Dismantling Schedule

Dismantling times

  • Thursday 1 July: 18:00 – 22:00 (Note: this time is designated only for the removal of audio visual equipment, computers and other valuable items)
  • Friday 2 July to Tuesday 6  July: 08:00 - 21:00

Schedule: Thursday 1 July


The event ends at 16:00. Contractors will not be allowed to access the Venue until 18:00 in order to allow for all visitors to leave the Venue and carpet to be removed from the gangways.


For safety reasons no trolleys should be used until all visitors have left the buildings. The removal of carpet from the gangways will commence.


Dismantling begins (and must be completed by 21:00 on Tuesday 6 July) 

  • For safety reasons, electricity to stands will be cut from 18:00

  • No vehicles are allowed to circulate inside the halls. All items must be removed by hand.
  • Please ensure that personal and valuable items are removed on Thursday 1 July. The GSMA is not liable for any items left on your stand unattended. (Note: this time is designated only for the removal of audio visual equipment, computers and other valuable items)
  • Valuable items can be removed by hand through the venue accesses and from there can be loaded onto vehicles
  • Underground parking areas are available around the venue (Parking B,& F max. vehicle height 2.10m), to allow loading of goods
  • For external AV companies (not Fira official suppliers) that need to remove equipment on this day, please contact: mwcvehicleaccess@firabarcelona.com
  • Stand structures cannot be dismantled on Thursday, July 1.  Stand structure dismantling commences on Friday 2 July
  • Empty boxes that have been stored with Resa/Exhibition Freighting will begin to be distributed. Due to the huge quantity of empty boxes, we cannot guarantee that your boxes will be delivered to your stand until Friday 2 July. To maintain the security inside the halls the empty boxes will be delivered sequentially


 Venue empty of exhibitors/contractors

NOTE: RESA EXPO LOGISTIC can provide personnel to help exhibitors to remove their valuable equipment. This service will be available from the beginning of dismantling on Thursday 1 July to help exhibitors/contractors move out valuable items for a maximum of 2 hours. This service can be ordered by contacting Alan Vargas at  avargas@rxl.es or by calling + 34 932334889no later than 24h before the last day of the event. Quotes are available upon request. The supplier is available to help exhibitors/contractorspackage their goods and move them to the loading area outside the Venue fence where the goods will finally be shipped out.

Schedule: Friday 2 July to Tuesday 6 July

08:00 - 21.00

(Normal dismantling activity)

Dismantling Guidelines

  • DISMANTLING: Please note that dismantling wristbands are the only passes that gain access to the venue from and after Friday 2 July – Exhibitor badges will no longer be valid. The wristbands can be collected from the Exhibitor Service Desks located in the North and South entrances of the venue.
  • HARD HATS AND HIGH VISIBILITY CLOTHING: The use of this equipment is compulsory within the entire Venue during the dismantling period as it was for build-up and will be required to gain access at all entry points. Should you require any of the above mentioned items, they can be purchased at the South entrance (only during the official dismantling period), however it is recommended that contractors bring their own safety equipment where possible
  • END OF EXHIBITION DISMANTLING: must be completed by Tuesday 6 July at 21:00
  • SHELL SCHEME & OTHER PACKAGE STANDS: (Shell Scheme, Exhibition Stand Plus, Meeting Rooms, Executive Meeting Rooms, Business Meeting Rooms, China Pavilion, Pods): all items must be removed by Thursday 1 July at 22:00. All these packages will be dismantled on Friday 2 July.  Those items not removed on Thursday 1 July will be destroyed
  • STANDS SPACES MUST BE CLEAR: Exhibitors/Contractors must leave the space in which they have built their stand clean and clear at the end of the dismantling period. This includes any carpet tape stuck to the hall floor. At the end of dismantling, contractors must have their stand space inspected by a representative of the official Waste patrol team who will issue a waste removal “Handover Certificate”

The waste patrol team will be contactable through the hall manager of the hall your stand is located in. All exhibitors without a Handover Certificate may be subject to extra penalty charges by GSMA in accordance with the waste removal penalties detailed in the online event manual.

General waste bins and skips will not be provided inside the Venue. If exhibitors need this service, they will have to place an order at any of the customer service desks. You can contact Fira’s official cleaning supplier Optima directly for any information you may need regarding this service as shown in the list.

Please be reminded that a fee of up to 300 €/sqm of your total stand size will be charged in case any materials are found abandoned around the site. Waste patrols will check waste left on stands, aisles and outdoor spaces. 

For further information, please read through the Waste Removal section in this manual.