All food or beverage provided to visitors must come through an official catering company. The official catering companies all comply with the new Covid-19 health and safety protocols and food hygiene legislation, passing strict quality controls. Official Catering Suppliers' details will be available closer to the event..

Onsite Logistics

Detailed logistical procedures such as shipping methods, onsite handling costs and locations as well as information on how to bring vehicles into the venue for production, can be found here.

Rules & Regulations

There are multiple rules and regulations to follow and unfortunately there is no way of reducing these. The below guidance will help you find the information you are looking for.

New Rules & Regulations - these rules and regulations were developed in accordance with the government regulations and guidance applicable at the time of publication, the recommendations of health professionals, and the guidance of the Venue Owners, all in contemplation of the health and safety situation in effect as of the time of publication.

Exhibitor Code of Conduct - This section covers rules and policies that are not directly linked to stand building but around exhibitor’s behaviour and permits. For example, copyrights, holding a competition on a stand, Wi-Fi policy etc.

General H&S - Full information regarding obligations around safe working, are detailed in this section. Please note that in order to make these sections easier to read, we have separated stand build health and safety into a separate section.

General R&R - Here you can find regulations which are to be followed by all exhibitors within the halls and external spaces, regardless of the package type.

Stand Building

The information outlined under this section, should be read before a stand design is submitted to ensure all regulations have been followed.  Regulations differ from event to event therefore it is important to understand  build height & floor loadings, 50% rule, hanging banner restrictions, disabled access, rigging inspections, electricity & material specifications as well as hybrid and hospitality stand regulations. Health and Safety has also been detailed to ensure a safe build.

Flowcharts and detailed explanations have been created to show the information required when submitting a stand plan and what constitutes a 'complex structure'. Pease ensure documents are submitted in time to avoid delays.