How to contact GSMA

Please email GSMA at up to two weeks before the event (by Friday 7 Feb 2020) with any questions or to request any of the services available below.

Getting to MWC


We offer an adapted taxi booking service prior to the event through our partners, Barcelona Special Traveller – a specialised local company on inclusivity services. If interested in this service, please contact:

Access: We have designated areas at both North and South entrances where adapted taxis are allowed to stop and pick-up/ drop-off mobility restricted attendees by the local police.

Private Car

Drop off: We have a dedicated area at the VIP car pick up/drop off area at CC3. A car sticker needs to be requested in advance. Please contact:

Access: Adapted parking spaces are available in Parking B and F. Car owners must present a valid disability sticker in the car

Public Transportation

The three closest metro stations to Fira Gran Via venue have adapted elevators (Europa Fira on FGC/ L9S, Fira on L9S and Foc on L10S)

Accessibility Onsite


Wheelchair accessibility is available at the venue. There are three main access points at South Entrance, Hall 1 and North Entrance. Each hall has at least one adapted lift available which connects with the upper walkway. All toilets in Fira Gran Via have at least one adapted toilet for both men and women. Networking Gardens on the upper walkway have easy access to adapted elevators. Scooters are not allowed in the venue for Health & Safety reasons.

Wheelchair spaces are reserved at all auditoriums in Hall 4 and theatres in Hall 8. We are happy to help make arrangements for wheelchair users to access all our features.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are allowed at MWC Barcelona, but in order to gain admission to the event, the owner of the dog will be required to present legal documentation. The individual presenting the card must be the person to whom the card is issued and the dog credentials must correspond to the dog identified on the card. Owners must be responsible for cleaning after their dog. If you need access to the event with a guide dog, please contact GSMA.

Attending MWC

Companion Pass Request

Attendees with disabilities who require the assistance of a companion during MWC can request a Companion Pass from GSMA up to two weeks before the event. The following rules apply to the Companion Passes:

  • A companion pass will be provided once legal proof of the disability is presented
  • The companion pass will match the badge type of the designated badge holder
  • The companion pass is not transferrable
  • The bearer of the companion pass must be accompanied by the person with an accessibility designated badge at all times
  • The companion pass holder does not have access to any events on their own
  • All registrants must pick up their own credentials by showing their photo ID at Registration (Passport or EU National ID)

Services not available at MWC Barcelona

  • Devices that are personal or individually prescribed, such as prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids or wheelchairs.
  • Services of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting or dressing, or the pushing of wheelchairs
  • Connection to sound boards
  • Push services for mobility reduced attendees
  • Interpreters to accompany individuals within the venue, satellite events or parties. We recommend you contact our official partners at Barcelona Special traveller for this service

Outside of Venue Services

Barcelona Special Traveller is our specialized service provider for different inclusive services. If interested in this service, please contact:
Tel: +34 937637347
Office Hours: 09:00-14:00h to 16:30-19:30h
Out of Office Hours Tel: +34 609675466

They provide services that range from accommodations to transport, see more below.

  • Accommodation – advice regarding the choice of the most suitable accommodation in terms of their special needs and preferences
  • Healthcare Services – advice regarding interim medical care, nursing service, personal assistance service, pharmacy, chiropody and physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic Services – assistance with the hire and repair of orthopaedic items, for example, wheel chairs, special chairs, etc.
  • Leisure Oriented Services – assistance with transfers, adapted quality transport, personal shopping, selecting suitable quality restaurants and rental of electric mobility buggies
  • Meet & Greet Services – to be booked individually upon request