Shipping/Transportation & Material Handling – Domestic


Exhibitors may use their own transportation company when shipping inbound and outbound to MWC Los Angeles.  By reading the below information it will provide important details regarding shipping (international or domestic), freight forwarding and material handling (drayage). 


Shipping Domestic Before The Show – Advance Warehouse tips:

  • Ship your freight on time, in order for it arrive between September 15 and October 15
  • Shipping to the advance warehouse gives you the ability to track your freight and ensure that it has been received.
  • Freight will be delivered to your booth and in place when you arrive for show setup onsite

Shipping Domestic Before The Show – Direct To Show-Site Tips:

  • When shipping to the show site, your freight may only arrive during the scheduled times of the targeted freight schedule
  • Shipments that are shipped direct to show site and arrive prior to scheduled dates and times, may be refused or incur off-target charges
  • Carriers are assigned a driver number according to their check-in time, and are unloaded based on their assigned number

Important documents required:

  • Bill of Lading (Over the Road)
  • Airway bill (Air Freight Shipments)


Information to Include When Sending Shipments: 

  • Physical address of the advance warehouse or show site address
  • Specific name of the tradeshow (MWC Los Angeles)
  • The exhibiting company’s name and booth number
  • General Service Contractor name and phone number

Material Handling / Drayage Services

Freeman is appointed as the official material handling / drayage contractor for this event. Freeman is responsible for freight handling at the advance warehouse (30-days prior to event opening) and on-site at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Material handling is a round trip service charge, and exhibitors are responsible for settling material handling / drayage charges directly with Freeman.   

Freeman Responsibilities:

  • Receiving and unloading material at the advance warehouse
  • Receiving and unloading exhibit material at show site
  • Delivering inbound freight from the dock to booth
  • Handling and storing empty containers
  • Delivering outbound freight fro booth to the dock at the close of the event

Additional Helpful Details:

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