Catering Health & Safety

SAIA, our official Food Hygiene Consultant will be present during the event to monitor facilities and food preparation areas.

  • All Exhibitors must allow SAIA staff to access their booth
  • All kitchen spaces must adhere to the regulations outlined below:
    • Walls and flooring: must be in good condition, easy to clean and have no cracks
    • Roof: all designated areas for food manipulation must have a roof
    • Lighting: sufficient lighting must be provided to allow work to be carried out in a safe manner, ensuring safety  in food preparation areas
    • Sink: A sink must be installed with drinkable water as well as being equipped with antibacterial soap and paper towels
    • Handling Surfaces & Storage:
      • All handling surfaces must be smooth, non-permeable and easy to clean
      • Any areas being used to handle and / or store food must be designed in a certain way to allow enough room to work (not located in walkways)
    • Temperature:
      • Food temperatures must be maintained as per the guidelines (hot food over 65ºC / 149ºF; cold food under 4ºC / 39ºF)
      • Office temperature: maximal of 25ºC / 77ºF (install air conditioning if necessary)
  • If you have any questions concerning the Health & Safety rules and regulations, please contact SAIA on the details below.

/mwcoem/s/LOGO_SAIA_GRIS_AZULADO.jpg?v=1 SAIA - Official Food Hygiene Consultant
Tel: +34 931841048
Fax: +34 931841049