Outdoor Stand




  • Location: Outdoor Stands are located in the Loading Bays. Please check the Floorplan to confirm your Outdoor Stand location. If you require further information on Fira Gran Via such as location/access, facilities onsite and other useful venue information, please refer to the Venue Information section
  • Opening Hours: Please check the Opening Times & Access section in this Manual to confirm the Loading Bays opening hours
  • Handover: Please check the Opening Times & Access section to confirm when you can access your space. This varies depending on your stand size


Exhibition Passes: 

  • As a MWC exhibitor, you are allocated a limited number of complimentary Exhibition Passes for staff and guests depending on your stand size. Please check the Registration section for more information
  • Please note: Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Passes grant access to the venue from Thursday 25 February 2021

A 100 Word Company Profile and Product listing in:

  • The Official MWC Website and the GSMA Event App 
  • Product and Services Directory within the Official MWC Website
  • You will be able to submit your company's profile through the 100 Word Profile form. Forms will be available shortly


AV Services
  • Should AV equipment be required please contract this separately with one of our Official Suppliers & Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Audio Visual & Computer Equipment section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • For branding options, please contract this with one of our Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Graphics Services section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Should you wish to order catering for your Outdoor Stand, please check the Official Catering Suppliers section for contact details and menu options and contact details
  • Outdoor stands do not come with electrical supply included
  • Outdoor areas do not always have access to standard electricity supplies
  • Electrical requirements have to be ordered and discussed with servifira directly
IT Services:
  • For any IT services such as internet supply, please consult with IT Fira. Cost and availability may differ in outdoor areas
Stand Build & Design:
  • Should you need a company to design and build your stand, please contact one of our Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Stand Build & Design section in the Suppliers page for contact details
Water and Waste:
  • Not all outdoor locations have water and waste available
  • Please check with servifira if this service is available for your outdoor stand
  • In some cases a special waste water tank is necessary. Any resulting additional cost will be the responsibility of the exhibitor
  • Waste water tanks have to fit within the contracted floor space and can only be hired through servifira


Forms & Deadlines information will be available in the Autumn.


Build Height:
  • Outdoor structures will be reviewed on an individual basis for build height depending on the area used
  • Please contact the stand plan inspection agencies to review the height of your structure
Build-up & Dismantling Access:
  • Build-up & Dismantling Access information will be available in the Autumn
Double Decker Space Only Stands: 
  • You have the option to upgrade your Space Only package to include a second level. If you wish to do so please contact your Account Manager
  • Please be aware that a 50% ground rate m2 fee applies to upper levels of stands
  • Please visit the Floorplans section for instructions on how to view and download your technical stand plan
  • All questions relating to the technical floorplans should be directed to: mwc@freemanco.com
Stand Plan Submission:
  • Outdoor stands are always classed as complex and require structural approval
  • Please read through our Stand Plan Submission section in order to check what information is required
Water Resistance:
  • All outdoor structures have to be designed to withstand potential heavy rain or snow
Wind Stability:
  • All outdoor structures have to be structurally certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 100km/h. If you do not have the corresponding certification, please contact Graó Tècnic

Waste Removal:
  • MWC has 0% waste tolerance policy, this means you are responsible for removing all stand fitting waste, flooring and any other material from your stand during build up and dismantling. Please refer to the Waste Removal Policy for further information