There are many ways to reduce your impact in the environment during MWC.


Environmental Programme

We are a carbon neutrality programme committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. We work closely with exhibitors and partners to minimise the impact of our show.

Green Initiatives:

Green Initiatives

How you can minimise your impact on the environment during your participation at MWC?

Our aim is to provide exhibitors and contractors with ideas of how they can minimize their impact on the environment during their participation and plan for environmentally friendly solutions in the preparation of the event.

Check out the Sustainable Project Manager Checklist to get ideas on how to make your participation at MWC Barcelona even more sustainable.

Waste Management Options

Green Stand

Participate in this year's MWC Green Stand Initiative to calculate your stands carbon footprint and receive your free, fully confidential carbon footprint study.

How to participate:

Requests to participate here. Applications will be accepted until the last day of MWC (2 March 2023). Please contact by email here for any queries.

When will you receive your results?

Participants will receive their fully confidential Carbon Footprint Studies circa:
June / July 2023.

Calculate and offset your carbon footprint
We all can reduce our impact on the environment. Click here to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of your participation in MWC