Please click here to view the MWC Shanghai floorplan and download your individual stand technical plans.

Download your Individual Stand Technical Plan:

  • Navigate to the search bar, on the right side, and type your stand number. The system will bring you to your stand
  • Click on your stand, you will find all your dimensions, any build obstruction and height restrictions within your space
  • Go to: 'Download a Technical Individual Stand'
  • Please note: Your Individual Stand Plan .PDF may contain more than one page. Please make sure you review all information
  • Any build obstruction and height restriction within your space will be shown on your individual stand technical plan

Download the full MWC Shanghai floorplan:

  • Navigate to the blue bar at the bottom of the floorplan
  • Go to: 'Download full plan PDF'

Should you have any questions relating to your technical stand plans please contact:

Freeman Digital
Email: mwcshanghai@freemanco.com

Please note that you might have difficulties viewing the floorplan with certain Internet Browsers. When possible, please try to have the latest version of the browser you are using. If you are still experiencing problems with the floorplan, please contact mwcshanghai@freemanco.com to get further assistance.