My Partner Programme

Partner Programmes, Power Hours & Power 90 Sessions


Partner Programmes, Power Hour and Power 90 sessions offer MWC attendees the opportunity to amplify their knowledge about the mobile industry. The Partner Programmes are full or half-day sessions developed and presented by you and some of the top organisations in the mobile ecosystem. Power Hour and Power 90 session deliver targeted or specific messages in a short timeframe. Our partners determine the content and topics covered which can include new programme initiatives, emerging market trends, and, or product development. These events are usually geared to the general mobile audience or industry specific audience. This is your opportunity to take the stage and provide invaluable industry learning opportunities for our attendees. 

Location & Dates
Location: The Theatres are located at Fira Gran Via, in Hall 6 and Hall 7.  
Partner Programme Dates:  27 February – 02 March 2023

GSMA Support Team
All Partners are provided a Support Team who will assist with planning, execution, event options, marketing and registration details for your session. You will be contacted via email with next steps.

For any queries in the meantime, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture/ Build Structures
Walkthroughs/ Rehearsals
Visuals/ Branding


What is the Best Way to Get to Hall 6 and Hall 7?
When entering Fira Gran Via during your rehearsal, walk-through or the day of your programme, it is best to come through the South Entrance.


What is Included in my Theatre Package?
Please refer to the deliverables outlined in your contract and your Theatre Package.

How do I request any services not included in the package to customise my event?
If you wish to order any additional items that are not already included in the Standard Package, you can place your order through ServiFira, Fira’s customer service team, GastroFira, Fira’s catering team, and Fira IT, Fira’s IT team. Additional details can be found in your Theatre Package and we will be able to answer any questions you have during the kick-off call.

Do I have storage available in my Theatre?
There is no storage in Hall 7 and GSMA cannot store any items during build or show days.
All deliveries and onsite handling MUST be managed by our recommended supplier. Deliveries and access to the loading bay during show hours are not permitted. You will need to direct all queries to ServiFira.

Do you provide hostesses?
Yes, we do provide hostesses. The exact number will depend upon your Theatre size and these details are included in your Theatre Package.
Our hostesses usually wear a black suit, white shirt and red scarf/tie. If you require the hostesses to perform any other duties, for example, distributing giveaways, this can be discussed and you need to provide clear instructions. Similarly, if you require the hostesses to wear a specific uniform, this can also be discussed. Any uniform would need to be provided by you.
Should you require any additional staff, you may place your order through ServiFira as outlined above.

Can you provide plants or flowers?

If you wish to order plants or flowers to enhance your space, you may do so by ordering through ServiFira, whowill provide a catalogue and be able to provide you with a detailed proposal.

Can I place any extra orders after the deadlines?
Please refer to your Theatre Package for order deadlines and late order procedures.

Is it possible to cancel any extra services?
Extra service orders are subject to deadlines and cancellation terms, and related costs. Companies must adhere to the surcharges/cancellation policies set forth by the direct suppliers.  


Is furniture included in my package?
Standard furniture for the stage and audience is included and details can be found in the Theatre Package.

Is it possible to build any additional structures (e.g., demo tables, exhibition booths, etc.) in the Theatre?
If you would like to build additional structures, you will need to submit a request to ServiFira. Depending on the nature of your request, ServiFira will be able to advise if it is possible or not. Details regarding this procedure can be found in your Theatre Package.

When can we access the Theatre to set up and dismantle?
Any set-up and dismantle needs to be fully completed within the purchased timeslot stipulated on your contract.

 Partner Theatres Package
 Client access to venue
(Gran Via)
Client Access to Theatre
for rehearsal with AV Crew
 MWC attendees access
to venue (Gran Via)
Full day
08:00 – 21:00
from 08:00
08:30 – 19:00*
Half day - AM slot
08:00 – 13:00
from 08:00
08:30 – 19:00*
Half day - PM slot
14:00 – 19:00*
from 14:00
08:30 – 19:00*
*16:00 on Thursday

Note that for all packages, Partner is responsible for including sufficient breaks within sessions for technical crew. Additional details can be found in your Theatre Package.

For details on crew and vehicle access, please see Access Times and Procedures.

Do you have a floorplan for each Theatre?
Floorplans for your theatre can be found in the Theatre Package.


Will I be able to access the Theatre space before my event?
You may have the opportunity to schedule a thirty-minute walkthrough of your theatre prior to the start of MWC Barcelona, depending on access and availability.  Please note the walkthrough will not include AV, branding, or programme specific set-up. You can find additional information in your Theatre Package.

Will we be able to do a technical rehearsal and when?
Your Operations Project Manager will provide more information on timing and Health and Safety guidelines for rehearsals during your kick off call. A one-hour rehearsal immediately prior to your session is included in the package. If you wish to book additional time at the weekend (TBC exact date) prior to MWC, this will be subject to availability and extra costs and you may book through ServiFira. You can find additional information in your Theatre Package.

Will the extra services (e.g., AV, Internet or furniture) I have booked for the event be available during the technical rehearsal?
If you have booked any additional AV, IT or furniture for your event, this will be available on your event day. If you need them to be available during a weekend rehearsal day, please make sure you confirm this when placing your order with ServiFira.  

What is the difference between a walkthrough and a rehearsal?

A walkthrough is an opportunity to see the space only.  No AV, branding, or programme specific set-up will be available for testing any of your content.
A rehearsal is the opportunity to walkthrough the space, rehearse your content with video, sound and lighting technicians to set levels. A one-hour rehearsal immediately prior to your session is included in the package. If you wish to book additional time at the weekend prior to MWC, this will be subject to availability and extra costs. For more information, please read the Theatre Package.

How do I get access to the venue for rehearsals at the weekend?
Any personnel registered as Partner Staff or Exhibitor Staff will be able to access Gran Via over the weekend once MWC Registration opens.
Any pass type (excluding Partner Staff or Exhibitor Staff passes) who require access over the weekend for rehearsals will need to have Extended Hours Access added to their badge.  Instructions are provided within your E&P User Guide on how to add Extended Hours Access.


Is catering included in the package?
The only catering included in the standard package is bottled water and glasses for your speakers on the stage on the show day.
If you wish to order additional catering not included in the standard package, you may order through GastroFira. Please refer to your Theatre Package for details.


Is there any AV included in my package?
Standard AV equipment and crew to support your Theatre are included in the standard package. Please refer to your Theatre Package to review the listing of standard equipment. Should you wish to order anything over and above please contact ServiFira.


Is Internet available in the Theatres?
The MWC Public WiFi is available in Hall 7 which is also accessible in the Theatres. If you require additional IT services, please contact ServiFira.


Are there any branding opportunities in the Theatres?
There are client branding opportunities in designated areas, both inside and outside of the Theatre. Full details of these are included in the Theatre Package.
Further information on location, artwork specifications, submission deadlines, etc. is available in your Theatre Package.

Which format do we have to provide the artwork files?
Please refer to the Theatre Package where you can find detailed information on file types and sizes required. Kindly adhere to the formats defined in the table when preparing all artwork to make sure that everything can be produced correctly and without any delay.

Can we bring our own branding material in addition?
Yes, you can bring your own branding material such as pull up banners. They will need to be placed in a safe location as to not block any emergency aisles or exits. They cannot be placed outside of your contracted theatre perimeter and cannot stick to any Theatre walls. The branding material and placement will need to be approved by servifira.
If the material requires construction (e.g., it is not a simple hand-carried pull-up banner) then please refer to the ‘Additional build’ section earlier or you can also find this information in your Theatre Package.

Can we make changes to the content once our artwork files have been submitted?
No changes or replacements can be made after the files have been submitted. Please refer to the submission deadlines in the Theatre Package.