Venue Services

This section details all the vital services supplied by the venue as well as services exclusively provided by Fira Gran Via. 

Should your organisation be in search of quality service providers to provide services to your internal team, clients or partners, GSMA is pleased to provide a list of Official Suppliers & Recommended Service Providers based on their continual excellent service through Fira and through our Exhibition Suppliers Page.

All areas within Fira Gran Via are accessible for wheelchair users

If a

Recommended Service Provider: Barcelona Special Traveler


Barcelona Special Traveler is Barcelona’s first receptive travel agent to specialize in accessible tourism. This innovative initiative fills a very specific niche in the unbeatable tourist offering that the city of Barcelona provides.

Our aim is to seek out, design and offer a series of one-off and completely satisfying experiences to anybody attending MWC with disabilities and to people with reduced mobility.

Barcelona Special Traveler provides disabled attendees with everything they might possibly need in Barcelona in a single and coordinated package, thereby ensuring what will be, without doubt, a fantastic experience


  • Accommodation: Barcelona Special Traveler advises its clients when it comes to choosing the most suitable accommodation in terms of their preferences (category, location, etc.) and, above all, in terms of their needs.
  • Adapted quality transportation: Barcelona Special Traveler can provide adapted transportation during the MWC for airport transfers, hotel MWC venue…
  • Material rental: Scooters, wheelchair (powered or manual) …
  • Other Services: Barcelona Special Traveler offers an extensive range of essential auxiliary services to make a fundamental difference when it comes to the success or failure of a trip:
    • Care assistance including nursing services at the hotel, personal assistance, pharmacy, chiropody, physiotherapy, orthopedic support (rental or repair)
    • Leisure oriented services designed to facilitate and improve the MWC attendee experience
    • “Made-to-measure” experiences designed specifically for the MWC attendee in question.

Barcelona Special Traveller contact details:

Tel: +34 937637347 Office Hours: 09:00-14:00h to 16:30-19:30h
Out of Office Hours Tel: +34 609675466

Recommended Service Provider: ServiFira


You can order additional items & features for your Shell Scheme stand and Meeting Room from our recommended service provider, ServiFira. Please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

All areas within Fira Gran Via are accessible for wheelchair users

If arriving by Taxi you can be dropped off at the south entrance or the north entrance.

If you are arriving with a driver you have the opportunity to make use of the VIP pick-up and drop-off Point.

Your vehicle will require a VIP car sticker. 
You can contact our transport partner b network in order to apply for a VIP car sticker. 

b network 
Tel: +34 935500350 
Fax: + 34 934141786 

Here you can find out more about the VIP pick-up and drop-off point 
Note: If you are not an exhibitor, you will have to apply directly to b network via the above listed contact details. 


The venue offers an on-site wheelchair service. 

Should you require a wheelchair, please go to any Exhibitor Service Desk upon your arrival. In order to use this service you will be asked to leave a Photo ID, Driving License or ID card until the wheelchair is returned. 

Please note, wheelchair service cannot be booked in advance but only on-site.


For more information, please contact Customer Services at the details below:



Tel: +34 932332000 




If you require a taxi as a wheelchair user please dial +34 93 4208088 to order. 


Click here to find out more about Barcelona Special Traveler´s service. 


More information will be available shortly.

Venue Exclusive Supplier ServiFira


Aisle carpeting will be provided by the organiser throughout the exhibition halls. Standard carpet will be ONLY provided to:

  • Shell Scheme stands, Exhibition Stand Plus and Pods
  • Executive Meeting Rooms (in Hall 2), Meeting Room Plus and Meeting Rooms with an agreed package

Space Only Stands and Space Only Hospitality Suites DO NOT have carpet provided.  Floor covering is compulsory. You can order carpet and platforms for your Space Only stand from our venue exclusive supplier ServiFira. Please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

The deadline for ordering will be Friday 11 January 2019

You can also order a different carpet for the stands listed above if you wish. Please note, this will be at your own expense. For further information on how to customise your Shell Scheme Stand or your Meeting Room Space please contact ServiFira on:

Tel: +34 932332000



Venue Exclusive Supplier: ServiFira


Basic Cleaning (sweep and empty bins, no vacuuming) - will be provided for all Common Areas, Exhibition Stands and Hospitality Suites once set-up is finished on Sunday 24 February and every evening during event days. Please note, Hospitality Suites will only be cleaned overnight if the door is left unlocked and carpet vacuum cleaning is not included. 

If you need any specific cleaning on Sunday 24 February, you can order "Preliminary Cleaning" through the ServiFira website, please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

Tel: +34 932332000

Our professional and friendly cleaning staff is at your full disposal to provide any service you might need before, during and after the show so that you can just concentrate on what really matters! Some of our services include:

  • Cleaning and waste removal during the assembly and dismantling period.
  • Cleaning on the last day of the assembly period to make sure your booth is spotless before the opening of the show.
  • Daily cleaning.
  • Daily or one-time waste removal.
  • Customer-tailored cleaning to suit all kind of needs.


Venue Exclusive Supplier: ServiFira


If you need additional power during build-up or event days, you need to order an additional electrical switchboard through the .

Should you need power during dismantling please contact ServiFira ( to check if this is feasible.

Please carefully read the Electrical Safety Rules before ordering additional electrical switchboards.  If you are building a Double Deck Stand and require electricity on the upper level please contact ServiFira in order to make sure that the cables reach up to the required location.

A limited number of UPS’s (Uninterruptible power supply) are available from ServiFira to protect your equipment in the event of a temporary power cut, please contact for more information and prices.

Please note: orders of additional power will be installed with a separate switchboard. Hence, if you need a 24-hour power supply you will have two different switchboards. Each switchboard will be clearly labelled to distinguish between daytime and 24h supplies.  If the Switchboard & Socket Location form is not submitted and accepted within the deadline, any switchboard included in your package will be placed in a corner of the stand. You can submit the Switchboard & Socket Location form through the Forms & Deadlines page of this Manual. 

It is compulsory for any additional switchboards ordered to show a location in the online plan provided during the ordering process.

Conditions for hiring electricity via ServiFira:

  • Exhibitors who require additional electrical panels must place their order through the ServiFira eCommerce online ordering website, please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.
  • Electrical switchboard rental prices include legal clearance
  • Stands with more than 50 kW power must be legalized through an electrical project conducted by a local engineer. This electrical project has a fee. For more information please contact with ServiFira at
  • The price of electrical switchboards includes the consumption and taxes
  • Electricity consumption tariffs are open to any possible official variations that may occur
  • In all cases, only the supply of products and services ordered within the indicated deadline is guaranteed
  • Payment methods: according to the ServiFira online ordering system’s General Conditions all services must be paid before build-up. When ordering electricity through the ServiFira online ordering system you will be prompted to mark electricity points on a map of your stand area
  • All reports of material tests issued by an authorised laboratory and/or fireproofing certificates drawn up by a duly approved company
  • For spaces requiring a large amount of kW, the stand builder or exhibitor must contact ServiFira in order to receive a specific quote before the indicated deadline
  • For those exhibitors or stand builders that require 3 phase electrical panels or large amounts of kW during the build-up and dismantling, ServiFira must be contacted in order to receive a quote for this service

IMPORTANT: Please note that in Fira Gran Via power is provided to stand spaces via floor traps which house service supplies. It is possible that power cables may be fed via your booth/suite area to other stands/suites. In such a case you may be required to build a platform in your stand. 

Recommended Service Provider: ServiFira


You can order furniture for your stand from our Recommended Service Provider ServiFira.

ServiFira offers a wide choice of event furniture for hire, ranging from high quality office to exhibition furniture to meet your individual needs. By using their strengths to your advantage, by creating added value to events, trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses, you are guaranteed the perfect event solution by using their design-oriented product assortment. The combination of their knowledge and professionalism will guarantee your success. ServiFira will make sure that your event is an unforgettable experience.

You will be able to order furniture through ServiFira, please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.
Deadline for ordering is Friday 11 January 2019

Tel: +34 932332000 



Venue Exclusive Supplier: Resa Expo Logistic


Tel: +34 93 233 4743 

The official lifting company for Mobile World Congress is RESA. Advance booking of any lifting requirements is essential and will be treated with priority. Last minute bookings will only be actioned when there are no further bookings outstanding. 

Please click here to view Shipping & Freight section for further details or fill in a Freight forwarding form through the Forms & Deadlines page of this Manual. 

Please note that RESA is also the venue exclusive supplier for machinery hire. If you require any machinery e.g. cranes, scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc. please contact RESA at the details above. For safety reasons, you are not permitted to use internal or external/third party hired lifting or access machinery such as forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc. All such machinery must be hired from Resa Expo Logistics when working for Mobile World Congress. We also note that the operatives/drivers required to operate such machinery must be provided by Resa; you are not permitted to use internal or external/third party operatives. 

RESA can also provide storage space for your empty freight or other items in a warehouse outside of Fira Gran Via. 

Venue Exclusive Supplier: EXPO-RIGGING


Tel: +34 931856541 
Fax: +34 917913013 

Before submitting any rigging request please read through Fira Barcelona's rigging regulations, which can be downloaded , and the Rigging section in the 'Stand building regulations' section.
You can order your Rigging through ServiFira, please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

Please click here for specific detail about rigging and ceiling joints.


  • New limitations for suspended structureshave been introduced in order to fulfil the complex rigging requirements of MWC clients. Click here to find out more. Any complex requests that are beyond the established limitations need to be submitted for review at least 2 months prior to the start of build-up (by 13 December 2018)
  • All complex rigging structures have to be structurally certified by our official structural technicians. Find out more in the Stand Plan Submission section
  • All rigging on stands has to be finished by Saturday 23 February 2019, as machinery is not allowed to enter the hall and no work at height is permitted after that date.

The deadline for submission is Friday 18 January 2019. Please note: Any orders that have not been finalised by the deadline will incur a surcharge (rate 2 or rate 3) as shown below.


Recommended Service Provider: ServiFira


You can hire all Telephone and Fax Lines through ServiFira, please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website. The deadline for ordering is Friday 12 January 2018.

Tel: +34 932332000
Fax: +34 932332080

Venue Exclusive Supplier: ServiFira


Water and waste connections may be available for your stand or hospitality suite depending on where it is located.

If your stand is located on the exterior you must contact ServiFira, on the details below, in order to check that this service is available given that there are limitations in these areas.

  • There are water and drainage outlets in the Halls, but if additional conduits need to be installed, these will be charged to the exhibitor. The screw thread 1/2" and the drainage channel is 40mm and therefore we highly recommend to install a platform
  • Pressure piping with double sided threads should be used for piping 
  • Water pressure in the Fira piping system is 2 bars. At night this can reach 5 atmospheres
  • For apparatus that require a constant water pressure, it is recommended that regulators are used and, where necessary, devices that increase the pressure 
  • The Organizer takes no responsibility for interruptions or irregularities in the water supply
  • Without exception the basic regulations governing internal installations to supply water must be complied with
  • The installation of plumbed water toilets is not permitted as part of stands or meeting rooms
Should you wish to order this service, you will be able to do it through ServiFira. Please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

Deadline for ordering is Friday 11 January 2019

Tel: +34 932332000

Official Supplier: ServiFira


All available Internet Services will be detailed in ServiFira online ordering website. Please click here to access the ServiFira online ordering website.

Please be sure you read the Wireless policy and submit the Wireless Policy Acceptance form for the stands you are ordering Internet services for. Only one Wireless Policy Acceptance form must be submitted for all the stands you order Internet Services for. The Wireless Policy Acceptance form can be submitted through the Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual.

ATTENTION! The WiFi service provided by Fira Barcelona operates in the 5GHz spectrum only. Please refer to the technical specifications of your device and make sure it is compatible. If your device is not compatible, you will not be able to use the service. Click here to see a sample list of compatible devices.

Remember it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to order sufficient amount of bandwidth for their needs and use on stand.

Early bird order deadline (10% discount): Wednesday 19 December 2018

Final order deadline: Tuesday 12 February 2019

Please click here to check Fira’s IT Services Terms & Conditions.

If you have any further questions, please check the FAQ´s or drop us an email at