Get to Fira Gran Via

MWC Barcelona 2020 will once again take place at Fira Gran Via, a cutting-edge exhibition and conference facility located in the easily accessible L'Hospitalet de Llobregat area, 10 km from the Barcelona airport.

Fira Gran Via/Fira Montuïc Shuttle
/mwcoem/s/FGVShuttle.png?v=3 A free shuttle operates continuously between MWC Barcelona at Gran Via and 4YFN at Fira Montjuïc during event days. The stop at Fira Gran Via is located at the North Entrance, and the stop at Fira Montjuïc is on Av. R. Maria de Cristina, located outside Hall 8
Official Hotel Shuttle Buses
/mwcoem/s/HotelShuttle.JPG?v=3 The GSMA offers complimentary Hotel Shuttle Buses during event days, serving hotels where public transport is not available. Hotel Shuttle Bus stop is located outside the North Entrance at Fira Gran Via. The list of routes available will be updated shortly
FGC Train
/mwcoem/s/FGCTrain.JPG?v=3 Board any FGC train at Plaça Espanya Metro station and disembark at Europa/Fira. The train journey takes seven minutes, and Fira Gran Via is a five minute walk from the station
Renfe Train

Upon arrival at Sants Estació station, take Metro L5 (blue) to Collblanc. Transfer to metro L9S (orange) disembark at the Fira metro Station is your final destination is within Halls 1 to 4. You can also take L10S at Collblanc and disembark at Foc station, which is within walking distance to Fira Gran Via North entrance, if your final destination is within Halls 5 to 8


Two taxi ranks are available at Fira Gran Via, located at the North and South Entrances. Taxis are available over the weekend prior to the event and will be fully staffed during event days.

Taxi rank operating times:

Sunday: 17:00-21:00

Monday to Wednesday: 8:00-22:00

Thursday: 8:00- 18:00

Temporary Taxi stop for Accessible Pick Up/Drop Off:
Taxis coming to pick up or drop off an attendee with mobility restrictions will be able to temporary stop at the South and North Taxi Ranks.
Please be reminded that only adapted taxis will be able to use this temporary stop


L10S metro line with a stop named Foc is near by Fira Gran Via Venue´s Hall 8, North Entrance. The main transfer points to L10S line to access the MWC venue are Torrasa L1 and Collblanc L5. Use this station if your final destination is at Hall 8, 7, 6 or 5.

Metro L9S connects Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and 2 to Fira stop, located right inside the venue. Travel time is approx. 20 min.

Use this stop if you have already collected your badge and you need to access through the South Entrance, with your final destination being at Hall 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Private Buses

We strongly recommend those wishing to book Private Buses do so through our official supplier, bnetwork

The Private Buses stop area is located at c- Salvador Espriu. Please check map for the exact location by the South Entrance

Private Car

You can also make use of the available underground car parking areas, which are located around the venue (see map at the top of this page). Check the Car Parking section for further information.


The Aerobus departs from both Terminals and arrives at Plaça Espanya. Bus frequency: every 5 to 15 minutes from 06:00 to 01:00. Approximate journey time: 20 minutes between the airport and Plaça Espanya 

You can prebook your tickets in advance  here 

Free Transport Pass:

Upon collecting their badge, MWC attendees will receive a transport pass providing free, unlimited Metro, Bus and FGC train rides during event days. The free pass even covers the supplemental fare to the Barcelona Airport.

Please note: 

  • One Free Public Transport Pass per attendee. In the event of loss or damage, replacements will not be provided
  • The free transport pass is valid during event days only, so if you’re using public transport over the weekend, you’ll need to purchase tickets for those days
  • Make sure to collect your pass when pick up your accreditation at any of the badge collection points at the airport and in the city!

Access to VIP Car Pick-up & Drop-off Area

The VIP Car Drop-off Point is for VIPs, namely CEOs and C-level attendees. We continue to improve the experience for the VIPs using this access area by making sure the mobility is fluid.

Please note VIP car stickers must be requested using the process outlined below by 17 February 2020.

  1. Fill in the  VIP Car Sticker Pre-Approval form  (Step 1) in the  Forms & Deadlines section:
    • Request the amount of VIP car stickers you require. Your request will be checked internally and we will respond to you
    • If you have not reserved any private cars yet, but you require car stickers, please submit the pre-approval form and provide more details later on 
    • List any VIP car hire companies that you might be working with

  2. Fill in the  VIP Car Details confirmation form (step 2)in the  Forms & Deadlines section:
    • List all the VIP car details of the vehicles that you will be using during MWC20
    • We will issue VIP car stickers, specific to the vehicle registration number plates listed in the VIP car details form

VIP car sticker- Process for purchasing sticker units

VIP car stickers can be purchased from 25 November 2019 by exhibitors that are out of the sqm investment criteria and for those with additional sticker requirements. There is a limited amount of stickers available for purchase and they are available on a first come first serve basis. The deadline to submit requests is 17 February 2020.

Note that the price for each purchased sticker is 1,000 GBP. Once the purchase is completed there will be no cancellation or refund allowed.

  1. Fill in the VIP Car Sticker- Purchase Pre-Approval form in the Forms & Deadlines section:
    • Fill in the form with the amount of stickers that you wish to purchase and you will receive a notification once it has been approve
    • Submit 1 form for each sticker unit that you wish to purchase
    • A maximum of 5 stickers is allowed per exhibitor, subject to approval and availability
    • If you have not reserved any private cars yet, but you require car stickers, please submit the pre-approval form and provide more details later on
    • List any VIP car hire companies that you might be working with
    • Request your VIP car stickers. Your request will be checked internally and we will respond to you

  2. Fill in the VIP Car Details Confirmation form in the Forms & Deadlines section:
    • List all the VIP car details of the vehicles that you will be using during MWC20
    • For security reasons, VIP car stickers will be issued for specific vehicle registration number plates as listed in the VIP car details form
    • Make sure to fill in appropriately all the mandatory fields


  • VIP car stickers will only be issued if both forms have been submitted and accepted
  • Please send us any car details you have as early as possible
  • You can re-submit forms up until the official deadline date
  • If there are any changes after the deadline date, please contact the supplier listed on the top right of the form directly

Your confirmed VIP car stickers can be collected on the weekend before the event (Saturday 22 February and Sunday 23 February 2020) in car park E, Fira Gran Via, between 10:00 – 14:00h.

Holding Area & Slot Pick-ups

Cars accessing the VIP Drop-Off Point will be routed through underground Car Park E, from Passeig de la Zona Franca using Foc, near Hall 6 – please see the map below. This route and holding area will keep cars flowing smoothly through the VIP Drop-Off Point while providing a convenient place for drivers to wait for their passengers.

Upon entering the underground Car Park E, drivers dropping off passengers will stay in the left lane; the right lane will take drivers to a holding area where they may wait for their passengers. Drivers will only be allowed to enter the VIP Pick-up Area once they receive a call from their passenger that they are ready for pick up. Please note that drivers will be allowed no more than five minutes loading time in the VIP Pick-Up Area at CC3.


Tips for Drivers

Please share the following tips with all drivers:

  • Drivers are not required to possess a MWC20 badge, but all other occupants in the vehicle must possess a badge or be on route to pick up their badge
  • Drivers may only pick up and drop off guests at the Official VIP Drop-Off Point
  • Guardia Urbana (Traffic Police) will not allow VIP cars to park around Gran Via. VIP Cars must wait in the holding area in Car Park E
  • Drivers are requested to use the recommended routes shown above to access the VIP area. These routes have been developed with Guardia Urbana to improve mobility around the venue
  • All guests and drivers are required to follow the instructions of MWC staff in the holding area and VIP Drop-off Point
  • Please note seatbelt use in rear seats is required in Spain. The police will stop cars and fine passengers not wearing seatbelts
  • Drivers should not use bus lanes nor park in taxi ranks