Official Catering Suppliers

The Official Catering Suppliers listed below comply with food hygiene legislation passing strict quality controls. The official Catering Menus offer a wide variety of fresh and packaged food and beverages along with equipment which is delivered directly to your stand or hospitality suite. All our suppliers are able to provide a customised menu including extensive vegetarian and vegan offerings as well as a special packages. Please contact your preferred supplier directly for more information and to arrange bespoke orders.

Order Terms: 

  • Initial Request:
    • Request for services must be made before the deadline date of Friday 8 February 2020. Any orders placed outside of the deadline date will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If specific items are not available an alternative will be provided
  • Restocking during the Event: 
    • Requests for new stock must be made before 17:00 on the day prior to rendering the service
    • Under no account shall services be supplied if the invoices issued by the catering suppliers, have not been paid prior to taking out the service
    • Please consider that for new onsite orders, some food items might not be available.  If specific items are not available an alternative will be provided
  • Prices / Payment Method: 
    • All prices offered do not include VAT
    • Each company will accept various methods of payment, please check the eCommerce systems
  • Catering Delivery Service Times:
    • The service times for standard catering is as follows:

08:00 to 10:00

Drinks, snacks, tableware, pastries and fruit

10:00 to 12:00

All other products

  • Warranties: 
    • Once the catering products requested have been delivered and the order has been signed for, goods may not be returned or exchanged
  • Cancellations:
    • Cancellation terms are specific to each supplier’s policy

Catering during Build up & Dismantling

Catering services are available onsite during build-up & dismantling periods for both stand deliveries and catering outlets throughout the venue.

  • Stand Deliveries: our official supplier ANTARA CATERING offers catering options for delivery to the booth during build up & dismantling periods. Please contact them on the details below:
            Antara Catering
Contact: Valentina Villa
Tel: +34 932 333 463
Mobile: +34 669 502 575

Official Catering Suppliers

Gastrofira Catering
Tel: +34 932332000
Menu Options: Gastrofira eCommerce System

Antara Catering
Contact: Valentina Villa
Tel: + 34 932 333 463
Mobile: +34 669 502 575
Menu Options: Antara eCommerce System

Arts Catering
Contact: Lucía Rodríguez Santiso
Tel: +34 934838038
Mobile: +34 637461520
Menu Options: Arts Commerce System

The Royal Catering by Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I
Luis Gonçalves
Tel: + 34 933 644 018 / Ext: 5967
Mobile: +34 615 848 856
Menu Options: Royal Catering eCommerce System

Vilaplana Catering
Contact: Marta Mas
Tel: +34 932 333 330
+34 686 480 677
Menu Options: Vilaplana Catering eCommerce System

Taím Kosher Catering
Contact: Betty Kohl
Tel: +34 934619642
Mobile: +34 647344880
Menu Options: The Taím Kosher Catering Menu Offer will be available here shortly