anchorShipping & Onsite Handling


Exhibition Freighting GSM and Resa Expo Logistics (working in partnership) have been appointed as the sole official freight forwarder and onsite-handling contractor for MWC Barcelona 2022.

Please read this relevant information carefully concerning logistics at MWC Barcelona and Spanish customs regulations, in order to ensure smooth delivery of your items to your stand.

If you want to download the Shipping and Onsite Handling Manual click here


  • International Freight forwarding – Worldwide
  • Offloading and re-loading of vehicles onsite
  • Deliveries and collections to / from stand
  • Intermediate Warehousing
  • Collection, storage and re-delivery of empty crates
  • Customs Formalities
  • Collections from Port / Airport
  • EF-GSM and RESA onsite management team
  • International transport (Sea, Road, Air, Express)
  • Repacking service and manpower supply
  • Courier receipt and delivery
  • Insurance (upon request)
Please note: All of the services discussed here will be performed by an authorised third party supplier (“Event Vendor”). GSMA shall have no liability for payment, and the service requested will be directly provided by, invoiced by, and payable to, the Event Vendor. The rates at which the services will be invoiced and any applicable Event Vendor Terms of Services shall be notified to all Exhibitors for agreement prior to any order being concluded.

Basic Conditions of Contract

All work undertaken is subject to the BIFA, British International Freight Forwarders terms and conditions, newest edition, and the EF-GSM Ltd liability policy, in conjunction with the conditions and rates for trade fair transportation.

The liability of EF-GSM Ltd / RESA ceases with delivery and commences with collection of freight at the exhibition stand, not considered with the exhibitor’s absence from the stand. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure the security of material until collected from the stand by EF-GSM / RESA.

No unauthorised credit will be accepted. EF-GSMA/RESA invoices will be due immediately after issue without any further notice. Customers not known to us or with whom we have not agreed any terms of payment, will be asked to pay charges prior to the start of the event, on-site during the event or before return shipping of their exhibits. All charges levied will be in accordance with the official exhibition tariff.


Contact Details

Freight & Shipping
Exhibition Freighting G.S.M

Onsite Handling
RESA Expo Logistics

T: +44 (0)1732 885131
F: +44 (0)1732 886689

Roger Bowman:
Dan Stearman:

T: +34 93 233 40 38
F: +34 93 263 18 94

Jorge Reina:

Consignment, Shipping & Deadline Dates


Your shipment should arrive at BCN, Barcelona airport no later than 7 working days before desired delivery date to stand.

Consignee Instructions:

For MWC Barcelona
Exhibitor name / Stand no.
C/Botánica, Entrada Nr. 4 – FIRA GRAN VIA
08908 - Barcelona

  • Notify: Shipping Department - Tel +34 93 233 40 38
  • Please send your shipments prepaid, on own Master Airwaybill, consigned to above mentioned address.
  • 3 Original invoices should be attached to the Master Airwaybill
  • Please send pre advices to us at least 2 days prior to arrival in Barcelona. By fax or email to +44(0)1732886689: or
    • Copy of Airwaybill/ Flight details
    • Copy of invoice/ packing list
    • Forwarding and handling order form

Sea Freight

Your shipment should arrive at Barcelona Seaport no later than 10 working days before desired delivery date to stand.

Consignee Instructions: 

  • Please send your shipments prepaid, on own Ocean Bill of Lading, consigned to below address:

For MWC Barcelona
Exhibitor name / Stand no.
C/Botánica, Entrada Nr. 4  - FIRA GRAN VIA
08908 - Barcelona

  • Notify: Shipping Department - Tel +34 932334038 
  • 3 Original invoices should be attached to the Ocean Bill of Lading
  • Please send pre advices to us at least 2 days prior to arrival in Barcelona. By fax or email to +44(0) 1732886689,
    • Copy of Bill of Lading/ Vessel details
    • Copy of invoice/ packing list
    • Forwarding and handling order form

Road Freight

Please note that, due to security and safety reasons, all shipments must be delivered to the advance receiving warehouse, since direct deliveries to the venue are not allowed (with the exception of full trucks of stand material arriving at the venue straight from the customer premises). Same for the outward movement, shipments must be collected from the warehouse, since direct collections from the venue are not allowed. Shipments should arrive at our onsite warehouse no later than 3 days before required delivery date. Deadline: Thursday 24 February 2022.

  • Please send your shipments to the below address:

Warehouse address:

For MWC Barcelona 
Exhibitor name / Stand no. 
Hall 2 Fira Montjuic
Avenida Ruis Taulet 2/4
08004 – Barcelona
Notify: Road Freight Department - Tel. +34932334110
  • Please send pre advices to us at least 2 days prior to arrival in Barcelona. By fax or email to +44(0)1732886689, or
    • Details of Transport Company
    • Copy of CMR
    • Forwarding and handling order form


New for 2022, all non-Spanish vehicles entering the ‘Low Emission Zone’ (ZBE) of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) must apply for a permit. The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) includes the Fira Barcelona venues.

This system has been implemented to control the access of vehicles that do not meet the required low emissions standards.

Vehicles meeting the low emissions standards will receive a long term permit valid to access the city anytime during the validity of the permit. This permit is free of charge, although there is a one-off administration fee. It can take up to 15 working days from application for the permit to be issued, short notice applications for entry will be subject to an additional charge.

Vehicles not meeting the low emissions standards will receive a permit that allows the vehicle 10 single day entries during a twelve month period. There is a charge for this permit dependent on the vehicle type, details of which can be found at the AMB website.

Applications for passes can be made at the AMB website.

Vehicles entering the Low Emission Zone (ZBE) without the required pass will be identified by cameras, the owner of the vehicle will be subject to a penalty fine.

Direct Trailers to the Venue

Direct Trailers should arrive directly at the truck waiting area for Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, in accordance with the official Build-Up Dates and Times. The access of vehicles to the venue is restricted, please read carefully the vehicle access section below. Please note, only full trucks of stand material arriving at the venue straight from the customer premises are to be unloaded direct at the MWC Barcelona, all shipments and Groupage cargo must be sent to the Advance warehouse. Same for the outward movement, shipments must be collected from the warehouse, since direct collections from the venue are not allowed.

Truck Waiting Area:

Sot del Migdia – Truck Waiting Area
Carrer del Foc, s/n
E – 08004 Barcelona Spain
Notify: MWC / Exhibitors Name / Hall / Stand Number.

All incoming vehicles are requested to register at the marshalling area called “El Sot del Migdia”, next to the exhibition area. Vehicles will wait until space is cleared at the offloading/reloading areas. Please use the Onsite Handling Service Order Form available from RESA to pre book the time slot for your truck. You will be issued with a booking number which must be produced at time of arrival.
Send pre advices for direct trucks to the following email:
  • Truck details (Truck no,  Haulier, ETA)
  • Forwarding and handling order form


Please note, we do not recommend sending your shipment via Courier, especially from outside the EU, due to the difficulty of customs clearance. We would suggest you contact us and we can put you in touch with a recommended partner in your country.

However if you do intend sending your shipment via courier please follow advice below. All shipments are recommended to be delivered to our advance receiving warehouse. Please complete the service order form and return it to Roger Bowman of EF-GSM or (order form can be found in the Shipping and Onsite Handling Manual)

Courier Delivery Warehouse Address
(Available from the 16th – 25th  of June)
Case Marking

For: MWC Barcelona 2022
Exhibitor / Stand no.
Hall 2 Fira Montjuic
Avenida Ruis Taulet 2/4
08004 - Barcelona - SPAIN

Contact: Courier  Department
Tel. +3493 233 41 10

  • Name of Exhibitor
  • MWC Barcelona 2021
  • Hall and Stand no.
  • Delivery date to stand
Fira Montjuic – Hall 2
Avenida Ruis Taulet 2/4
08004 - Barcelona - SPAIN

Box 1 of … / 2 of … / 3 of … etc.

Handling Tariff:

You are requested to report to the EF-GSM onsite HQ office to make payment of handling charges prior to delivery of your shipment to your stand. Payments can be taken at the office located in CC2 Room 2.1, outside Hall 2. Please see map for further details (Map can be found in the Shipping and Onsite Handling Manual)


Sunday 27 February – Surcharge (please refer to important information) :

Any delivery made on Sunday 27 February will incur a Surcharge of 100% of the warehouse to stand charge. Please note any empty cases taken away from the stand on Wednesday 23 February will be charged at 110.00€ per m3 (Min 2m3). The same surcharge will apply for any shipments delivered during the event Monday 28 February – Thursday 3 March.

Non EU Courier Shipments requiring Customs Clearance:

Shipments must be sent DDP (delivered duty paid / duties and taxes paid by the sender) and should be delivered to the above Barcelona warehouse address free of all charges. Please be aware that most courier shipments from outside the EU cannot be cleared automatically by the courier companies and they will require a Spanish importer of record. If we are requested to provide this service it will be charged at 145.00€ per clearance. If we are requested to arrange full customs clearance this will be charged in accordance with the official tariff. The same 145.00€ exporter of record fee will apply for any non-EU shipment returning / picked up from warehouse. 

Return Instructions:

If you intend returning your shipment via courier you must advise the shipping manager at the shipping desk within your specific exhibition hall. Shipping desks can be located on the map (Map can bu found in the Shipping and Onsite Handling Manual). The shipping manager will go through return instructions with you and give you labels to attach to your shipment. Once instructions have been taken, payment of return handling charges must be paid at the EF-GSM HQ Office in CC2 room 2.1. Handling charges will need to be settled prior to your courier collecting from the warehouse.


Customs Clearance Information


Please Read Carefully

For shipments outside the EU, the following documents are required:

  • 3 original invoices should be attached to the Air waybill/ Ocean Bill of Lading / CMR
  • Packing list in English showing number of units / weights /sizes / total number of boxes / values / full description of items including serial numbers, model and HS / Customs codes
  • Please issue separate invoices for temporary and permanent imports
  • Please state on the invoice 'Samples not for sale, value for statistical purposes'
  • Invoices must be addressed to :
MWC Barcelona c/o  EF-GSM / RESA
Name of Exhibitor / Hall & Stand  No.
08908 - Barcelona 
  • If necessary – Certificate of Origin
  • The flight details, plus a copy of Air Waybill and commercial invoice/packing list should be sent to EF-GSM at least 2 days prior to arrival in Barcelona

Temporary Import Entries

  • All exhibits / material entered under temporary importation are subject to control and examination by Spanish Customs for Inward and Outward movements
  • Shipments cleared under temporary import must be exported within 14 days
  •  Only EF-GSM / Resa are allowed to return the shipment back to destination Airport – we cannot hand over to third parties after the event
  • Goods under temporary bond cannot be sold during the show, any sale operation must be reported to Spanish Customs Authorities, otherwise heavy penalties might be incurred
  • Please contact EF-GSM if you intend to sell any temporary goods
  • The re-export weight for temporary shipments must match the same as the import. Penalties will be incurred for a change in weight
  • It is imperative that Permanent and Temporary Items are packed separately

Permanent Import Entries

  • We can clear on a definitive basis consumable materials such as brochures, giveaways and other promotional materials. No Promotional Items can be cleared as temporary import, and returned to Origin by EF-GSM. Please do not send Equipment destined to return after the event by Courier Company.
  • EF-GSM / RESA will stand as importer and exporter of record for promotional items and giveaway, we reserve the right to not stand as importer of record if the items are undervalued or deemed as equipment to return
  • Any non promotional items cleared as permanent will attract import license charge
  • Shipments must have realistic values declared on the customs invoices

Restricted Products

  • The following products are restricted and need special requirements and health certificates: Pharmaceutical products, any kind of food stuff and beverage (candies for giveaways are also considered foodstuffs by customs) and creams for skin use
  • We recommend NOT shipping this kind of items, to avoid have your shipment stopped by customs

Empty Case Storage

During MWC build-up the exhibition halls and the whole exhibition site must be free of packing materials 24 hours before the event commences. After this time the Organisers reserve the right to forbid any further work being carried out on stands. Please click here to see build-up schedule.

If the exhibitors or their contractors have not removed all empty packaging by the specified time the Organiser may order their removal with any associated costs being borne by the exhibitor. The Organiser does not take any responsibility for packaging material removed.

No excess stock and literature or packing cases or other flammable materials may be stored in any unauthorized areas or voids.

Storage underneath stages and structures is strictly forbidden.

Please note that after the event, empty cases will only start to return once it is safe in the halls to do so and main aisle carpets have been lifted. Exhibit cases will be given priority; however, this process will not commence until at least 3 hours after the closure of the show and will continue throughout the night. Please take this into account when planning your return travel. 

For more information please contact below or complete and return service order form to

Resa Expo Logistic 

Tel: +34 932334743 
Fax: +34 932631894


 Exhibition Freighting GSM

Tel: +44 1732885131
Fax: +44 1732887789
E-mail: or


Further Information


We strongly recommend that all exhibitors arrange insurance coverage to include transit to and from the exhibition, whilst on display and in storage. Please note that EF-GSM Limited do not insure automatically unless asked to do so in writing.  Please note that it is the exhibitors’ responsibility to ensure that if goods are left on the stand, adequate security measures are taken to ensure the security of such items.  EF-GSM Limited is not liable for any losses, theft or pilferage.

Late arrival surcharges

Any shipments arriving after our deadlines will be subject to a late arrival surcharge of an additional 30% of our official tariff. 
Any shipment delivered to stand once the event has started will be subject to a special handling surcharge of an additional 100% of our official tariff.  

Worldwide Network

We can recommend an agent in your country who are a specialist in exhibition freight forwarding, offering you professional advice on the preparation of your shipment. Through the 'DOOR TO STAND' service, you will get an all-in package that covers all the steps from your domicile to the venue and vice versa, until your items are returned back after the event. The list of our agents worldwide is available on request.

Important Information Sunday 27 February 2022

We would like to make all exhibitors and contractors aware that during MWC, GSMA will enforce a ‘no vehicle movement’ and ‘no work at height’ policy during Sunday 27 February.  

This is in order to ensure a safe working environment on the day before the show opens to attendees, while there is a considerable amount of exhibitor staff present in the halls.

On Sunday 27 February, the use of hard hats and high visibility vests is still recommended to anyone that needs access to the site, but is not compulsory for entry as is required during the rest of the build-up period.

The following activities must be finished by 21:00h on Saturday 26 February:

  • Deliveries of goods
  • Collection of empty freight cases & boxes
  • Collection of toolboxes
  • Movement of Forklifts, Cherry pickers, Cranes, movable platforms
  • Placement of heavy exhibits
  • Rigging
  • Securing of safety chains
  • Adjustments in height of rigged elements
  • Working on stepladders or other elevation equipment

None of these activities are allowed on Sunday 27 February. Any rented equipment will be removed from the stand on Saturday 26 February.

A surcharge shall be imposed on any vehicle or machinery movement carried out on Sunday 27 February, this includes delivery of shipments and collection of empty cases on the Sunday. This is to ensure that the environment surrounding the activity is kept safe. Deliveries during show hours are prohibited.

Please remember to always take care when operating in the Loading Bays. Banksmen should always be in operations concerning moving vehicles.