anchorPartner Programs - FAQ







anchorHow do partners market to their own database?
There are a variety of ways partners market their programs to their own databases:
  • Build their own websites and registration sites 
  • Send communication to their database of clients, prospects, etc. 
  • Use the Partner Application System (PAS) data to add attendees to their attendance list, extend Silver Passes, or decline their request to attend their session
  • Send “save the date” emails
  • Promote their program on social media before and during the event
  • Include MWC19 Los Angeles logos on their email signatures
  • Add information to their corporate calendars
  • Engage their sales teams by providing Silver Passes
  • Extend a certain number of Silver Passes on a first come first served basis or through a contest

Best Practice: Your database is your number one resource to build your attendance list as they are the most likely to attend.

anchorHow can the GSMA Press team help promote my Event?
  • Through the Online Event Manual on the Marketing Tab, the list of press that have already pre-registered for Mobile World Congress Americas is available to you. Feel free to invite anyone on the list to your program
  • Our GSMA Press team wants to review any press releases that include the GSMA and MWC19 Los Angeles. Please provide them to your Partnership Marketing Manager for assistance
  • Our GMSA Press team does not write or send press releases on behalf of any organization. The team only works on behalf of the GSMA and MWC19 Los Angeles
  • Per your contract for the Mobile World Congress Americas, you are entitled one mention in a pre-show press release. This is at the discretion of the Press Team and will be reviewed by your Partnership Marketing Manager for accuracy. We do not provide pre-approval from any partners, exhibitors, speakers, etc. before the release is published.


anchorHow do MWC19 Los Angeles attendees pre-register for my program?

Attendees can pre-register for your program via the Program Application System (PAS), if you choose to use this feature. The attendee will be directed to indicate their interest in your program from the Partner Program webpage. Learn more about PAS here. You may also choose to add your own list of attendees. 

Do I have to use the PAS to register attendees for my program?

No, you can add your own list of attendees without using the PAS. An example would be a group of attendees you have invited for a private program not open to all attendees.

anchorHow do MWC19 Los Angeles attendees collect their badge and access the venue?

Attendees must have completed registration for an MWC19 Los Angeles pass, and then provide the required ID to collect their MWC19 Los Angeles badge and enter the venue. Badge collection times and locations are listed here.

anchorOnce inside the venue, how do attendees access my program?

The attendee’s MWC19 Los Angeles badge must be scanned to provide access to your program theater. Click here to learn more about badge scanning and access.

anchorWhat should I do with my allocation of MWC19 Los Angeles passes?

Be sure to use all of your passes to register your staff, contractors, and guests. You may invite and register attendees directly from your E&P Invitation System account. If you choose to use the PAS, you may also offer your MWC19 Los Angeles passes to qualified applicants who do not have a pass. Click here for more information.

anchorHow do I register my speakers for MWC19 Los Angeles?

If your speaker is not already registered, you may provide them with a pass from your allocation.

anchorHow do I get extended hours access into the building at 7:00 a.m. on the day of my program?

All staff who require Extended Hours access (from 7:00 am only) into the LACC to prepare for your event must be registered with a Partner Staff pass. If you have speaker or other attendees who require Extended Hours access, please contact your Partner Program Registration Coordinator. 



anchorWhere are the Partner Programs taking place?

The Partner Programs take place in the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), Concourse Hall L2


anchorWhat is included in my Theater Package?

GSMA provides an ‘off the shelf’ operational package for each Theater to include standard AV equipment with crew, standard Theater style seating with stage set, standard networking furniture and branding.

anchorHow do I request any services not included in the package to customize my event?

Please contact your Operations Project Manager for all extra requirements such as AV, furniture, or catering.

We will work with the recommended official suppliers to provide you with a detailed proposal.

anchorDo I have storage available in my Theater?

There is no storage in the Theaters and we cannot store any items during build or show days.

anchorDo you provide hostesses?

Yes, GSMA provides hostesses for your Theater to assist with scanning and other duties.

anchorCan I place any extra orders after the deadlines?

Should you require any additional order from your package (catering, AV/Furniture, etc), please liaise directly with your Operations Project Manager as the items are subject to availability and some surcharges may apply.

anchorIs it possible to cancel any extra services?

Please liaise directly with your Operations Project Manager to confirm the final deadlines as there might be some cancelation fees.



anchorIs furniture included in my package?

Standard furniture for the stage, audience and the foyer area is included in the Standard Package. Please review the listing of furniture and if you wish to order anything over and above what is already included, please contact your Operations Project Manager directly.

anchorDo you have a floorplan for each Theater?

Please contact to your Operations Project Manager for a detailed floorplan.


anchorWill we be able to do a technical rehearsal and when?

Your package includes 1 hour immediately prior to your booked session where the AV crew is fully available for a technical rehearsal.


anchorIs catering included in the package?

Catering is not included in your standard package. Should you wish to order any catering for the attendees/your staff, please contact your Operations Manager.

anchorCan I bring my own catering provider?

The venue caterer has exclusivity in the venue for all catering services. No other catering companies are permitted.

anchorAre there any minimum order requirements for catering?

Please liaise with your Operations Project Manager for more information.


anchorIs there any AV included in my package?

Standard AV equipment and crew to support your Theater are included in the standard package. Please refer to your Operations Package to review the listing of standard equipment. Should you wish to order anything over and above please contact your Operations Project Manager.


anchorAre there any branding opportunities in the Theaters?

As part of the package, each Partner has the opportunity to brand certain elements of the space as outlined in the Standard Package.

Further information on artwork specifications, submission deadlines, etc. is available in your Operations Package.

anchorCan we bring our own branding material in addition?

Yes, you can bring your own material such as pull up banners for example. They can be placed anywhere inside the Theater (Foyer or Auditorium). Note that nothing can be placed outside the Theater nor can anything stick to the Theater walls.



anchorWhat are the opening hours of MWC19 Los Angeles?

The opening hours for visitors are as follows:

Tuesday, October 22 9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday, October 23 9:00am-5:00pm
Thursday, October 24