Build up & Dismantling Access

General Information

  • All personnel requiring access to the venue during build-up and/or dismantling periods must register for the necessary pass
  • Exhibitors and Contractors may only access the site for build-up on the day detailed for your specific stand type. Please check the Opening Times & Access section for more information
 Build-up Period
 12 - 23 February 2020
08:00 - 21:00
 Dismantling Period
 27 February * - 3 March 2020
08:00 - 21:00

When do I require a Wristband?

  • Exhibitor Staff and Exhibitor Contractor Event Badges Types will permit access to the venue from Thursday 20 February - Thursday 27 February 2020
  • Wristbands only give access during build-up and dismantling, they are not valid during event open days
 Acreditation Type
 Validity Dates
 Build-up Wristband
 12 - 23 February 2020
 Event Badge with Extended Hours
 20 - 27 February 2020
 Build-up / Event Open Days
 Dismantling Wristband
 27 February * - 3 March 2020
* From 18:00

Security & ID Checks:

  • Wristbands have a different colour for build-up and dismantling
  • The company name, employee name and employee passport or national ID number will be printed on the wristbands
  • Only Passport or European Union National ID Card will be accepted for access to MWC. This includes the build-up, event and dismantling periods. Other forms of ID including driving licenses or similar are not valid to access the venue
  • Passport or National ID has to be carried when accessing the venue. ID checks will be performed at all access points.
  • Important:The ID document shown at access points must be the same used for registration
    • Name and Last Name printed on wristband must match the ID document
    • ID number printed on wristband must match the ID document

How to request Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands

All staff and contractors must be registered for build-up & dismantling access, using the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands Form, which can be found in the Forms & Deadlines section of this Manual. Please note that no contractors will have access to complete the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands Form unless they are granted access by the client.

In order to reduce waste from the high number of pre-printed wristbands which were not collected and the number of re-prints onsite, the organisers may charge for onsite wristband registrations from 2020.

We understand all our clients have different methods of operating therefore please ensure you read the options below before following the one which works best for you.

Deadline to request Build-up & Dismantling Access is Thursday 6 February 2020.

Option 1: Not using a Contractor

If you are not using a contractor to come in and work with you, please request wristbands for your staff by following the steps listed below:

  • Step 1) Log into the Online Event Manual and click on the Forms & Deadlines page
  • Step 2) Select the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form
  • Step 3) Fill out the required information and click submit
Please note: Exhibitor Staff event badge permits access to the venue from Thursday 20 February.

Option 2: Using a contractor however you would like to manage the form yourself

  • Step 1) Contact your appointed contractor to confirm the names of the staff they are bringing onsite
  • Step 2) Log into the Online Event Manual and click on the Forms & Deadlines page
  • Step 3) Select the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form
  • Step 4) Fill out the required information and click submit. Please make sure you enter the ‘Contractor Company Name’ field so that your contractor can collect the wristbands for their team
Please note: Contractors do not have access to the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form. It is the Exhibitor responsibility to arrange build-up & dismantling access for their Contractors. Please make sure you include your contractor´s details when you submit the form.

Option 3: Using a contractor and wish for them to manage the form

  • Step 1) Log into the Online Event Manual and select the Manage My Contractor section
  • Step 2) Submit the required information about your appointed contractor
  • Step 3) Click on Forms & Deadlines and select the Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands form
  • Step 4) On the top left corner of the form select ‘Third Party’ and choose the contractor who you would like to fill in this form
  • Step 5) Contact your contractor to ensure they received login details to the Online Event Manual. Please explain to them that they are now responsible for completing the Build-up & Dismantling form and provide them with any names which they will need to add from your own team
If you have already added your contractor, please follow from Step 3 onwards.

Please note: Contractors with trucks or any other commercial vehicles should go to the logistical platform Sot del Migdia, where they will be able to collect their vehicle permits and their contractor wristbands. Please check the Vehicle Access section for more information.

Build-up & Dismantling Wristbands Collection Points

  • Build-up & Dismantling wristbands can be collected from Wednesday 12 February 2020 at the corresponding Exhibitor Service Desk. Please see below for exact locations
  • Please note: Wristbands must be collected in bulk by the main contractor/exhibitor contact on behalf of the rest of staff

 Exhibitor Location Desk
 South Entrance, Level -1
 Contractors from Hall 1, 2, 3, 4 and Official Suppliers
 North Entrance - Hall 8.0
 Contractors from Hall 5, 6, 7, 8.0, 8.1 and Congress Square

 Opening Hours
 12 - 23 February  08:00 - 21:00
 24 - 26 February  07:00 - 20:00
 27 February  07:00 - 21:00
 28 February - 4 March  08:00 - 18:00


PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

  • Flat shoes,pumps, heels of any kind (including trainer heels), wedges and open toed shoes such as sandals and flip-flops – are NOT permitted during build up and dismantling at any time. This is for your personal safety during the construction phase as well as if an incident was to occur
  • Reminder: Hard hats and high visibility vests are required in order to gain entry to the venue during build-up and dismantling except for Sunday 23 February 2020 (one day before the event starts)

Contractor Access during Event Open Days:

  • All exhibitors can register contractor personnel that they wish to have on-site during the opening days of the event if required. Access will be permitted in accordance with exhibitor access times
  • Exhibitor Contractor Badge Type permits access to the venue from Thursday 20 February. Please check the Opening Times & Access section for more information.
  • Please note: This badge type must be register via the Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System. Please check the Registration section for more information.