Environmental Exhibition

Do your bit – calculate and offset the carbon footprint of your participation in MWC18


MWC Donation Room

For the third year running the GSMA in association with the Barcelona & Hospitalet City Council is offering a ‘Donation Room’ to all exhibitors during MWC18.

In 2017 over 1,400 quality furniture items (13.2 tons) and 19.3 tons of construction material were collected and donated to local socially responsible entities.

Any furniture, IT equipment, office material or corporate gifts that is not needed after the event will be collected by Barcelona & Hospitalet based entities.

Our Donation Room team can pick up any materials from your stand during the end of build-up or during dismantling should you have any items no longer required.
You can pre-register any materials you would like to donate by filling in the new “Donation Form” which can be found in the Forms & Deadlines section of this manual or by contacting the hall managers on-site. There is a limited amount of items that can be taken, so pre-registering is recommended.

Click here for a list of items that we are interested in. However, if you have items that are not listed, please let us know and we will check if we can make use of them.

MWC18 Green Stand Initiative

Why not participate in this year's MWC Green Stand Initiative to calculate your stands carbon footprint and receive your free, fully confidential carbon footprint study and in turn help GSMA to gain more detailed information about the carbon footprint of MWC and how to reduce this in the future.

The Green Stand Initiative will be limited to 30 carbon footprint studies and participation will be on a first come, first served basis , however, numbers permitting, requests to participate will be accepted until the last day of MWC18 (1 March 2018).

How to participate:

  1. All participants have to be Space Only exhibitors at MWC18. Any exhibitors with stand packages such as meeting rooms, or shell scheme stands cannot participate
  2. A completed 'MWC Green Stand Initiative' application form needs to be emailed to sustainability@gsma.com.
  3. GSMA´s environmental consultants, will send you a data sheet to complete. You or your stand-building supplier will need to provide the following information:
    • Details regarding the type, amount and transport of materials used to build your stand
    • Transport and accommodation details about your stand-building crew
    • Transport and accommodation details about your exhibition staff

When will you receive your results?

Participants will receive their fully confidential Carbon Footprint Studies circa June/July 2018.

NEW: Check out the Sustainable Project Manager Checklist to get ideas on how to make your participation in Mobile World Congress even more sustainable. 

We would like to encourage all participants of the Mobile World Congress 2018 to take a moment to read through this section. Our aim is to provide exhibitors and contractors with ideas of how they can minimize their impact on the environment during their participation and plan for environmentally friendly solutions in the preparation of the event.

See below our suggestions:

  • Send e-brochures by e-mail on request rather than providing expensive printed hardcopies. Have a look at ecoXpress & Brand Wallet, the environmentally friendly method of distributing sales material and brochures
  • Allow attendees to download relevant content via a QR code available at your stands
  • Take advantage of new mobile phone technology and download the documents you need instead of printing them out
  • If absolutely necessary only ship as much printed material as appropriate. Try and minimize the amount of printed material distributed and re-use excess marketing material after the event
  • Use recycled paper where possible
  • Use giveaways made from sustainable sources or recycled materials 
  • Minimize the use of water where possible
  • Encourage your stand builder to apply environmentally friendly principles in the design of your stand such as low-voltage lighting, maximum of re-usable elements such as system stands etc. Ask your stand builder to provide you with information about how they can reduce the environmental impact of your stand and insist on contracting local staff and companies 
  • Adopt the good habit of separating your waste. You can collect colour coded waste bags from the customer service desks and separate paper, packaging and mixed waste on your stand. Click here to find out more
  • Purchase biodegradable or porcelain tableware for your stand rather than plastic
  • Promote car sharing or public transport to reach the venue every morning
  • Keep in mind that there are many ways to compensate you Carbon emissions

Thanks to our dedicated GSMA team the company and its partners have achieved, and will continue to implement, the following: 

  • Badge recycling bins located at each of the exits
  • Creation of a Green Initiative Logo to be inserted and to show all our green initiatives
  • Contracted suppliers with a strong environmental conscience
  • Continued promoting of our Green Media Centre in which we do not accept any paper press kits. As it is a paperless Media Centre, only digital press packs and press releases are accepted
  • Making good use of mobile phone technology enhancing the MWC app year on year
  • All our event related materials are printed locally and on recycled paper
  • Conference/Visitor bags and lanyards are made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles
  • We are strongly encouraging the decrease of catering waste and use of recyclable and biodegradable materials in all fast food catering outlets within the event 
  • 70% of all catering outlets of the GSMA Mobile World Congress; tablemats, napkins, coffee cups, cutlery and drinking cups are made from recycled paper and biodegradable material
  • 90% of the catering is produced in the local central kitchen minimising waste production 
  • We strongly encourage public transport and accommodation close to the venue
  • Encourage Exhibitors to separate their waste created inside their stands. Click here to find out more
  • Fira Gran Via, the venue of MWC has a Photovoltaic roof, consisting of more than 18,000 solar panels  able to generate almost 5 GWh of renewable energy per year
  • Biosphere World Class Destination - Since 2011 Barcelona holds the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
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  • We are always open to suggestions. If you have any comments please contact: sustainability@gsma.com