Partner Programmes

Partner Programmes Overview 

Partner Programmes offer MWC attendees the opportunity to amplify their knowledge about the mobile industry. The programmes are developed and presented by you and some of the top organisations in the mobile ecosystem. This is your opportunity to take the stage and provide invaluable industry learning opportunities for our attendees. Here are the types of programmes being delivered in 2020:

  • Partner Events: Full or half-day, co-located events developed and led by some of the most innovative companies in the mobile space today. Our partners determine the content and topics covered which can include new programme initiatives, emerging market trends, and, or product development. These events are usually geared to the general mobile audience or industry specific audience.
  • Power Hour 90: These ninety minute sessions were developed for the newer players in the mobile ecosystem. Each session is an hour and a half long and can cover the topic determined by the partner.
  • Power Hour 60: These sixty minute sessions were developed for the newer players in the mobile ecosystem. Each session is an hour long and can cover the topic determined by the partner.
  • Professional Training: Our Technology Training Partners offer a variety of workshops and training sessions covering specialised mobile industry topics.


Location & Dates

  • Location:The Theatres are located at Fira Gran Via, at the North Entrance in Hall 8.0 . Please refer to the venue information section of the manual for further information on Fira Gran Via.
  • Dates: 24 February – 27 February


GSMA Theatre Support Contacts

All Partners are provided a dedicated MWC Support Team to assist with the planning of the Partner Programme in the areas of partnership, marketing, operations and registration. Your Events Programme Manager will reach out to you to schedule your kick-off call at which time you will be introduced to the full team. From there you will decide how often you would like to meet to cover all the deliverables, talk about the programme and get questions answered.

Here are the teams’ responsibilities and their contact details: 

  • Programme management 
  • Day-to-day contact 
  • Responsible for fulfilment of Marketing
  • Facilitates status calls  
  • Provides best practices from previous programmes 
  • Provides marketing advice based on attendance list numbers 
  • Agenda Timing  
  • Onsite support 


Stephanie Edmonds
Head of Events Programme Management

Atlanta Office
+1 404 825 2198
Burnice Ip
Senior Events Programme Manager

Hong Kong Office
+852 9028 7159
Olga Polyakova-Forrester
Events Programme Manager

Atlanta Office
+1 470 755 6622

Scott Griffin
Events Programme Coordinator
Atlanta Office
+1 678 910 0807

Support and manage the following: 
  • Theatre and foyer layouts 
  • Stage set-up 
  • Audio visual equipment and IT
  • Branding 
  • Catering 
  • Hostess
  • Onsite support


Susanne Schweda
Project Manager
London Office
+44 7967 772 702

  • Training on registration system 
  • Assist with:
    • Attendance list 
    • Invitations  
    • Customisation 
    • Extended Hours
    • Bulk uploads 
    • Pass Allocations 
    • Attendance reports 
    • Onsite support


Wesley Logue
Registration Project Manager, Customer Care
Atlanta Office
+1 404 825 0282


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