Hall 4 Space Only


Location: This section refers to specific stands placed underneath Auditoria’s Mezzanine in Hall 4: 4B20, 4C20, 4D20, 4B40, 4C40, 4D40.

If your stand is 4A5, 4A10, 4A30 please go directly to the General Rules & Regulations section.


  • Please check the Floorplan to confirm your Hall 4 Space Only stand location. If you require further information on Fira Gran Via such as location/access, facilities onsite and other useful venue information, please refer to the Venue Information section
  • IMPORTANT: Space Only stands situated in Hall 4 must follow specific requirements, limitations and / or considerations described below however General Rules & Regulations must also be respected
  • Opening Hours: Please check the Opening Times & Access section in this Manual to confirm when you can access your Space Only stand, this varies depending on your stand size. All stands, meeting rooms and hospitality suites must be operational during the Hall 4 visitor opening times, as opposed to the general exhibition opening times as stated in the main opening times. Please note we would like to discuss breakdown plans with you in order to assist with any special requirements and a fast dismantle. Please email servifira


Exhibition Passes:

  • As a MWC exhibitor, you are allocated a limited number of complimentary Exhibition Passes for staff and guests, depending on your stand size. Please check the Registration section for further information
  • Note: Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Passes grant access to the venue from Thursday 20 February 2020

A 100 Word Company Profile and Product listing in:

  • The Official MWC Website and the GSMA Event App
  • Product and Services Directory within the Official MWC Website
  • Please submit your company's profile through the 100 Word Profile form

Power Supply:

  • Stands which are above 18m2 will receive a 6.6kw/32A switchboard and 3 x sockets based in the switchboard
  • A power supply of 230V will be provided between 07:00 - 21:00 during the build period
  • A power supply will be available from 07.00 to 23.00 during the exhibition period, except on the last event day. For logistical and safety reasons power to stands in the exhibition halls will be switched off at 18.00 on Thursday 28 February
  • If power is required outside of the times stated above (including dismantling) or if you require additional power to that which is provided, please order additional power through the Exhibition Suppliers section or contact ServiFira via email
  • Additional power will be installed through a separate switchboard, for example, if you require a total of 9.9KW, an additional 3.3KW switchboard will need to be contracted through a different switchboard
  • To request the location of the switchboard & sockets within your stand, please see the Forms & Deadlines section and complete the relevant form before Friday 17 January 2020 alternatively please email the chosen location on your floorplan
  • Please click here to read through the General Electricity regulations

Please note, if you do not meet the deadline mentioned above, your switchboard & sockets will be placed in a convenient location and a fee will be incurred if the location requires changing.


  • Emergency lighting and working lightings are provided for each individually stand space. For safety reasons, exhibitors are to consider battery operated emergency lights as a backup, when designing the stand design
  • If you require the position of the lights on the stand to be changed in any way an additional cost will be applied, please contact servifira by email or Tel: +34 932332000 no later than 10 January 2020

Technical Floorplans:

To view your personal technical stand plan, .dwg files, 3D files, plan and section plan please follow one of the links below. Links will be available soon.

All technical floorplans must be submitted to Abraxys by Friday 15 November 2019. For further information regarding Stand Plan Submission, please click here.

If you require a section truss or truss plan please email servifira for more information.



AV Services:

  • Should AV equipment be required please contract this separately with one of our Official Suppliers & Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Audio Visual & Computer Equipment section in the Suppliers page for contact details

Branding / Fascia:

  • Please see below for more information on the stands fascia as well as further options available through the official appointed contractor servifira:
    • A fascia must be applied to the front beam only, facing the central aisle. Side fascia is optional
    • All fascia must be a maximum height of 800mm
    • Exhibitor’s contractors are not permitted to apply or to fix any part of the stand design including the fascia to the mezzanine structure. Only the official contractor Losberger DeBoer are permitted to do so. These are the options available to request:
      • White Painted Fascia: Standard or Reinforced
      • Customized Fascia
      • Anchor System to hang your own Fascia. Find details here
      • Optional Side Fascia according to the Stand’s design
  • For more information and to request a quote please contact servifira by email or Tel: +34 932332000. Please ensure when discussing with servifira you confirm if the fascia is standard or reinforced. Please ensure you submit all details such as if the fascia is painted, the dimensions, material, etc.


  • Should you wish to order catering for your Hall 4 Space Only stand please check the Official Catering Suppliers page for contact details and menu options


  • There is no truss element included in the basic structure of the stand. Please see the rigging section for more information. Suspended or drop ceilings are permitted, however the regulations below must be followed:
    • All suspended ceilings must be installed as self-supporting or hung from a hired truss to accomplish weights restrictions. For more information please see Hall 4 Rigging section and General Rigging
    • Exhibitors are recommended to consider battery operation emergency lights as a back-up when designing the stand
    • A smoke detector has been installed in each stand by the official Supplier, for safety reasons. Any stand planning a suspending ceiling must contact servifira to arrange for the smoke detector to be moved to a more appropriate / visible place. This will incur an additional cost, please see the Smoke Detectors section for more information.
    • Confirmation of lighting and smoke detection arrangements must be communicated through servifira by email or Tel:+34 932332000 no later than 16 November 2018. Stand numbers and Exhibiting company names must always be included on communication


  • Cleaning is not provided and is therefore the responsibility of the exhibitor. If you require cleaning of any kind or a skip during build-up and breakdown please contact our exclusive supplier through servifira email or Tel: +34 932332000
  • We will contact exhibitors / contractors with charges should any waste be found which is not being disposed off in line with the rules & regulations. For more information please read the Waste Removal section
  • In line with the general rules & regulations of the event, the area in front of each stand, which the organisers allow for the storage of materials and in hall working, must be cleaned & clear in line with the carpet-laying schedule. Information on the timeline will be sent to all contractors before, commence to build. Failure to comply with this regulations could result in a delay to build and an onsite fine


  • Dedicated stand security services are not provided. If you require security please contact servifira by email or Tel: +34 932332000

Smoke Detectors:
  • If you are designing meeting rooms within the stand design, a smoke detector will be required for each individual room including any store rooms.
  • For safety reasons, exhibitors are recommended to consider battery operated smoke detectors as a backup when designing the stand as a backup.
  • To arrange for a smoke detector, receive a quote, confirm the most suitable time for installation or for more information please contact servifira by email or Tel:+34 932332000 no later than 15 November 2019.

Stand Build & Design:

  • Hall 4 exhibition space only stands are located under the mezzanine structure, which will host a number of the Auditoriums for the conference. The structure will be built prior to access and available for you to start build as soon as you arrive
  • If you or your contractor requires a site visits to see the structure before build up commences, please contact servifira. Site visits will only be available for the week of the 21th January 2019.
  • For a full list of the build restrictions, please see below:
    • Builds over 3.70 meters are not permitted
    • Before starting the build, Losberger DeBoer, Fira & GSMA will do a handover of the space in order to check that everything is delivered as requested. Same procedure will be applied just before end of dismantling
    • It is the full responsibility of the exhibitor and their contractor to ensure no damage is caused to the mezzanine structure or any structural elements surrounding the stand space
    • Exhibitors and their contractors are prohibited to drill and/or permanently fix, into the existing structure, including but not limited to columns, walls, floors and any other structure within Hall 4. If any damage is reported, it will incur in a penalty fee
    • All Exhibition spaces will have a rear self- supporting system panel wall, provided by Losberger DeBoer
    • Stands which are designing to be fully enclosed are not permitted
    • Stand exhibits and walling must be positioned in such a way, as not to obstruct the view of the exhibition or adjacent stands. Each open side of the stand is permitted to have an outside wall covering 50% of the open side only
    • The use of machinery and large load handling is restricted due to the mezzanine structure. Weight load limits per square meter are also restricted. Further information will be provided in September, if you have any questions, please email servifira
  • Before any building can commence, Losberger DeBoer, Fira & the GSMA will conduct a handover of the space to ensure everything is delivered as requested. The same procedure will take place at the end of dismantle.

Wi-Fi & Wired Internet:

  • Wi-Fi & Wired Internet can only be hired with our Official Supplier servifira. Please check the WiFi & Wired Internet section in the Suppliers page



  • Forms are available through the Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual
  • Please see below the most relevant forms applicable to your stand package
  • There are other optional forms available in the Forms & Deadlines page, please make sure you check them all
 100 Word Profile
 Mandatory  14 February 2020
 Build Contractor
Mandatory  15 November 2019
 Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands
 Optional  6 February 2020
 Double Deck Method Statement*
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Risk Assessment
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Method Statement
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Stand Plan Submission
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Switchboard & Socket Location
Mandatory  10 January 2020
 Wireless Policy Acceptance
Mandatory  24 January 2020

Note*: Only applies if the stand has a second level contracted



Build-up & Dismantling Access:
  • Exhibitors and Contractors needing access to the venue during build-up & dismantling periods must request the necessary wristbands online by submitting the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form in Forms & Deadlines page
  • Please visit the Build-up & Dismanting Access section for more information

Floor Covering & Platforms:

  • Platforms and / or flooring are not provided. Exhibitors and their contractors must include flooring within their stand design, ensuring the following are adhered to:
    • It is compulsory to provide a platform of 15cm and floor covering such as carpet or vinyl covering
    • All mezzanine columns and base plates are fully integrated within the stand. Please note: columns have a wider base plate, that its core width. Please check your technical floorplan to see detail of this specification
    • All service chests must remain accessible at all times
    • Ramps must be provided by Exhibitors where necessary. Please click here for more information on ramp regulations and maximum heights allowed without a build-in ramp
    • Open corners of floors and platforms must be rounded, angled or capped off, if not protected by heavy exhibits to avoid sharp corners and / or tripping hazards.
    • Platform edges must be clearly highlighted onsite and all platform details including the material and height, must be included within your completed risk assessment. To complete your Risk Assessment please click here
    • If you would like to speak to someone regarding the different floorcoverings available and / or if you wish to order a platform for your stand, please contact ServiFira by clicking here to email or Tel: +34 93 233 2000 by Friday 18 January 2020
  • Exhibitors are reminded that their contractors must remove all carpet and floor coverings at the end of the event. Failure to do so will result in a fine to the Exhibitor.
  • Please note: Areas adjacent to Hall 4 exhibition stands, such as the Executive Meeting Rooms and Conference areas have a raised technical floor (200mm)

Frequency Interference:

  • If you are planning on using any wireless devices such as Roberts or radio microphone frequencies to link presentations, speeches, the use of microphones, music and / or speakers on your stand you must submit your requests by the dates listed below, to avoid any frequency interference with the conference
  • Initial requirements must be submitted to Fira IT by Friday 13 December 2019
  • Once a requested frequencies usage is confirmed, final requirements must be submitted through the Frequency Application form in the Forms & Deadlines page by Friday 17 January 2020

Health & Safety:


  • ALL areas must be free of packaging by Friday 21 February 2020 at 20:00. Beyond this time the Organisers reserve the right to stop any further work being carried out on stands. Please see the build-up Schedule below
  • Exhibitors or their contractors who have not removed all empty packaging by the specified time requested, will have the items removed with any associated costs being borne by the exhibitor. The Organiser does not take any responsibility for packaging material removed
  • No excess stock, literature, packing cases or other flammable materials may be stored in any unauthorised areas or voids
  • If you require a holding service which includes removal, holding and return-to-stand of packaging materials and cleaning services please request a quote through servifira by clicking here to email or Tel:+34 932332000. Please note there are no onsite storage areas in the venue
  • Please note, empty cases will only be returned once the halls are clear, carpets have been lifted and it is safe to do so. Exhibit cases will be given priority, however this process will not commence until 19:00. Please take this into account when planning your return travel


  • Exhibition stands may customise the venue pillar which is located directly in front of the stand, in the central aisle
  • For technical information, regarding venue pillars please click here for further information


  • General rigging is not permitted under these mezzanines however, a truss solution is available through ServiFira, taking into account the restrictions below:
    • Elements are permitted to hang from a hired truss system which is installed by Loesberger DeBoer. All hung elements must follow weight loads and height restrictions as detailed in the Sample Truss solution information sheet. Further information please contact servifira
    • Third party truss suppliers are not permitted
    • Should you wish to request any truss solution for your stand, please contact ServiFira by email or Tel:+34 932332000 no later than Friday 15 November 2019

Special Activities:

  • Certain activities such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), self-driving cars, vehicle demonstrations, attendee participation activities, simulations, strobe lighting, and robotics, among others, require further review and approval from the organisers. Please ensure to read through the Special Activities section in this manual to understand if your activity requires further approval

Stand Contractors:

  • As exhibitor you are subject to sourcing and hiring your own contractor to build your stand or suite. If you require assistance with bespoke stand design, please check the Stand Build & Design section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Please ensure your contractors visit the Operations page where all rules & regulations can be found
  • It’s important that you set up your contractor/s in this Manual through the Manage My Contractor section. They will then receive login details via email and will gain access to any form you assign to them
  • You can assign forms to your contractors through the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual. They will then be able to submit them on your behalf

Vehicles & Machinery:

  • The use of vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, skates, Segway or other similar vehicles is prohibited inside the halls during build-up, show open days and dismantling (Dismantling starts on Thursday 28 February from 16:00h)
  • Engine driven vehicles, vessels or machinery will only be admitted to be displayed during the exhibition if a stand vehicle form has been submitted and accepted by the deadline. You can submit the Stand Vehicle form through the Forms & Deadlines

Waste Removal:

  • MWC has 0% waste tolerance policy, this means you are responsible for removing all stand fitting waste, flooring and any other material from your stand during build up and dismantling. Please refer to the Waste Removal Policy for further information