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The Networking Gardens are outdoor spaces tailor-made for networking featuring ample seating, food and drink outlets, event Wi-Fi coverage and sponsorship activations. The Networking Gardens provide space to hold impromptu gatherings, meet clients, mingle with other attendees or simply grab some fresh air. With covered areas, the Gardens offer an outdoor experience away from the exhibition floor.

  • The 11 Networking Gardens are located throughout the Gran Via venue, eight [8] can be found on the upper level and three [3] lower level locations.
  • Selected Networking Gardens are designated smoking areas: these gardens incorporate facilities to manage litter and maintain a clean environment. The following Gardens are designated smoking areas:
    • GG6
    • GG7 & 8
    • All loading bays
  • Please click here to see a map with all Networking Garden locations for MWC Barcelona 2020

Opening Hours:
  • The Networking Gardens are designed to encourage networking for all attendees at MWC. To facilitate this, the Networking Gardens are open to all pass type attendees during event days. At no point will the entire Networking Garden close for private functions, product launches, presentations or sponsor-led content presentations.
  • The Networking Gardens are accessible during times stated below.




Pass Type

Build Up

Friday, 21 February*

08:00 - 20:00

Exhibitor Staff & Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge

Build Up

From Saturday 22 February* to
Sunday 23 February

08:00 - 20:00

Exhibitor Staff & Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge

Event Days

From Monday 24 February to Wednesday 26 February

07:00/08:00 - 19:00

Exhibitor Staff & Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge

Event Days

Thursday 27 February

07:00 - 16:00

Exhibitor Staff & Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge


Thursday 27 February

16:00 – 18:00

Exhibitor Staff & Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge

*Per H&S regulations, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) of high visibility vests and hardhats are required to access the venue. Providing PPE is the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Capacity Networking Gardens:

The upper level Networking Gardens have a maximum capacity set by the local Government. To ensure Health & Safety regulation are adhered to, each Garden includes a camera-based capacity monitoring system. The system will monitor the doorways of the Garden in real time with support of Security Officers. GSMA and Fira monitor the system throughout event days. In the event of maximum capacity, the Security Officers will implement a ‘one in, one out’ policy. At the conclusion of the event, a daily usage report will be sent to all Networking Gardens sponsors (Upper Walkway gardens only). Note, daily usage report is based on the number of attendees coming in and out of the doors, not unique users as event badges are not scanned upon entry.


The Networking Garden Sponsorship Package includes the following:

Exhibition Passes:
  • As an MWC Barcelona sponsor, you are allocated complimentary Exhibition Passes for staff and guests, depending on your sponsorship package. Please check the Registration section for more information
  • Please Note: Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Passes permit access to the venue on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 2020

Marketing & Promotion:
  • Acknowledgement as a Supporting Sponsor for MWC Barcelona event
  • Presence on MWC Barcelona Website and App:
    • 100 Word profile on the MWC Barcelona Website and the Event App. Please submit your company's profile through the 100 Word Profile form
    • Sponsor logo to be listed on MWCB Sponsors and Partners website
    • Product and Services Directory within the Official MWC Website
    • Presence within MWC Barcelona E-brochure
    • Social Media Posts

Operational components of Networking Garden:
  • Seating/ furniture
  • Greenery, heating and lighting elements
  • Sponsor branding opportunities (detailed package including visuals and measurements will be shared with sponsors during Kick-Off call):
    • Full-colour printed canvas: full colour elements attached to the venue and/or to covered structures
    • Colour/Fabric selections: selected furniture items painted in corporate colour and/or ability to change fabrics from a catalogue
    • Graphics: full colour graphics printed on vinyl for flower boxes, queue system, etc.
    • Corporate branding at Garden entrances
  • Event Wifi in all areas
  • Cleaning
  • General cleaning is included in the Standard package as follows:
    • Build Up: final cleaning and removal of all build up material on Sunday 23 February in the evening and before the event opens
    • Event Days: general cleaning of all furniture, catering outlets and trash removal throughout the day
  • Security: 24 hours venue security
  • Venue Garden Manager:
    Available at all times during show hours and responsible for maintaining operational aspects of all gardens (monitoring cleaning schedules, furniture placement etc.) and assisting with any adverse weather deployment procedures and Health & Safety precautions.
  • GSMA / MWC Barcelona Sponsorship Team will be available to assist with all aspects of sponsorship activation across the gardens, in the areas of marketing, operations and registrations. Sponsorship Manager will be in contact to schedule Sponsorship Activation Kick-Off call during which you will be introduced to the team.

Here are the team’s responsibilities and contact details: 

Pauli Mykkänen

Sponsorship Project Manager – MWC Barcelona Lead

London Office

+44 7970 267 490


  • Networking Gardens Sponsorship Activation Programme Lead – overseeing fulfilment of all aspects of the package including marketing, registration, operational
  • Client Liaison - facilitates Kick Off Calls and programme status updates
  • Provides stats/metrics post event

Xenia Hernandez

Project Manager, Exhibitions

Barcelona Office

+34 674 763 026

Mar Freixa

Project Manager, Exhibitions

Barcelona Office

+34 674 76 30 58


  • Operational delivery of sponsorship package
  • Management of any bespoke requirements and liaison with relevant stakeholders and suppliers


Your Sponsorship Team will meet with you on a regular basis to assist with planning, orchestration and to find suitable solutions for any customise activations.

An overview of timelines for your sponsorship package will be shared in your kick off call. This will include deadlines for artwork, branding guidelines, logo and content submission, dates for updates of floorplans, renders and others.  

The team will also assist you with any bespoke requirements over and above the standard Sponsorship Package. For any additional Garden elements (such as furniture, AV, branding, demo pods, catering, etc.) please reach out to your Operations Manager to discuss your needs.

Extra orders are handled and invoiced through servifira and are subject to additional costs and order deadlines.

Please note that Networking Gardens adhere to strict build health and safety regulations and have limited service ducts. Any modifications to the existing design, i.e. additional structures, display units, significant furniture changes, etc. require additional approval and in some cases, structural certifications with associated costs. 

Build regulations:

If you are planning to bring in any build structure such as totems, product display units, DJ booths, etc. please note that the following regulations apply:

  • All outdoor structures must be 100km/h wind resistant, waterproof and must be certified
  • Structures must be self-supporting; No holes into walls or the floor can be made and nothing can be nailed on the floor or the walls. Nothing can be placed against the wall or windows
  • Please make sure to submit the relevant forms on the OEM as required, such as the Method Statement, Risk Assessment, Special Activity Form
  • All outdoor and complex structures must receive a formal certificate of stability from Graó Tècnic, the official structural technician for the Event. This certificate has a related cost which will be communicated to the sponsor with a quotation

  • Full cleaning will be provided for all Networking Gardens once set-up is finished and during show hours on the event days. It includes general cleaning of all furniture, catering outlets and trash removal throughout the day
  • If you bring in any of your own structures or equipment please note that it is not permitted to leave any furniture, structures or materials after build up/ dismantling has been finished. Please contact servifira for Waste Removal Services

IT Services:
  • Complimentary event Wifi hotspots are located in all Networking Gardens. The event Wifi infrastructure is not recommended for downloading large files and guarantee consistent connectivity for demos due to high usage
  • If you require additional IT services, please contact your Operations Project Manager who will put you in touch with Fira IT. Any extra IT services must be ordered before 7 February 2020
  • Personal Wi-Fi networks are prohibited at MWC. For full details please read through the Wireless Policy. All sponsors need to adhere top and submit the Wifi Policy Acceptance form. This form can be found in the Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual which will be available shortly
  • Please note: 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT to all IT orders placed on or before 18 December 2019

Frequency Policy:
  • If you are planning to use wireless devices (cameras, micros, etc.) or any wireless activations, please reach out to your Operations Project Manager. We will then discuss your case together with the Frequency Coordination Team of the event
  • Should there be a need for a frequency you can apply for it by using the Frequency Application form in the Forms & Deadlines page. The deadline and the form to apply for a frequency will be available shortly
  • For further information on frequencies, please click here


Networking Garden sponsors at MWC Barcelona are welcome to host Networking Event within the sponsored garden with an option to choose any day between Monday and Wednesday, 16:00 to 18:00.

The following elements are included in the sponsorship package:

  • Catering (beer, wine and snacks) for the duration of 2h for 100 pax (50 pax for GG5) - if you would like to extend the hours of the reception, please contact Operational Manager to request quote and options
  • Networking Event will be hosted in semi-private /section area within the garden – please note that even though there will be tensa barriers portioning off the event, it is open space and other garden visitors will be able to see and hear what happens at the event
  • Sponsor will be provided with Exhibitor & Partner (E&P) Registration System (PAS) set-up and training. In this system, sponsor has the ability to: manage pass allocation, register attendees, and manage sponsor program attendance list
  • Post-Event, Company can review and export a report of all attendees who were scanned into the event

Networking Event – Promotion:
  • Short blurb promoting Networking Event will be included in the MWC Barcelona e-Brochure and within the Networking webpage
  • Upon the confirmation of the date and time of the event, please submit a short blurb (50-75 words) through the Sponsor Networking Event form which will be made available soon
  • To maximise exposure, please send your description by Friday, 29 November 2019.
  • Any changes to the submitted information will have to be emailed to

Networking Event – Guest List Management:
  • Sponsor will be provided with Exhibitor & Partner (E&P) Registration System (PAS) set-up and training. In this system, sponsor has the ability to manage pass allocation, register attendees, and manage sponsor program attendance list. Post-Event, Company can review and export a report of all attendees who were scanned into the event
  • For the events promoted on the website sponsor will be able to accept/reject the attendees


  • Please see below the most relevant forms applicable to your stand package
  • There are other optional forms available in the Forms & Deadlines page, please make sure you check them all

 100 Word Profile
 Mandatory  14 February 2020
  Method Statement
Mandatory 15 November 2019
  Risk Assessment
  Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Sponsor Logos & URL
Mandatory  1 February 2020
 Wireless Policy Acceptance
Mandatory  24 January 2020


Delivery, Set Up and Dismantling of Structures/ Equipment:

If you are planning to bring any materials and/or equipment or build any structures, please take into consideration the following besides the above mentioned build regulations:

  • Please be careful during your build up as to not damage existing Garden structures, furniture or venue walls and other elements
  • The Networking Garden floor is made of artificial grass; before building or setting up your structure please make sure you cover the build area with plastic or a similar material in order to protect the grass and ensure that the artificial grass is put in shape again after dismantling
  • Nothing can be placed against the wall or windows
  • Please take into account the measures of the doors to the gardens (see below). It is not possible to circulate through the Upper walkway with heavy elements, such as pallet trucks and carts so as not to damage the ground. The aim is to avoid marks on the pavement produced by wheels, it is required that the wheels are not hard, especially metal, and that they are clean and large

Health & Safety: Please see the General Health and Safety section for more information

Waste Removal: MWC has 0% waste tolerance policy, this means you are responsible for removing any furniture, structures or materials after your build up/ dismantling has been finished. Please contact servifira for Waste Removal Services

Shipment & Onsite distribution: For any delivery of goods, onsite distribution and storage please contact our official suppliers. Please note there is no storage space available in the Garden. Further details can be found in the Shipping and Onsite Distribution section

Access to the Venue:

  • Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Event Badge Types permit access to the venue from Thursday 20 February 2020
  • Should you need access to the venue during build-up and/or dismantling, you must apply for a wristband through the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands Form
  • Contractors with trucks or any other commercial vehicles should go to the logistical platform Sot del Migdia, where they will be able to collect their vehicle permits and their contractor wristbands. For further details on vehicle access to the venue please refer to the Vehicle Access Guidelines
  • IMPORTANT: Passport or European National ID has to be carried when accessing the venue. ID checks will be performed at all access points. Other forms of ID such as driving licenses or similar are not accepted
  • Build-up Schedule:
    • Please coordinate the start of your Build Up in the Networking Gardens with your Operations Manager. Any complex build in the Networking Gardens should be finished by Saturday 22nd February 2020 unless agreed otherwise. All other final works and testings should be done by Sunday, 23rd February 2020.
    • Build hours are from 08:00 - 21:00
  • Dismantling Schedule:
    • Thursday 27 February: 18:00 – 22:00 (Note: Only valuable equipment can be removed between this time)
    • Friday 28 February to Tuesday 3 March: 08:00 - 21:00
  • For more information, please visit the Build-up & Dismantling Access Section