How to use this Manual

Our Event Manual contains all of the information, order forms and details you need to ensure you have a smooth build up and successful show. Please ensure you read all the information and share this with any parties working and participating in your event.

The manual is set up in 8 sections (See the main menu bar above):

  • Home – Contains News and updates for 2019 and the main search options that will help guide you through this manual to quickly find the most important information. You will also find a status bar indicating the outstanding information you are required to submit within the Forms and Deadlines section
  • Company Details – here you will be able to see and modify your company contact details, as well as add any additional contacts, assign your registration coordinator details and change your password. This page will be live shortly
  • My Event – Access the Forms and Deadlines page, Update your 100 Word Profile and Manage your Carbon Footprint, Your Contractors, Your Exhibition, Partner Programme, Pass Allocation, Exhibition space & Meeting Room and view all other MWC Systems
  • General Information – Contains details on Congress Agenda, Customer Care Key Contacts, eBulletins, FAQ’s Floorplans, Opening Times & Access Information, Registration, Terms & Conditions & Venue Information
  • Logistics – For Exhibitor Code of Conduct, Onsite Logistics, General Health & Safety, Rules & Regulations, Shipping & Freight, Stand Plan Submissions & Stand Building Regulations
  • Travel & Accommodation – To help you organise your stay in Barcelona
  • Exhibition Suppliers – Contains a list of official suppliers and recommended service providers & Venue Services
  • Enhance my Presence – Enhance your presence at MWC19 through Custom Event Banners, Marketing, PR & Sponsorship packages

Take your time to review each of these sections. There is a lot of important information that will help you plan and organise your event. 

Please make sure to go through the Forms & Deadlines section, where you will find all the mandatory forms along with optional forms and services available for your stand package.
The ’Search Box' on the top right of the page will help you quickly find the information you are looking for. Just type in any keyword, press ‘search’ and you will be presented with a list of sections on the Manual relating to your query. Alternatively, you can browse our A to Z and Site Map sections.

On each of the pages in the Manual, there is a ‘Print this page’ icon in the top right corner. If you wish to print out any of the pages you are viewing, simply click on this icon to print a formatted version of the page.

If you have any questions, please contact

My Exhibition Checklist

Booking your stand is just the beginning! If you are to get the maximum return on your investment, the information within this manual is crucial. Before you even start thinking about lorry access and electrical fittings, it is essential to take a step back, decide what you want to achieve with your stand and establish what you need to do to reach those goals. This manual will ensure you do.

Please take time to read through the information provided to ensure that the necessary action is taken by the deadline dates. An hour spent now co-ordinating your participation will save you last minute inconvenience and unnecessary expense

The manual is designed to ensure that you have all the vital information needed to order any items you wish to purchase for your stand. We have included handy check lists and deadline dates throughout the manual as reminders for ordering the services you may require at the show, this process has been made as easy as possible.

  1. Manage your Third Parties: You have the ability to assign forms to a contractor or a third party involved in setting up and managing your event. This ensures the correct information is submitted in a timely manner and allows you to concentrate on other elements of the event. This function is available Forms & Deadlines section.
    • Step 1: Add a third party to your list. They will then receive their own, separate login details to the Event Manual
    • Step 2: Assign forms to your third party. They will then become visible in your account. You will always have the possibility to un-assign any form back to your account or add forms at any stage.
    • Step 3: Fill in the mandatory Build Contractor form in Forms & Deadlines, so we have up to date records of your on-site operations.
    • Please visit Manage My Third Party page for more information.

      Please note: in order to provide your contractor access during build-up or dismantling, you must assign the Build-up & Dismantling Passes form to them, in order to allow them to apply for their wristbands.

  2. Submit Mandatory and Optional Forms: Each of your contracted stands at the upcoming Mobile World Congress will require mandatory forms to be submitted to allow you to set up and participate in the event. The mandatory forms will vary from each stand package but most packages will include: Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Stand Plan Submission.
    To find out which mandatory forms you must complete, please visit the Forms & Deadlines section for a complete view of all your mandatory forms along with optional forms and services. Form submission can be tracked in the status bar at the top of the homepage.
  3. View Stand Package details: Confirm your stand package details and see examples of the stand visuals in Manage my Exhibition Space or Manage my Meeting Room.
  4. 100 Word Profile: Completing your 100 Word Profile gives you the opportunity to highlight your company’s business, brand and proposition. This profile will be published online on the MWC website and on the My MWC App.
  5. Add your Logo: If you have not already, why not purchase a logo to go along with your ‘100 Word Profile’, it is the perfect accompaniment to highlight your profile even further. Go to the Enhance My Presence page for more information
  6. Confirm your Pass Allocation and Register: Confirm your Pass Allocation. See how you can amend it and purchase additional passes. Find out more on how you can invite and register your guests to the event in the Registration section. Learn about the Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System and registration opening times for the event.
  7. Enhance your presence: Find out how you can further enhance your presence at the exhibition. Go to Enhance My Presence for tips and full details