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Mobile World Live is the official news portal of the GSMA and is the primary destination for the latest developments in the global mobile industry.
Our content includes daily breaking news coverage of the industry’s biggest stories. Exclusive video interviews with business leaders and event reports provide comprehensive insight into the latest developments and key issues. All enhanced by incisive analysis from a team of expert commentators.
We have many opportunities for you to engage with MWC attendees and 2.1m senior executives throughout the year and reach onsite attendees during MWC23.

Print Media Opportunities at MWC Barcelona 2023

The MWC23 Preview Edition and Show Daily will provide all the important news from Barcelona both on site and online! The official publications of MWC events, produced and distributed exclusively by Mobile World Live, are essential for delegates and exhibitors alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach in-person and virtual event attendees with your brand message, product launch or other critical announcements ahead of and during the event.



Broadcast Interviews – Onsite at MWC23

The perfect platform for your executives to express their vision and deliver it to MWC attendees plus the Mobile World Live global audience on screen and online.
A professionally filmed interview with one of our industry recognised Mobile World Live journalists. Shown across 30,000 TV screens during MWC23. Hosted on Mobile World Live and also sent out in 5 daily newsletters post event, reaching attendees and the Mobile World Live audience.
Filmed day 1 and uploaded to Mobile World Live during event. Included in the eshow daily during MWC.
MWC Barcelona: £25,000.


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Further Opportunities

The full sponsorship opportunities deck includes a wide range of options to deliver branding, leads and thought leadership.
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