual.
  • Working at height without adequate preventive measures in place is strictly prohibited and will be stopped if deemed necessary
  • Please ensure that if you are building a two-story booth, you have informed your account manager of this as a 50% of the ground floor sq ft rate is chargeable for the 2nd level. For any questions please contact:
  • The GSMA floor management company, Abraxys, and Venue reserve the right to request structural calculations and approvals at the expense of the exhibitor, pre-show or on-site for any booth or structure at the event should it be deemed necessary
  • Photographs, faxed drawings or drawings from other exhibitions will not be accepted
  • All plans and associated documentation must be submitted in English
  • Upon receipt of the written confirmation from GSMA floor management company, Abraxys, no alterations can be made to the drawings submitted


A two-story booth is defined as a booth with a physical second level. Any booth designed to have an upper deck (two-story) MUST notify GSMA’s appointed floor management company, Abraxys, and submit floor plans 60 days prior to move-in (August 16, 2019) for official approval. If certificates of flame-retardancy are applicable, those must be included with the submitted plans. Abraxys will notify the exhibitor when the Fire Marshal gives final approval.

As a general guideline the following regulations are to be considered:

  • All rules and regulations for single-story booths will apply to two-story booths
  • Two-story booths are all tentative and subject to approval
  • A certified professional engineer must approve the structure and a professional stamp must be on the plans submitted. The engineer can be certified from any state or any international government
  • All areas, including storage areas, under the second story must be equipped with a UL-approved, battery-operated smoke detector attached to the ceiling or under structure
  • A 2A10BC extinguisher is required on each level. The fire extinguishers must be easily available and unobstructed from view
  • Booths that exceed 750 sqft of space with enclosed perimeter walls will require at least 2 separate exits. Additional exits may be required on a case-by-case basis. Capacity will be calculated at 15 sqft per person
  • There is a restriction as to the number of two-story exhibits allowed in each hall. The area in question must be approved first by the LACC Facilities Department and LACC Fire Marshal.
  • Any second level over 20ft x 20ft (6m x 6m) may not be approved if it is determined it will negatively affect the overhead sprinklers for fire prevention
  • Occupancy load is 10 people per 10ft x15ft
  • Railing or side of second story must be at least 42 inches high
  • Second (upper) level cannot have a ceiling
  • Minimum ceiling height of ground level is 8ft / 2.5m
  • Maximum height of flooring of second story is 12ft from base of first story
  • Height limitation for entire structure is 20ft with at least a three foot distance from the archways or ceiling
  • Section 10 of the Uniform Building Code prohibits the use of spiral, winding, or curved stairs in any facility. Stairs must have tread all the way around. The staircase also must be at least 3ft in width and have a handrail on at least one side. If any deck is designated to hold over 10 people a second staircase is required for emergency evacuations
  • Wood must be flame resistant or treated
  • Exhibitors may not hook into the LACC sprinkler system


Exective Meeting Rooms (EMR) Superior rooms are high specification meeting rooms that offer privacy and a "superior" level of flexibility. These rooms are located in the 300 and 500 rooms at the LACC. These rooms are to be used as "Space Only", where you are permitted access to build or order items to design the room as you see fit. Each client must follow the below guidelines for submitting technical drawings and ensure plans are compliant with our Booth Build Rules and Regulations as it relates to Executive Meeting Room Superior booths.

  • Covered areas in meeting rooms should NOT exceed the lesser of the two parameters; 70% of the total area of the room, or 750 square feet
  • Under certain circumstances that an area has been approved to be covered, a 24-hour Fire Watch must be established once the covered area has been constructed, until the time it is removed. Show Security personnel shall be used for fire watch duties. There must be a designated guard in the room at all times with readily available means of communication (i.e radio), to immediately contact LACC Security in the event of smoke or fire. The need for a Fire Watch will be determined once plans are submitted through the Booth Plan Submission form, and then reviewed by the LACC Fire Marshal. If a Fire Watch is required, the exhibitor is responsible for any associated costs to secure the room
  • All fire sprinkler heads should not be obstructed. 36 inches of clearance must be given in all directions of any sprinkler head
  • Covered areas that exceed 100 square feet will need an audible smoke detector. The number and location of smoke detectors will be determined by LAFD when plan are reviewed
  • Fire extinguishers may be required. The number and location of fire extinguishers will be determined by LAFD when plans are reviewed
  • No temporary sprinklers are allowable in the meeting rooms
  • Number of egress routes must be identified and will determine the allowable capacities in each room
  • Affixing anything to walls/ceilings will not be permitted in meeting rooms

Ceiling Height Restrictions

As consistent with the regulation above obtaining to 36 inch clearance of all fire sprinkler heads, these rooms have specific height restrictions. Please see the table below to take into consideration when designing your space:

301A 13 feet 9 inches 504 9 feet 6 inches
301B 13 feet 9 inches 505 9 feet 6 inches
302 13 feet 9 inches 506 9 feet 6 inches
303A 13 feet 9 inches 507 9 feet 6 inches
303B 13 feet 9 inches 510 9 feet 6 inches
304A 13 feet 9 inches 512 9 feet 6 inches
304B 13 feet 9 inches 513 9 feet 6 inches
304C 13 feet 9 inches 514 9 feet 6 inches
305 13 feet 9 inches
306A 13 feet 9 inches
306B 13 feet 9 inches
307 13 feet 9 inches
308A 13 feet 9 inches

For any questions regarding this please contact:

Abraxys Global Ltd, GSMA’s floor management company

Name: Chris Simpson


10 Barley Mow Passage 
W4 4PH 


Approval Process:

  • Exhibitor or Booth Contractor to submit plans via Booth Plan Submission Form
  • Abraxys will review each submission and will forward electronic copies of the floor plans to the Los Angeles Convention Center Fire Marshal (if applicable). All  two-story plans must have the certified engineer’s signature and stamp
  • If any plans are rejected, each exhibitor will be responsible for making adjustments and to resubmit plans through the Booth Plan Submission form