Q: What is included in my exhibitor booth package?

A: Information regarding your booth package can be found in your OEM on the My Exhibition page. Additional questions can be sent to your account manager.

Q: How may I edit my company information for the online directory?

A: Update your free company listing, including product categories once you are logged in to Online Event Manual (OEM).

Q: Who is Abraxys and what do they do?

A: Abraxys is GSMA’s booth/stand management company who manages and enforces booth rules and regulations pre-show and onsite, and approves booth layouts. They can be reached via Tel: +44 20 8747 2045 or Email:

Q: Do I need to submit a floor plan of our booth layout?

A: Yes. All booth plans must be submitted to Abraxys if you purchased Executive Meeting Room Superior, Space Only (incl. Space Only Hospitality) and Two-Story (Double Decker). A detailed floor plan must be submitted for approval no later than September 8, 2020 via email For more information regarding booth build regulations click here.

Q: As an exhibitor, may I use an exhibitor appointed contractor?

A: Yes! All exhibitor appointed contractors must provide a certificate of insurance to Abraxys for workers’ compensation and employers’ liability, comprehensive general liability and automobile liability insurance. The policy must provide these minimum limits:

  1. The workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance must provide a minimum limit of $500,000 and meet the requirements established by state in which the show is being held.
  2. Comprehensive general liability coverage must provide at least $1 million/$2 million in coverage.
  3. Automobile liability should include all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles with limits of $500,000 bodily injury and $500,000 property damage liability.
  4. The EAC should name The GSMA, as the certificate holder. The additional insureds must read as follows: The GSMA, Los Angeles Convention Center, and Freeman.

Q: Where can I view a copy of the floor plan?

A: Click here to see the most current floor plan.

Q: Where is first aid?

A: There are two defined First Aid Centers within the LACC located in South and West Halls.

  • South Hall: Main level by Pico Street entrance
  • West Hall: Outside Hall A, across from Petree C

  • Q: In the event of an emergency, who do I call?

    A: For any emergencies, building security can be reached on any house phone by dialing 3000. You can also contact our 24-hour security team for any reason, from any telephone at +1 213 765-4605. The LACC discourages dialing 911 directly. Due to the size of the Center providing detailed and accurate location information to the first responders should be handled by security.


    Q. Is there a list of official/exclusive suppliers?

    A: Yes! Here is a full list of our official and recommended suppliers for MWC LA 21 with their contact information. Be sure to add their information to your ‘save sender’ list so their emails come through to you.

    Q: Can I bring in my own food and beverage to hand out to attendees and for staff?

    A: Outside food and beverage is prohibited. Levy has the exclusive right to all food and beverage (including bottled water) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Food and beverage can be ordered through Levy.

    Q: How do I work with a tight budget?

    A: Order services before the discount deadline date. Check out the Important Dates and Deadlines page to make sure you order on time.

    • Consolidate freight and shrink wrap it to avoid additional material handling charges.
    • Bring back up supplies so you don’t have to rent them at a premium rate on-site.
    • Consider items you can bring with you or ship to the show rather than renting them at the show. This is a cost-effective solution for items like power strips, extension cords, fake plants, wastebaskets, etc.
    • Consider the cost of rental displays and booth furnishing versus shipping and material handling charges for your display.
    • Avoid additional surcharges on shipping by meeting freight target times (if applicable). Instruct your driver to check in at the marshalling yard before the deadline time noted in the service manual. Negotiate wait times with your shipper, or consider using the show carrier.
    • For island booths, ship hanging signs in advance to allow for straight-time installation when possible.

    Q: What costs might be incurred in addition to your booth space fee?

    A: Most exhibitors will incur or need material handling/drayage charges and shipping charges. Some exhibitors may incur or require electronic or internet/Wi-Fi connection, or additional furniture (display tables, chairs, etc.). Click here to view a list of all official and recommended suppliers for a full list and prices.

    Q: How can I best promote my products and services?

    A: Note your booth number, show dates and location on your website, in your email signature, and in your advertising. Take advantage of the many sponsorship opportunities and available topic tours. Contact your Account Manager or Sales Team for additional information.


    Q: Where can I find information on shipping my materials and move-in?

    A: Information related to shipping, material handling and move-in/Move-out schedule can be located in the Freeman Online Manual or OEM.

    Q: Where is the marshaling yard?

    A: MWC LA 20 has an inbound targeted freight move-in floor plan, and a marshaling yard will not be used on the inbound. View the targeted freight move-in floor plan for the exhibit hall and meeting rooms.

    Q: I have specific questions on customs and international shipping, who may I talk to?

    A: You may contact our official vendor, EF-GSM LTD.

    • Contact: EF-GSM LTD

      Michael Armitage or Roger Bowman

      Tel: +44 1732 885 131

      Fax: +44 1732 886 689 or +44 1732 887 789

      Email: or

    • Contact: EF-GSM LTD

      Jason Richolt

      Tel: +1 (949) 476-9111

      Fax: +1 (949) 476-992


    • Q: Where can I find The MWC Los Angeles 2021 Online Event Manual?

      A: Click here to access the Online Event Manual.

      Q: Where can I find Freeman Online Manual?

      A: You may access Freeman Online Manual via single-source sign-in via OEM or clicking here.


      Q: How can I promote my booth before the show?

      A: You may promote your presence by contacting our sales team and become a sponsor.

      Q: What kind of sponsorships are available?

      A: Information on available sponsorship can be found by visiting or contacting our sales team.

      Q: Where can I find an event logo to use to enhance my presence?

      A: A marketing toolkit has been prepared for exhibitors to use.


      Q: How do I switch to a different hotel?

      A: Our reservation site functions very much like any hotel reservation site. If you would like to change hotels, you will have to cancel your current reservation and then book a new reservation. This can be a little tricky, so contact our hotel vendor, Experient, A Maritz Global Events Company, for assistance:

      Individual or Groups with 9 rooms or fewer


      Domestic Toll Free:+1 (800) 967-8852

      International: +1 (847) 996-5881

      Group (10+ rooms)


      Domestic Toll Free: +1 (800) 967-8852

      Tel: +1 (847) 996-5832Q: I’m not registered yet, can I make a hotel reservation?

      Q: Can I earn hotel loyalty/rewards points if I book a room through the show block?

      A: Yes! We want to make sure you are earning all of your reward points. When making your reservation, you have the ability provide a hotel loyalty point/reward number when entering your contact information, just as you would if you were making a reservation on a hotel site. Typically, accounts reflect points a few weeks after you have departed.

      Q: When is the best time to book my hotel?

      A: The earlier the better. Also, hotel rates increase as the show approaches. To get the best selection and price, book early.

      Q: Who can may I call regarding hotel questions?

      A: Contact Experient, A Maritz Global Events Company, our official hotel & registration vendor at:


      Domestic Toll Free:+1 (800) 967-8852

      International: +1 (847) 996-5881

      Group (10+ rooms)


      Domestic Toll Free: +1 (800) 967-8852

      Tel: +1 (847) 996-5832

      Q: I am bringing my family to MWC Los Angeles 20. Are there any kid friendly hotels?

      A: Of course, that all depends on ages and what kids like to do to stay busy, but there are some options. This article is very helpful in calling out kid friendly hotels an activities offered. Read the Event Rules regarding children at the event.