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What is the Best Way to Get to Hall 8.0?
  • When entering Fira Gran Via during your rehearsal, walkthrough and the day of your programme, it is best to come through the North Entrance. Hall 8.0 is located directly behind the registration area.
  • If already in Fira Gran Via, you will need to walk to the escalators that are just past Hall 8.1. The escalators will end in the North Entrance where you can walk right into the Hall 8.0.


What is Included in My Theatre Package?

GSMA provides an “off the shelf” operational package for each Theatre to include standard AV equipment with crew, standard theatre style seating with stage set, basic internet support, standard networking furniture, branding opportunities (commensurate with the size of room and package purchased), speaker water and a dedicated English/Spanish speaking Stage Manager to assist with your programme.

Please refer to the deliverables outlined in your contract and your operations package.

How do I request any services not included in the package to customise my event?

Please contact your Operations Project Manager for all extra requirements such as AV, build, furniture, internet, catering or plants. We are working with the recommended official suppliers and will be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal or plan.

Can I bring in my own suppliers?

If you have purchased a Full Day Package you can bring in your own supplier for certain AV equipment, build of structures and furniture. For catering, please note that only GastroFira is allowed to operate in the Theatres during MWC. No other caterers are permitted in Hall 8.0. The catering storage included as part of your package is for GastroFira’s use only.  

Half day clients are only permitted to use the MWC official supplier for any additional orders, AV, build, etc. This is due to restrictions on deliveries and access during show hours.

Do I have storage available in my Theatre?

Each Theatre has a small lockable storage room which can be used during the time of your booked session (for bags, boxes, etc.). Besides that, there is no storage in Hall 8.0 and we cannot store any items during build or show days.

Should you need a storage area for your materials, please refer to the Hall 8.0 shipping instructions for details on our official supplier. They have a local warehouse in which to store all shipments and they manage all of our onsite distribution during the show.

Do you provide hostesses?

Yes, we do provide hostesses. The exact number will depend upon your Theatre size and will be confirmed to you by the Operations Project Manager.

Our hostesses usually wear a black suit, white shirt and red scarf/tie. Should you wish to do so, you can provide your own uniform for the hostesses on the day of your session. Please let us know in advance so that we can coordinate regarding sizes, etc. 

Should you require any additional staff, please liaise directly with your Operations Project Manager for a detailed proposal.

Can you provide plants or flowers?

Yes, a full catalogue of plants and flowers will be made available soon. Should you wish to order any foliage to further enhance the space, please contact your Operations Project Manager.

Can I place any extra orders after the deadlines?

Please refer to your Operations Manual for order deadlines and late order procedures.

Is it possible to cancel any extra services?

Detailed information on cancellation of services can be found in your Operations Package.

Furniture/ Build Structures

Is furniture included in my package?

Standard furniture for the stage, audience and the foyer area is included in the Standard Package. Please review the listing of furniture and if you wish to order anything over and above what is already included, please contact your Operations Project Manager directly.  

Is it possible to build any additional structures (e.g. demo tables, exhibition booths, etc.) in the Theatre?

Yes, it is possible., but please note the restrictions on supplier’s accessibility for Half-Day and Power Hour Partners. Please get in touch with your Operations Project Manager to discuss your requirements and everything that needs to be taken into consideration for the build of additional structures.

When can we access the Theatre to set up and dismantle?

Any custom set-up and dismantle needs to be completed within the purchased timeslot stipulated on your contract. However, those Partners with Full Day Packages and a complex build will be able to start building the night prior if needed. Overnight build will be subject to additional costs and your Operations Project Manager can provide you with detailed information. All de-rig of morning Half Day Packages needs to be completed and the room cleared by 13:00 so that the following Partner has the full two hours set-up prior to their programme.  

Partners who purchased an afternoon Half Day Package can enter the room from 13:00.

Further information on the rules and regulations including the extra services required for an overnight build in Hall 8.0 and the associated costs will be published soon. Please inform your Operations Project Manager as soon as possible should you require extra time overnight to set-up for your programme the following day. Approval will be granted depending on the schedule and resources available.


For details on crew and vehicle access, please see Access Times and Procedures.

I need to build my Theatre overnight during MWC, will an Extended Hours Pass allow me to stay in the Theatre overnight?

No, you will need to work with your Operations Project Manager to schedule your build and gain permissions.

A list of all staff and contractors that will be a part of the build will need to be provided to the Operations Project Manager.

Any persons who do not have a valid EVP pass will be asked to leave the premises at 07:00 the following morning.

I will bring my own build supplier, do you require any information from us?

All additional build structures will have to be approved by our stand plan inspection agency. Therefore you need to provide us with a detailed floor plan and renders including material specifications and technical drawings in advance. Please provide your Operations Project Manager with the floorplans and renders. They will work with the venue and local contractors to gain approval and inform you accordingly.


Do you have a floorplan for each Theatre?

Please contact your Operations Manager for detailed floorplans.


Walkthroughs/ Rehearsals

Will I be able to access the Theatre space before my event?

Your package includes a 30 minutes complimentary walkthrough which can be booked on a first come first served basis. Walkthroughs will take place on the weekend prior to MWC (Saturday, 22 February and Sunday, 23 February). We highly recommend to schedule a walkthrough in order to meet your MWC support team, run through your programme and familiarise yourself with the premises. Note that no technical support will be available during your walkthrough so if you would like to review your presentations, check lighting / sound, internet connections or digital branding your Operations Project Manager will work with you to book a technical rehearsal and provide any additional costs.

Will we be able to do a technical rehearsal and when?

Your package includes 1 hour immediately prior to your booked session where the AV crew is fully available for a technical rehearsal. Should this not be sufficient you can book an additional technical rehearsal. These are only available during the weekend before MWC (Saturday, 22 February and Sunday, 23 February), we will not run any additional technical rehearsals during the event week.

Timeslots can be booked on a first come first served basis and incur an additional charge (rate is Theatre dependent). Please contact your Operations Project Manager for more information.

Will the extra services (e.g. AV, Internet or furniture) I have booked for the event be available during the technical rehearsal?

If you have booked any additional AV, IT or furniture for your event, please advise your Operations Project Manager if you require them for your rehearsal as well to make sure we have your equipment in place. Note that this will be subject to an additional charge.

What is the difference between a walkthrough and a rehearsal?

A walkthrough is an opportunity to see the space and discuss your programme day with the team.  No AV or lighting technicians will be available to run through any of your content.

A rehearsal is the opportunity to walkthrough the space, rehearse your content with video, sound and lighting technicians to set-levels. A one hour rehearsal immediately prior to your session is included in the package. If you wish to book additional time at the weekend prior to MWC, this will be subject to availability and extra costs. For more information please contact your Operations Project Manager.

How do I get access to the venue for rehearsals at the weekend?

Any personnel registered as Partner Staff EVP or Exhibitor Staff EVP will be able to access Gran Via over the weekend once MWC Registration opens.

Any pass type (excluding Partner Staff or Exhibitor Staff passes) who require access over the weekend for rehearsals will need to have Extended Hours Access added to their badge. To make this request, please contact your Partner Programme Registration Coordinator who will update the passes for you.


Is catering included in the package?

The only catering included in the standard package is bottled water and glasses for your speakers on the stage on the show day. Should you wish to order any additional catering for the attendees/your staff, please refer to the catering package for a full listing of menu options.

Can I bring my own catering provider?

GastroFira has exclusivity in Hall 8.0 for all catering services. No other catering companies are permitted. The catering storage included as part of your package is for GastroFira’s use only.

Are there any minimum order requirements for catering?

Please refer to the catering package for further information.


Is there any AV included in my package?

Standard AV equipment and crew to support your Theatre are included in the standard package. Please refer to your Operations Manual to review the listing of standard equipment. Should you wish to order anything over and above please contact your Operations Project Manager.


Is Internet available in the Theatres?

The MWC Public WiFi is available in Hall 8.0 which is also accessible in the Theatres. If you require additional IT services, please contact your Operations Project Manager.

Visuals/ Branding

Are there any branding opportunities in the Theatres?

As part of the package, each Partner has the opportunity to brand certain elements of the space as outlined in the Standard Package.

Further information on artwork specifications, submission deadlines, etc. is available in your operations package.

Which format do we have to provide the artwork files?

Please refer to the Operations Manual, which will be available soon, where you can find detailed information on file types and sizes required. Kindly adhere to the formats defined in the table when preparing all artwork to make sure that everything can be produced correctly and without any delay.

Can we bring our own branding material in addition?

Yes, you can bring your own material such as pull up banners for example. They can be placed anywhere inside the Theatre (Foyer or Auditorium). Note that nothing can be placed outside the Theatre at the registration desk, nor can anything stick to the Theatre walls.

Can we make changes to the content once our artwork files have been submitted?

Printed branding: Note that no changes or replacements can be made after the files have been submitted.

Digital branding: All digital branding is tested and scheduled in the system in advance of the show days.The submission deadlines can be found in the Operations Manual.

Opening Hours/ Access

What are the opening hours of MWC?

The opening hours for visitors are as follows:

Monday 24 February


Tuesday 25 February


Wednesday 26 February


Thursday 27 February


Note that all visitors are only allowed into the exhibition hall from 09:00 each morning, therefore we suggest that your session should start from 09:30 onwards to give your guests time to arrive and be seated for a prompt start.