Online Event Manual Terms

To access the Online Event Manual, you are required to agree to the terms set forth below. 
Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms have the same meaning as those in the Organizer’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Exhibition, Advertising, and Sponsorship (the “Standard Terms”) as accepted by the ‘Company’ in the Sales Order Form.

Please read the following:

I am an authorised representative of the Company and have the authority to bind the Company as follows:

  • The Company is legally bound to fulfil the obligations set forth in this website (the "Online Event Manual" or “Exhibitors’ Manual”) including but not limited to those addressing health and safety, wireless networks, waste removal and outboarding policies; and
  • The Online Event Manual forms an integral part of, and is governed by, the Organizer's Standard Terms. If there is a direct conflict between the Online Event Manual and the Standard Terms, the Standard Terms shall prevail.

In the event that situations arise which are not specifically governed by a provision here, the Online Event Manual, or the Standard Terms, the Company agrees that the Organiser’s decision shall be final.

Health & Safety

The Company will train the Company’s stand staff and contractors on all potential hazards to be expected on site and will complete a sufficient risk assessment (the “Risk Assessment”) to ensure all of the Company’s exhibits, demonstrations and work practices will cause no significant risk to any person. The Risk Assessment shall be available on request. Any contractors appointed by Company will be competent and able to undertake tasks safely.

The Company must implement and follow all health and safety laws, rules, regulations and protocols as required by applicable law, the Venue and the Organizer, including those set forth in this Online Event Manual, during build-up, dismantle and show days.  Failure to do so may result in a stand closure, removal from the Venue, and/or any other action permitted by law or the Standard Terms.

Please refer to the General Health & SafetyStand Building Health & Safety and Stand Building Regulations sections in the Online Event Manual for further information.

New Rules and Regulations Addressing COVID-19

The Catalan government has issued regulations applicable to conferences and congresses that occur during the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, there are a number of New Rules and Regulations in the Online Event Manual. The Company will comply with all rules and regulations of any applicable governmental authority, the Organizer and the Venue, including, but not limited to those regarding managing capacities and maintaining physical distancing within the Company’s stand or Location at all times.


It is the responsibility of the Company to adhere to the Wireless Policy as published in the Online Event Manual. Key points to remember:

  • The Company is prohibited from bringing its own access point and/or creating its own wireless network. Doing so will be in breach of the policy and the Organisers reserve the right to disable the Company’s internet service.
  • The wireless service offered by the Venue operates in a stable and reliable spectrum of 5GHz therefore please ensure the Company has a compatible device, if the Company or its contractors wish to use the exhibitor wireless service.

Waste Removal

Each Company or appointed contractor is responsible for day-to-day removal of any waste and debris. General waste bins and skips will not be provided in the venue. It is the responsibility of the Company to adhere to the Waste Removal Rules as published in the Online Event Manual. Key points to remember:

There are severe penalties for:

  • Leaving any waste after the end of dismantling in the contracted stand space
  • Abandoning waste anywhere within the venue
  • Not removing any materials around the contracted stand space during build-up and dismantling

Please read the full summary of penalties in the Waste Removal Rules as published in the Online Event Manual.

Online Exhibitor Manual Updates

The Organizer updates the Online Exhibitor Manual from time to time.  The Company will check the Online Exhibitor Manual on a regular basis to review all updates and will comply with all updates, paying particular attention to changes to the health and safety rules, deadlines, regulations and protocols that address the evolving global health situation.