General Health & Safety




The Exhibition Hall opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the hall opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 3:00 PM. Hosting an event before or after show hours in exhibit booths or hall will not be allowed.


Individuals under 18 years of age (including infants) are not permitted entry to the MWC Los Angeles 2019 venue during move-in, move-out or on show days. Any exceptions to this policy is the sole discretion of the GSMA and permission must be provided by the organizer, in writing, prior to start of the event - requests for exceptions cannot be made onsite.


The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is recognized as a model facility for defibrillation by the American Heart Association. The LACC has Automated External Defibrillators (AED) strategically installed throughout the facility in public spaces. These devices enable the general public to provide immediate care while LACC staff responds simultaneously to assist. Each AED is easily recognizable by the bright blue LED bulbs with the letters “AED” posted adjacent to the device. The LACC security team is well trained in emergency response procedures using AED & CPR applications. Advanced life support paramedic units and California Hospital are located only a few blocks away. Additionally, an AED will be in each first aid office and medical personnel on duty are certified LA County EMS.


GSMA issued credentials are the sole property of the MWC19 Los Angeles Event Organizer and must be surrendered upon demand to GSMA and/or MWC19 Los Angeles Event Organizer representatives. GSMA issued credentials must be prominently displayed while at MWC19 Los Angeles or designated off-site activities. False certification of an individual as an exhibitor’s representative, misuse of an exhibitor’s badge, or any other method or device used to assist unauthorized personnel to gain admittance to the exhibition floor, will be just cause for expelling the exhibitor and his representative(s) from the exhibition floor and/or banning them from future entrance into the Exhibition. This would also warrant the removal of the exhibitor’s booth from the floor without obligation on the part of Event Organizer for refund of any fees. The exhibitor, his/her employees and agents, and anyone claiming to be in the hall through the exhibitor, waives any rights or claims for damages arising out of the enforcement of this rule.

Temporary Wristbands for Move-in/Move-out:

Temporary, expiring wristbands will be used for exhibiting company employees, booth builders/designers, and anyone associated with your booth who is working during move-in and move-out. Temporary wristbands will be available from Security, locations TBD. Government photo ID should be presented upon request for the issuance of a temporary wristband. Refusal to display the wristband as directed by Security will be cause for removal from the site and exclusion from the event for the duration of MWC19 Los Angeles.


For any emergencies, building security can be reached on any house phone by dialing 3000. You can also contact our 24-hour security team for any reason, from any telephone at (213) 765-4605. The LACC discourages dialing 911 directly. Due to the size of the Center providing detailed and accurate location information to the first responders should be handled by security.


Based on the principles of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, GSMA is continuing its efforts to support a more sustainable environment by urging exhibitors to follow green best practices. Recycling cardboard, freight boxes, plastic wrappings, and other paper during move-in and move-out helps this effort. Using soy/vegetable-based ink and post-consumer, recycled paper in printed pieces; providing give-a-ways made of recycled, responsibly grown natural fiber and nontoxic and biodegradable materials; designing booths and displays using environmentally responsible materials and energy-efficient lighting are some of the ways to begin this effort pre-conference.

Exhibitors are responsible to ship out any carpet and/or padding that is brought into the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), excluding carpet rented through Freeman. It goes against LACC Green Policy to abandon these items on the show floor. If an exhibitor plans to dispose of carpet, pad or exhibit at the close of the show a removal order will need to be placed with Freeman. Charges will be billed by Freeman to the exhibitor or third party responsible for payment. Disposal of abandoned exhibit properties will also be charged a fee.


  • LACC is a non-smoking building. Smoking is prohibited in all areas.
  • The use of welding or cutting equipment for “demonstration” requires a written permit from the Fire Department.
  • Welding as related to exhibit construction, fabrication, repair, etc., is not allowed anywhere inside the exhibit halls or other interior spaces. Any such work requiring welding must be done outside the facility in a location determined and approved by the Fire Marshal. Licensed Fire Sprinkler contractors are allowed to use approved torches to solder copper pipe connections of automatic fire sprinkler systems inside the halls.
  • The demonstration or use of equipment using flammable liquid fuel in buildings is prohibited.
  • Combustible liquids shall be used only under permit from the Fire Department. They shall be stored or dispensed from an Underwriting Laboratories (U.L.) approved safety can.
  • All exits, hallways, and aisles leading from the building or tents are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • No exit door shall be locked, bolted, or otherwise fastened or blocked at any time an exhibit building is open for business.
  • Any rope, chain, or similar control device that is placed across an aisle or exit path must breakaway to the satisfaction of the Fire Department.
  • Rubbish, trash, and waste shall be removed from buildings at the end of each working day. Metal cans will be provided for metal cuttings, and cuttings shall be kept separate from ordinary combustibles.
  • All electrical wiring shall be installed as per Los Angeles Building and Safety Department Electrical Code.
  • Fire extinguishing equipment must be provided and maintained in all special areas as designated by the Fire Department.
  • All sprinklers, standpipe hose cabinets, and fire alarm pull boxes shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • Cylinders of compressed gas, both combustible and non-combustible, shall be installed only by permit from the Fire Department, and shall be half-charged and firmly secured in an upright position.
  • Exit signs must be clearly visible.
  • Where combustible material cannot be removed from the area of operations, another person, competent in the use of fire extinguishing equipment, shall be assigned the duty of preventing or extinguishing any accidental fire that may occur during such operations.
  • All appropriate local, state and federal guidelines shall be followed to appropriately dispose of all hazardous waste materials.


The following are minimum fire safety requirements for public display of motor vehicles in the LACC.

  • Automobile/motor vehicle displays must be included in all show floor plans and cannot obstruct required aisles or exits and are subject to the approval of the Fire Marshal.
  • A special permit from the LACC Fire Marshall is required for all automobile/motor vehicle displays.
  • Fuel tanks shall not exceed ¼ full. Caps for fuel tank pipes shall be of the locking type and be maintained locked. If it is not practical to attach such a cap, an alternative method, approved by the Fire Marshal may be employed.
  • Batteries in vehicles must be de-energized (disconnected) or vehicle keys must be secured with an event representative designated by the Fire Marshal. Exceptions to the battery disconnection requirement apply to vehicles with computerized systems upon prior approval.
  • Wheels must be chocked in such a manner that will prevent the vehicle from rolling in any direction.
  • Vehicles shall be displayed and installed by manual means. Vehicles shall not be driven into occupancy.
  • Appropriate floor covering must be placed underneath the vehicle to mitigate spills and leaks.
  • Show management/exhibitor must provide fire extinguisher with a 20BC minimum rating. Thequantity and location for extinguishers shall be determined by the Fire Marshal.
  • Additional requirements may apply to automobile/vehicle displays based on case by case conditions. There is no exception or modifications to the above requirements with the expressed written authorization of the LACC Fire Marshal.



  • Tents, canopies or membrane structures with an overall footprint exceeding 450 square feet require a permit from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. Permit fees are contingent on tent size.
  • Tents and canopies must be rated flame resistant by the State Fire Marshal. All décor shall be flame retardant.
  • Maintain 7’ overhead clearance in all public areas.
  • Maintain a 20’ fire lane with minimum 14’ overhead clearance.
  • A minimum 10’ clearance must be maintained between tents.
  • All exits and aisles must be maintained free and clear at all times.
  • Building and Safety Permit is required for all electrical, natural gas and water installation extended to the tented area.
  • Properly rated fire extinguishers are required within the tented area placed at locations no lessthan 75’ of travel.
  • Generators must be located no less than 20’ from the building, grounded with a grounding rod.
  • Upon approval by the Fire Marshal, propane tanks must be located at a minimum of 10’ from the respective appliance and must be secured with UL-approved hose and fittings.
  • All wires, cables and piping (utilities, production, AV, etc.) must be taped, covered and matted.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the tented area.
  • No cooking is allowed under the tent unless approved in advance by the LACC Fire Marshal.
  • Barbeques must be located in a remote area without public access.
  • All booths with cooking shall have 2A-10BC fire extinguisher.
  • Maintain a physical barrier separating the cooking area from the public.



A special permit from the LACC Fire Marshal is mandatory for the use of open flame, candles and holding

devices in the Center. The special permit shall be made available for inspection at all times.

  • Unprotected and gel type candles are not permitted.
  • All candles shall be secured in a nonflammable solid holding device and protected by an enclosure.
  • The flame tip from the candle must be maintained a minimum of 2 inches below the top opening of an enclosure or “Hurricane” at all times.
  • When used as part of a decoration or centerpiece, the flame of the candle shall not be within 6 inches of cut fresh foliage, nor within 12 inches of dry foliage or other combustibles at any time.


Exceptions to the above include the following, subject to the review and approval of the LACC Fire Marshal:

  • Floating candles may not need to be secured.
  • Tapered candles (self-extinguishing) used in nonflammable solid candelabras with no additional decoration are not required to be provided with a flame stop or enclosure.
  • Self-extinguishing tapered candles may be approved without an enclosure if (A) when used as part of a decoration or centerpiece (as outlined above), the candle must be of a type constructed with an automatic stop, which will prevent burning past a predetermined point or (B) all candles shall be secured with a holding device.


The placement of candles must adhere to the following guidelines and cannot be modified without the expressed, written approval of the LACC Fire Marshal:

  • Only one centerpiece used for holding candles shall be approved per table unit regardless of the table size or shape.
  • The use of multiple loose candles or candle holding devices is not permitted. If more than one candle or candle holding device are used on each table, those candles or candle holding devices shall be placed and secured on a common base. The amount of candles or candle holding devices placed on each table unit shall be limited to 4. The base shall be constructed of a noncombustible solid material.
  • Candles or candle holding devices shall be placed at least 24 inches from the table’s edge, and a minimum of 5 feet from curtains, drapes, or other decorations.



Combustible Decorations. All decorations, including, but not limited to drapes, tablecloths that hang six (6) inches below the edge of the table, signs, banners, acoustical materials, cotton, hay, paper, straw, moss, split bamboo, wood chips, wood less than 1/4 inch in thickness (or fiberboard less than 3/8 inch in thickness), foam core, etc., shall be flame retardant treated. Glass or otherwise inherently fire retardant cloth may be used without being flame retardant treated. A California State Fire Marshal certificate of flame-retardant treatment or a sample of material for a field test must be provided upon request of the Fire Marshal. Material failing the field flame test must be treated by a California State Fire Marshal Certified Flame Retardant Application contractor, or the material must be removed from the building(s).

Field Flame Test. A strip of material shall have a flame applied for approximately twelve (12) seconds. The flame shall then be removed. The material should self-extinguish within two (2) seconds and/or not drip in flames.

Combustibles. Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities. Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner.

Rubbish/Trash. All waste shall be removed from buildings daily. Combustible waste materials, empty cardboard boxes, etc., shall be deposited in metal containers with metal lids until removed from the building. Metal cans with tight fitting lids shall be provided for metal cuttings. Cuttings shall be separated from ordinary combustibles.

Projection Equipment. Projection equipment using electric arc or Xenon bulbs for illumination shall be installed with an underwriters lab rating permit from the LAFD with the approval of the Department of Building and Safety.


It is compulsory for each exhibiting company to obtain insurance in a form satisfactory to GSMA Ltd. as part of your stand purchase. Without prejudice to GSMA rights under Sponsorship and Exhibition Terms or otherwise, the Exhibitor shall ensure that any of its contractors, including but not limited to unofficial stand builders, take out and maintain with reputable insurers such policies of insurance as may be necessary to insure the contractor against all manner of risks that might arise in connection with the contractor’s acts or omissions during the MWC19 Los Angeles on behalf of the Exhibitor, including but not limited to maintaining at all times public liability and employee liability insurance against personal injury, death and damage to or loss of property for a limit of indemnity of not less than two million pounds sterling (£2,000,000) or its equivalent. GSMA shall be entitled to inspect such insurance policies upon request. For the avoidance of doubt, GSMA may refuse entry onto the grounds of the LACC if contractor is without said insurance or where GSMA believes in its sole opinion that admission to the venue would be a threat to the health and safety of others.

Clause 19 from the exhibitor terms and conditions accepted when contract was signed:

19. Insurance

19.1. Subject to receipt of all payments due to the Organizer from the Company hereunder, and specifically, payment of the applicable insurance administration fee, the Organizer will take out and maintain for the Event a contract of insurance providing cover to the Organizer in accordance with the attached summary of terms. The insurance administration fee includes the Organizer taking out and maintaining this insurance cover, but the Organizer does not provide advice concerning this insurance cover and it is for the Company to decide if it is adequate.

19.2. If loss occurs which may give rise to a claim under such insurance cover, the Organizer shall notify its insurer within seven (7) days of receipt from the Company of written notification of the claim completed by the Company in the standard form provided with the Exhibitors’ Manual. The Company must submit the completed claim form promptly following a loss. The Company shall provide any information as may be requested by the Organizer’s insurer, and the Organizer shall send to the Company copies of any correspondence with the insurer in relation to the claim. In the event that a claim is made by the Organizer under its insurance cover, the Organizer shall pay or arrange to pay that part of any proceeds of the claim that relate to the loss of the Company over to the Company. Whilst the Organizer agrees to notify its insurer of the claim, it is under no obligation to commence legal proceedings or threaten the same in relation to any such claim. The Company shall exercise due diligence and best endeavors relating to a claim both before and after a loss and in any event must take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury, loss or damage.

19.3. Notwithstanding clause 19.1 above, the Company must at first instance take out and maintain at all times public liability and employee liability insurance against personal injury, death and damage to or loss of property for a limit of indemnity of not less than two million pounds sterling (£2,000,000) or its equivalent. The Company must also take out and maintain at all times, Employers Liability or Workers Compensation insurance that is deemed to be of a good standard by the insurance market within which the Company is domiciled. The Organizer shall be entitled to inspect such insurance policies upon request.


Section A:           Loss of costs, expenses, or commitments caused by Cancellation, Abandonment, Postponement, Curtailment of the Event beyond the control of Company or the Organizer (£10,000)

Losses resulting solely and directly in consequence of the Cancellation, Abandonment, Postponement or Curtailment in whole or in part of the Event including the inability of the Company to open or keep open the exhibition stand or Space due to any physical loss or damage occurring to the Venue or the exhibitions whilst contained therein.

Section B:           Physical Damage (£20,000)

Direct physical loss or damage occurring during the Event or in transit to the exhibition stand or shell including exhibits, display material, furniture, and all other property to be contained in the Space whilst contained within the Venue.

Section C:          “Contingent Liabilities” Public Liability Indemnity Limit (£2,000,000)

Indemnity in respect of sums which the Company shall become legally liable to pay arising from Personal Injury and Property Damage provided always that such liability arises out of an occurrence and in the course of the Event.

This coverage applies only on a contingency basis in excess of any other policy covering a public liability claim. It is a condition precedent to liability of the Insurer to make any payment under this section that exhibitors shall have in force their own Public liability insurance for the duration of the Exhibition/conference and during periods required before and after such use for setting up, breaking down, rehearsals, sound checks and any other preparation.

Such Public Liability insurance must have a limit of indemnity which is not less than the Limit provided under this cover.


General and Deductibles. The Limits of Indemnity quoted above are the maximum sums payable under each section per stand, per event. The deductibles are as follows: 

Section A: Any one loss or series of losses arising out of one occurrence NIL
Section B: Any one loss or series of losses arising out of one occurrence £250
Section C: Any one loss or series of losses arising out of one occurrence £250


Principal Exclusions. The policy will exclude any loss caused by or resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following:

  1. War, civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, revolution, sabotage, confiscation, nationalization, order of any Government, Public or Local Authority, radioactive contamination, sonic boom.
  2. War or Terrorism including any threat (actual or perceived) or fear of such acts or any anxiety, grief, shock, mourning or diminished interest in the Event arising as a consequence of such acts.
  3. Loss or Damage to property in the open by theft or weather conditions.
  4. Financial loss including loss of money and consequential loss except as defined in Section A.
  5. Fluctuation of temperature as a result of the deliberate act of a supply authority.
  6. Electrical or mechanical breakdown or derangement.
  7. Injury to employees.
  8. Motor vehicles and Mechanical plant not used for display purposes.
  9. Theft of property in transit contained in vehicles when left unattended at night unless the vehicle is contained in a locked garage or compound and during the day unless all doors, windows and openings are closed and locked.
  10. Theft of goods or property from the exhibition venue whilst such goods or property are left unattended and occurring during such hours as the exhibition venue is open to visitors as defined or advised by the organizers for the insured event.
  11. Losses caused by or arising directly or indirectly from, or in any way associated with, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and its sequelae.
  12. Any loss directly or indirectly caused by or arising from or contributed to by any outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
  13. Any loss, damage, cost or expense of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by, arising out of, contributed to by, resulting from or in connection with any communicable disease which leads to:
    1. the imposition of quarantine or restriction in movement of people or animals by any national or international body or agency and/or
    2. any travel advisory or warning being issued by a national or international body or agency; and in respect of i) or ii) any fear or threat thereof (whether actual or perceived).
  14. Any Public Liability claim in any way involving Asbestos.
  15. Failure of Computer Equipment to correctly recognize any date or time.
  16. National Mourning whether declared or not.


This summary is subject in all respects to the express terms of the insurance policy that Organizer has purchased, a copy of which will be made available on written request.


The LACC is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and stands ready to accommodate all visitors. Information booths, designated parking, and other accessibility services are available for our visitors. Service animals are also welcome to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the facility where the public is normally allowed to go. 

LACC has three (3) Access Paratransit drop off points on the property. Access Paratransit can be reached at (800) 883-1295 or TTY at (800) 826-7280.

#4080 is located on Pico Drive
#4081 is located on Gilbert Lindsay Drive
#4082 is located on Pico Blvd at the exit to Gilbert Lindsay Drive