Attendance Confirmation

GSMA can provide you with a supporting invitation letter which you can request through the registration system (please look out for the option to fill in your passport details – 'Personal Data').  

You must be fully registered and have paid your registration fee in full, as well as completing the Passport Details section, in order to receive your visa invitation letter. 

How can I get my visa support letter?
The visa support letter is now called Attendance Confirmation Letter and will be available during the registration process. Please fill in the required fields when requested. You will receive this letter only when you have completed your registration and had your ID validated.

Do I require a visa to enter Spain?
Please read the following information available here  to understand whether you need a visa to enter Spain.

If you do not require a visa, you should not apply for visa support when registering as the GSMA will not issue supporting information for nationalities that do not require a visa .

How can I apply
You must apply for your attendance confirmation during the registration process. You can submit this information after you have uploaded your ID.

Please note however because GSMA Ltd. is a U.S. incorporated company, it is obliged to comply with trade sanctions that are imposed by the U.S. government. Those trade sanctions prohibit GSMA Ltd. from issuing an attendance confirmation / visa support letter to delegates from sanctioned countries. Please note that regardless of your registration, you will not be allowed access to MWC if you (individually) or the company you represent is subject to U.S. sanctions. If you are unsure whether U.S. sanctions apply to you or your organization, please contact us at

How do I request an Attendance Confirmation Letter?  
Your Attendance Confirmation letter will be sent to your main email account as a PDF attachment after your registration is fully completed and any outstanding payment is settled. You can also access a copy via your registration account by clicking on Inbox from your home page.

How can I amend my attendance Confirmation (visa support) Letter?  
If you need to modify data in your support letter please contact our Registration Team at

Please see below how to obtain an attendance confirmation letter:

  • Attendance confirmation letter requests are processed within 24 hours following full completion of your registration  
  • Attendance confirmation letter will only be issued for the period of the event and for entry into Spain. No other date requests or countries will be supported  
  • It is recommended that you check the full requirements for a visa application, allowing plenty of time to provide the necessary documentation from the institution the application is being processed through
  • Information provided and visa issuance is beyond GSMA’s control. GSMA is not liable for visa processing and issuance/outcome
  • We can provide assistance with attendance confirmation letters to Registered Attendees only
  • The above terms apply to both attendees and exhibitors
  • Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for cancellation conditions. There is a no refund policy in place. GSMA will not refund registration fees in cases of the applicant’s failure to obtain a visa

For further information on attendance confirmation letter, please click here.