Hybrid Stand Hall 2




  • Location: Hybrid Stands Hall 2 are located in Hall 2. Please check the Floorplan to confirm your Space Only stand location. If you require further information on Fira Gran Via such as location/access, facilities onsite and other useful venue information, please refer to the Venue Information section
  • Opening Hours: Please check the Opening Times & Access section in this Manual to confirm Hall 2 opening hours
  • Handover: Please check the Opening Times & Access section to confirm when you can access your space. This varies depending on your stand size


Exhibition Passes: 
  • As a MWC exhibitor, you are allocated a limited number of complimentary Exhibition Passes for staff and guests, depending on your stand size. Please check the Registration section for more information
  • Note: Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Passes grant access to the venue from Thursday 20 February 2020

A 100 Word Company Profile and Product listing in:

  • The Official MWC Website and the GSMA Event App 
  • Product and Services Directory within the Official MWC Website
  • Please submit your company's profile through the 100 Word Profile form

Power Supply:
  • 230V power supply available from Saturday 22 February 2020 (07:00h - 23:00h)
  • Stands up to 18m2: 3.3kw/16A Switchboard with 3 embedded sockets
  • Stands above 18m2: 6.6kw/32A Switchboard with 3 embedded sockets
  • Please select the location of your switchboard by submitting the Switchboard & Socket Location form in Forms & Deadlines page

  • Basic Cleaning - sweep and empty bins - will be provided once set-up is finished and every evening during event days


AV Services:
  • Should AV equipment be required please contract this separately with one of our Official Suppliers & Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Audio Visual & Computer Equipment section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • For branding options, please contract this with one of our Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Graphics Servicessection in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Should you wish to order catering for your Space Only stand please check the Official Catering Suppliers page for contact details and menu options and contact details
  • Basic cleaning will be provided for all Space Only stands once set-up is finished and every evening during event days
  • Should you require additional cleaning please contact servifira before the first day of build-up, 12 February 2020. From Wednesday 12 February 2020 please go to your assigned Exhibitor Service Desk onsite
Power Supply:
  • Power is included in your Space Only stand as detailed above and will be available from Saturday 22 February 2020
  • Should you require power in your Space Only stand to be available before Saturday 22 February 2020:
    • please contact servifira before the first day of build-up, Wednesday 12 February 2020
    • from Wednesday 12 February 2020 onwards, please go to your assigned Exhibitor Service Desk onsite
  • Should you require additional power, please contact servifira
Stand Build & Design:
  • Should you need a company to design and build your stand, please contact one of our Recommended Service Providers. Please check the Stand Build & Design section in the Suppliers page for contact details
WiFi & Wired Internet:
  • WiFi & Wired Internet can only be hired with our Official Supplier servifira. Please check the WiFi & Wired Internet section in the Suppliers page


  • Forms are available through the Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual
  • A list with the most relevant forms related to this package will be published here shortly
 100 Word Profile
 Mandatory  14 February 2020
 Build Contractor
 Mandatory  15 November 2019
 Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands
 Optional 6 February 2020
 Double Deck Method Statement*
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Risk Assessment
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Method Statement
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Stand Plan Submission
Mandatory 15 November 2019
 Switchboard & Socket Location
Mandatory 10 January 2020
 Wireless Policy Acceptance
Mandatory 24 January 2020

Note*: Only applies if the stand has a second level contracted


Build-up & Dismantling Access:
  • Exhibitors and Contractors needing access to the venue during build-up & dismantling periods must request the necessary wristbands online by submitting the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form in Forms & Deadlines page
  • Please visit the Build-up & Dismanting Access section for more information
Double Decker Hybrid Hall 2 Stands:
  • You have the option to upgrade your Hybrid Hall 2 Stand to include a second level. If you wish to do so please contact your Account Manager
  • Please be aware that a 50% ground rate m2fee applies to upper levels of stands
  • Please visit the Floorplans section for instructions on how to view and download your technical stand plan
  • Ensure that you view the technical floorplans to determine the position of the door or amount of sides leading to and open aisle. When not clear, please contact Freeman, our technical floorplan supplier
  • All questions relating to the technical floorplans should be directed to: mwc@freemanco.com
Floor Covering:
  • Hybrid Hall 2 Stands do not include carpet or floor covering. It is compulsory to provide floor covering on space only stands and hospitality suites.
  • Exhibitors are reminded that their contractors must remove their carpet and floor coverings at the end of the event
Hospitality Suit Policy (NEW for 2020)
  • Hall 2 hosts turnkey meeting rooms as well as space only, fully customisable areas that are designed and built from the ground up. Spaces in Hall 2 are generally used for meeting and hospitality purposes, with many clients opting to fully enclose their space. For 2020, clients building a stand have the freedom to create a more open “exhibition” design if they wish. Please note the GSMA will not impose the 50% rule in this hall, therefore the opposing and/or adjacent exhibitor could be fully enclosed, and resulting in an open exhibition space facing a 100% closed space. There are exception to this rule. Please refer to the Hospitality Suit Policy - Hall 2 for further details
Platforms :
  • The provision of a platform may be regarded as necessary in order to cover some electrical installations and give access to adjacent stands. It is the exhibitor responsibility to plan for a platform on the stand
  • Please check the Floorplans page or contact your Account Manager for more information
  • The general height of the platform should be 10cm. Open corners of stand floors and platforms shall be rounded or angled, if not protected by heavy exhibits to avoid sharp corners and tripping hazards. Platform edges must be fully highlighted and the use of the platform must be included within the Risk Assessment form
Stand Contractors:
  • As exhibitor you are subject to sourcing and hiring your own contractor to build your stand or suite. If you require assistance with bespoke stand design, please check the Stand Build & Design section in the Suppliers page for contact details
  • Please ensure your contractors visit the Operations page where all rules & regulations can be found
  • It’s important that you set up your contractor/s in this Manual through the Manage My Contractor section. They will then receive login details via email and will gain access to any form you assign to them
  • You can assign forms to your contractors through the Forms & Deadlines section in this Manual. They will then be able to submit them on your behalf
Stand Security/Opening times:
  • Hospitality opening hours apply to the halls where Hybrid stands are located. This means that they are open to public from 07:30 – 22:00 during open days
  • As a minimum hybrid stands should be open during exhibition opening hours (09:00 – 19:00). It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange for stand security staff if the stand remains closed during early morning hours or late evening hours. Please refer to the opening times for more details
Waste Removal:
  • MWC has 0% waste tolerance policy, this means you are responsible for removing all stand fitting waste, flooring and any other material from your stand during build up and dismantling. Please refer to the Waste Removal Policy for further information