Standard Meeting Room 


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Update your 100-word company profile that will be listed on the event website and mobile app for MWC20 Los Angeles

  • Exhibition Passes:
Complimentary exhibition passes for staff, contractors and guests based on your booth size; check pass allocation for further information

  • Download and view inventory and sizes.
  • If you are interested in including additional items to your booth package or increasing your brand awareness with additional graphics, please refer to the Booth Enhancements brochure for options and contact information.


  • Drilling, stapling or affixing any attachments to the panels is prohibited.  It is advisable to use low tack, removable double-sided tape or removable Velcro to attach posters.  Exhibitors will incur costs for any damage to meeting room walls/panel structures.   
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to alter or dismantle their standard meeting rooms.
  • Plasma screen monitors cannot be affixed to walls due to weight restrictions, and all monitor options are either freestanding (dual-post) or tabletop.  
  • Standard Meeting Rooms are not soundproof and rigging above is prohibited.
  • Branding with graphics on the outside walls of the Standard Meeting Room is permitted and MUST be ordered through FREEMAN.
  • Pull up banners, posters and any other forms of branding are not permitted in the aisles.


  • Exhibiting Company is liable for all damages to spaces and materials used by Exhibiting Company.
  • A pre-Event and post-Event Venue walkthrough of areas relevant to Exhibiting Company; please email  for more information.  
  • In the event any spaces or materials used by Exhibiting Company are found to be damaged, the Organizer will notify Exhibiting Company within two (2) weeks of the close of the Event.  When costs assessed by the contractor or Venue are received by the Organizer, the Organizer will invoice Exhibiting Company for all such damages.  Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt.  
  • The Organizer reserves the right to add the balance of any unpaid invoice to any future fees for Company’s participation in MWC Los Angeles or any other GSMA event.