Safety & Security

Los Angeles is a safe city. However, while you are here we suggest you take the common sense precautions as you would when visiting any major city:

/mwcaoem/s/IDDocicon.png?v=1 Always remove your MWC Los Angeles 2019 badge upon leaving the venue
/DollarIcon.jpg Do not display large amounts of cash; carry only as much as you need
/mwcaoem/s/SuitcaseIcon.png?v=1 Keep your personal belongings with you, both inside and outside the venue
/mwcaoem/s/PeopleIcon.png?v=1 Be vigilant in crowds, restaurants and on public transportation; watch out for people creating distractions and diversions
/mwcaoem/s/Compassicon.png?v=1 When walking around the city, know how to get to your destination in advance so you appear confident in where you are going


Carry Photo Identification

Photo ID checks are performed during the event days each time you enter the venue. Make sure you carry valid photo ID with you at all times. Identification documents MUST show your name in a Latin alphabet (no Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Arabic characters) and match the name on your pass.

While you will need a valid from of photo ID on your person to access the event, we advise where possible to leave at least one other form of photo ID (i.e. driving licence) and a credit card in the safety deposit box at your hotel. By doing so, you will still have access to money and identification in the event of an emergency.


Accepted forms of Photo ID

  • National ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving license with picture

Not accepted as Photo ID

  • Student ID cards
  • Photocopies
  • Library cards
  • Credit Cards with picture
  • Business cards with picture