Meeting Room Plus




  • Location: Meeting Room Plus are located in Halls 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.0 and 8.1. Please check the Floorplan to confirm your Meeting Room Plus location. If you require further information on Fira Gran Via such as location/access, facilities onsite and other useful venue information, please refer to the Venue Information section
  • Opening Hours: Please check the Opening Times & Access section in this Manual to confirm the opening hours of your Hall
  • Handover: Meeting Room Plus will be accessible from Saturday 22 February 2020


Exhibition Passes: 

  • As a MWC exhibitor, you are allocated a limited number of complimentary Exhibition Passes for staff and guests depending on your stand size. Please check the Registration section for more information
  • Please Note: Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Passes permit access to the venue on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 2020

A 100 Word Company Profile and Product listing in:

  • The Official MWC Website and the GSMA Event App 
  • Product and Services Directory within the Official MWC Website
  • Please submit your company's profile through the 100 Word Profile form

Meeting Room facilities:

  • White carpentry walls 2.45mH
  • Platform 4cmH
  • Standard grey carpet
  • White fabric ceiling
  • Carpentry Lockable door
  • General lighting with LED fluorescent screen
  • Carpentry box covering switchboard
  • Furniture Package

  Meeting Rooms up to 18m2 

Meeting Rooms above 18m2

Meeting Rooms above 36m2

Furniture Package A

Furniture Package B

Furniture Package C

  • Fascia Name Board with company name and meeting room number
    • Please submit your Company Name you wish to appear in your Fascia Name Board by submitting the Fascia Name Board form through Forms & Deadlines
    • Note: if no name is submitted, the fascia name board will display the company name as shown on your contract
  • Branding:
    • Branding is included with your Meeting Room Plus package to brand the outside wall
    • Dimensions are 224cmHx180cW
    • Please submit your graphic files through the MR+ Artwork Submission form in Forms & Deadlines page
  • AV Equipment: Free standing 40” LCD/LED screen with USB plug and HDMI cable included
  • Power Supply: 230V power supply available from Saturday 22 February 2020 (07:00h - 23:00h)
    • Stands up to 18m2: 3.3kw/16A Switchboard with 1 single socket embedded in switchboard and 1 double socket in extension
    • Stands above 18m2: 6.6kw/32A Switchboard with 1 embedded socket in switchboard and 1 double socket in extension
    • Pelase select the location of your switchboard by sunmitting the Switchboard & Socket Location form in Forms & Deadlines page
  • Cleaning: Basic Cleaning - sweep and empty bins - will be provided once set-up is finished and every evening during event days

/mwcoem/s/MeetingRoomPlus1.png?v=2 /mwcoem/s/MeetingRoomPlus2.png?v=1


AV Services
  • Should AV equipment be required please contract this separately with one of our Official Suppliers & Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Audio Visual & Computer Equipment section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Branding is included in your Meeting Room Plus package
  • Should you wish to have your logo on the Fascia Name Board, you would be able to request it and upload it through the Fascia Name Board form. Please note this will be managed by servifira and will incur an extra cost. For more information, please contact servifira
  • For any other branding option, please contract this separately with one of our Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Graphics Services section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Should you wish to order catering for your Meeting Room Plus, please check the Official Catering Suppliers section for contact details and menu options
  • Basic cleaning will be provided for all Meeting Room Plus once set-up is finished and every evening during event days
  • Should you require additional cleaning please contact servifira or go to your assigned Exhibitor Service Desk if already onsite
  • Furniture items included within your package are provided as a set package and therefore it is not possible to change these for preferred items
  • If you wish to order additional furniture please contact servifira
Power Supply
  • Power is included in your Meeting Room Plus package as detailed above and will be available from Saturday 22 February 2020
  • Should you require additional power please contact servifira
WiFi & Wired Internet
  • WiFi & Wired Internet can only be hired with our Official Supplier servifira. Please check the WiFi & Wired Internet section in the Suppliers page


  • Booking Deadline: deadline for booking your Meeting Room Plus Package is Friday 17 January 2020. No orders will be accepted after deadline
  • Handover Date: Meeting Room Plus Packages will be accesible from Saturday 22 February 2020
  • Please see below the most relevant forms applicable to your stand package
  • There are other optional forms available in the Forms & Deadlines page, please make sure you check them all
 100 Word Profile
 Mandatory  14 February 2020
 Fascia Name Board
Mandatory  10 January 2020
 Method Statement*
Mandatory*  15 November 2019
 MR+ Artwork Submission
Mandatory 10 January 2020
 Risk Assesment
Mandatory  15 November 2019
 Stand Plan Submission*
Mandatory*   15 November 2019
 Switchboard & Socket Location
Mandatory 10 January 2020
 Unwanted Furniture
 Optional 10 January 2020
 Wireless Policy Acceptance
Mandatory  24 January 2020

Note*: Only applicable if you are planning on fitting out your Meeting Room Plus


  • Additional external branding of your Meeting Room Plus is permitted. All decorative items must be removed by the Exhibitor
  • Pull up Banners, posters or any other form of branding is not permitted on the aisles
  • Please visit the Floorplans section for instructions on how to view and download your technical stand plan. Ensure that you view the technical floorplans to determine the amount of open sides that your stand will have (i.e. open sides being sides leading to an open aisle)
  • For any questions related to the technical floorplans please contact Freeman, our technical floorplan supplier at
Stand Build:
  • If you are planning to bring your own contractors to customise your suite please ensure your contractors visit the Operations section in this Manual, where all rules and regulations can be found
  • Meeting Room Plus exhibitors planning on fitting out their space must send the stand plans for inspection by submitting the Stand Plan Submission form available in Forms & Deadlines page. Standard Meeting Rooms will be accessible from Saturday 22 February 2020
  • Rigging above Meeting Rooms is strictly forbidden
Waste Removal:
  • MWC has 0% waste tolerance policy, this means you are responsible for removing all stand fitting waste, decorative items and any other elements not included in your stand package. Please refer to the Waste Removal Policy for further information