Exhibitor Code of Conduct


The organizer shall be entitled to close a booth during move-in or exhibition open period if the exhibitor is considered to be displaying materials of an offensive nature. The organizer reserves the right to clear out a booth, with the exhibitor bearing any costs that may, as the case may be, arise.


Individuals under 18 years of age (including infants) are not permitted entry to the MWC Los Angeles 2019 venue during move-in, move-out or on event days. Any exceptions to this policy are in the sole discretion of the GSMA and permission must be provided by the organizer, in writing, prior to start of the event - requests for exceptions cannot be made onsite.


GSMA recognizes the legitimate serving of alcoholic beverages in the process of conducting business and social activities. Attendees carry the responsibility to consume the beverages responsibly and must keep with the professional code of conduct. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during move-in/installation and move-out/dismantle for safety and liquor liability purposes. Alcoholic beverages may only be provided by Taste of LA, the exclusive provider of food and beverage operations at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).


The GSMA is dedicated to providing a positive, harassment-free event experience for all participants and staff, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion. The GSMA does not tolerate harassment of event participants or staff in any form. The use of harassing language and imagery (including that of a sexualized nature) is not appropriate at any GSMA event or related social activity sponsored or organized by the GSMA. Any event participant, including exhibitors and exhibitor staff, found to be violating this policy may be sanctioned or expelled without a refund at the GSMA’s sole discretion.


GSMA issued credentials are the sole property of the MWC19 Los Angeles Event Organizer and must be surrendered upon demand to GSMA and/or MWC19 Los Angeles Event Organizer representatives. GSMA issued credentials must be prominently displayed while at MWC19 Los Angeles or designated off-site activities. False certification of an individual as an exhibitor’s representative, misuse of an exhibitor’s badge, or any other method or device used to assist unauthorized personnel to gain admittance to the exhibition floor, will be just cause for expelling the exhibitor and his representative(s) from the exhibition floor and/or banning them from future entrance into the Exhibition. This would also warrant the removal of the exhibitor’s booth from the floor without obligation on the part of Event Organizer for refund of any fees. The exhibitor, his/her employees and agents, and anyone claiming to be in the hall through the exhibitor, waives any rights or claims for damages arising out of the enforcement of this rule.


Exhibitors may not conduct demonstrations or activities that result in excessive obstruction of aisles or prevent ready access to neighboring exhibitors’ booths. Please make sure to position your demonstrations in such a way as to bring attendees into the booth rather than filling the aisles. Demonstrations are to be straightforward, professional and relative to the displayed product. The use of demonstrators, gimmicks, mimes, magicians, robots, vehicles, etc. in the aisles is prohibited at all times. Company flyers, promotional materials or advertising of any nature may not be placed, shown or demonstrated anywhere within the confines of the Venue other than your contracted exhibit space. Promotional materials may not be distributed outside the Venue, or on any street corners surrounding the Venue. Any materials found in any public areas or being distributed outside of the Venue will be confiscated and discarded, jeopardizing your company’s participation in future GSMA events. The GSMA reserves the right to terminate any objectionable activities.


Booths must be continuously staffed during exhibit hours. With the exception of convenience help (such as receptionists or professional product demonstrators), all booth personnel must be employees of the company, or its’ representative. The appearance, dress and decorum of booth personnel must reflect good taste and be consistent with the quality standard of the exhibition. Booth staff, including demonstrations, hosts and models are required to confine their activities within the exhibitor’s contracted booth space.

Any exhibitor failing to occupy contracted space is not refunded payment of the full rental of such space. All display systems and equipment/products must be installed and completed on the evening prior to the event opening.


All staff at exhibition booths are expected to dress with business and/or business casual attire. As a rule of thumb, exhibitors should ensure that the attire of all staff they deploy on or around their booth (whether the exhibitor’s direct employees or their contractors) would be considered appropriate in a professional environment. In recognition of the many cultures and nationalities present at MWC19 Los Angeles, attire of an overly revealing or suggestive nature is not permitted. Examples of such attire may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Tops displaying excessive cleavage
  • Tank tops, halter tops, camisole tops or tube tops
  • Miniskirts or minidresses
  • Shorts
  • Second-skin bodysuits

These guidelines are applicable to all booth staff, regardless of gender, and will be strictly enforced.

The GSMA reserves the right to request that individual exhibition staff change their attire or leave the premises immediately if their appearance is perceived be offensive to other exhibitors or participants.


Drones or any other type of remote controlled flying objects are prohibited at the event in order to ensure the health, safety and privacy of all attendees. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by GSMA in its sole discretion as part of special exhibition and sponsorship packages. For further information about sponsorship packages, contact sales@mwclosangeles.com.


Based on the principles of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, GSMA is continuing its efforts to support a more sustainable environment by urging exhibitors to follow green best practices. Recycling cardboard, freight boxes, plastic wrappings, and other paper during move-in and move-out helps this effort. Using soy/vegetable-based ink and post-consumer, recycled paper in printed pieces; providing give-a-ways made of recycled, responsibly grown natural fiber and nontoxic and biodegradable materials; designing booths and displays using environmentally responsible materials and energy-efficient lighting are some of the ways to begin this effort pre-conference.

Exhibitors are responsible to ship out any carpet and/or padding that is brought into the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), excluding carpet rented through Freeman. It goes against LACC Green Policy to abandon these items on the show floor. If an exhibitor plans to dispose of carpet, pad or exhibit at the close of the show a removal order will need to be placed with Freeman. Charges will be billed by Freeman to the exhibitor or third party responsible for payment. Disposal of abandoned exhibit properties will also be charged a fee.



Dispensing of food and beverage is allowed from the booth for hospitality purposes within the show hours. However, popcorn and unshelled peanuts are not allowed in the booth/exhibition halls at any time. Taste of LA is the exclusive catering contractor for the LACC. All Food & Beverage orders should be placed through Taste of LA.


The exhibitor must distribute items (samples, souvenirs, collateral, etc.) from within the confines of the exhibitor booth. The MWC19 Los Angeles Organizer Team reserves the right to evaluate the safety and/or offensiveness of novelty item handouts.


The exhibition floor, aisles, loading docks, service and storage areas will be under control of the general contractor and the GSMA. Schedule for move-in / move-out can be found in the Online Event Manual.

  • All crates must be tagged and ready for removal no later than 12:00 p.m. on Monday, October 21
  • Exhibitors who begin to dismantle their booths prior to the closing of the halls will lose priority points and may be banned from participating at future GSMA events.
  • Union Jurisdiction prevails over all move-in and move-out of exhibits including signage and laying of carpet. This does not apply to the unpacking and placement of merchandise.
  • Setup: Exhibit personnel may set up their exhibit display if one person (company employee only) can accomplish the task within 30 minutes or less without the use of tools
  • Material Handling: Union jurisdiction prevails over the operation of all material handling equipment, unloading, reloading, and handling of empty containers
  • Hand-Carried items: Exhibitors may move material that can be hand-carried by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks, or other mechanical equipment

If exhibitor is unable to meet the above criteria, a union personnel supplied by Freeman, the Official Service Contractor. If you are utilizing the services of an EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor), Abraxys must be notified via the Notification of Intent to use EAC.


Out of respect for your fellow exhibitors, it is requested that demonstrations, which may generate noise during the event opening hours, are kept to a minimum. All loudspeakers are to be positioned within the boundaries of the booth and angled so that they face inwards towards the center point of the booth. The maximum permitted volume in booths is 3db above background noise, measured from 10ft distance to the booth. The Organizer is authorized to restrict any demonstrations which do not comply with the regulations.

In general, exhibitors may use sound equipment in their booths so long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned so as to direct sound into the booth rather than into the aisle. (Refer to OSHA at ww.osha.gov for more information)

Please note that GSMA has entered into an agreement with ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI that settles some uses of intellectual property rights managed by the aforementioned entities in the course of MWC19 LA. Specifically, if you intend to play pre-recorded background music on your booth as a secondary or accessory manner you therefore need not to apply for the relevant licenses for public performance. However, please note that live performances, dancing events, or parties are not included in the general agreement entered by GSMA with ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI, and any events held outside the Event premises may not be covered by such license.  Therefore, should you wish to organize any such event, you should contact the relevant entit[ies] directly to secure licensing.

Tel: 1-800-505-4052 (Option 3)
Email or Chat: Click here
Web Licensing Forms: Click here

Tel and Email contacts:
Click here

Email: licensing@sesac.com
Web Licensing Forms: Click here



Exhibitors should not advertise or promote any off-site/outside events or activities held away from the exhibit hall in conjunction with show hours. No exhibitor or sponsor shall independently reserve space or otherwise sponsor or host an event within five (5) miles of the Venue without the prior written consent of the GSMA. Uses include but are not limited to press conferences, parties, hospitality suites, seminars or any other promotional or educational activity that competes or conflicts with previously scheduled GSMA activities.


The organizer must be informed of any events such as parties, receptions, press conferences within your Exhibition Space and/or Hospitality Suite areas. Events are only allowed to take place during the event hours of your hall and need to comply with the noise section. Any exhibitor deemed to be entertaining in their booth after the show closes each evening will be asked to finish their event and make their way to the venue exit.

If you wish to hold an event on your booth please go to Forms & Deadlines in this Manual and complete the Booth Event form. The organizers will then reply either accepting your request for an event or declining with stated reasons. If you have any questions please contact: customercare@mwclosangeles.com.


During show open days, photographing and filming of booths or products in booths is prohibited without the prior authorization of the exhibitor(s) concerned. Exhibitors are allowed to take photos or videos of their own booths. Other booths can only be photographed or filmed by official MWC Los Angeles photographers. Privately hired photographers are not permitted at any time. Please contact our official photographer if you wish to use their services.

Photography and filming is not permitted during move-in or move-out. Anyone found taking photos or filming will be stopped by security.


Members of the press are not allowed access to the exhibition halls during move-in or move-out. Exhibitors who are found to have registered press as exhibition staff and have facilitated press access to the exhibition floor during these periods will be in violation of terms and conditions. Offenders will be expelled from the venue.


Each exhibitor must make their own provisions for the safety of their goods, materials, equipment and displays at all times. General overall security will be provided for the exhibition period. The security service and/or GSMA will not be responsible for the loss or damage of property.

All exhibitors that have any show-related incident should report these immediately to Show Security.  If there is a medical related emergency, security should be notified so that the on-site paramedics can be summoned or dial extension 3000 on an LACC house phone.  DO NOT dial 911. There are First Aid facilities located on both the West and South sides of the LACC, as well as show security offices on both West and South sides of the LACC.

Please report all incidents to the appropriate parties as soon as they occur and do not wait until the end of the event.


Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from selling goods and services, for cash or otherwise, inside the Venue.


Use or display of non-ADA service animals is allowable within contracted space with a permit from the City of Los Angeles Animal Services Department. Please visit www.laanimalservices.com for detailed rules and regulations governing this and complete permit application process. The Center may require additional requirements and staffing, including but not limited to, increased liability insurance and event staffing for exotic animals and proposed use of the animals. 

In compliance with ADA, the LACC welcomes service animals accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the facility where the public is normally allowed to go. 


Smoking is not allowed within any of the exhibit halls, meeting rooms or public lobby areas. Los Angeles laws prevent smoking within 25 feet of building entrances. Advertising of cigarettes and tobacco products is prohibited in the LACC. The use of any cigarette or tobacco product name in promotion or product is prohibited.


Suitcasing and Outboarding are strictly prohibited. Suitcasing refers to the practice of companies or persons who go to shows as attendees but "work the aisles," soliciting business from other attendees and exhibitors. Outboarding refers to non-supporting companies who set up exhibits or events at off-site locations, such as hotel hospitality suites or nearby restaurants, and encourage attendees to leave the show floor and spend time with them. For the good of the show and the exhibitors supporting the show, the only legitimate place to conduct business during Event Hours is within a contracted exhibition or hospitality space within the Venue. The Company shall not suggest or encourage an Event participant to attend a location outside the Venue in order to conduct business.


GSMA requests the cooperation of all exhibitors to refrain from the issuing of tips or additional payments. Any demands for such payments should be reported to the GSMA Customer Care Team immediately.


In conjunction with our official IT Services Provider, MWC19 Los Angeles will be a 5Ghz only Wi-Fi event, and please be aware that self-installed IT services are not permitted.

GSMA and their official IT Services Provider are authorized to shut down any Wi-Fi or IT Services that have not been installed through the official channels, and state of the art scanning equipment will be used to detect unauthorised access points and services present in exhibitor booths. All exhibitors must adhere to the Wi-Fi Policy and penalty processes will be activated if any are found to be in breach of the policy. 

Any exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of the official IT Services Provider. Permission must be provided by the supplier subject to approval of a business case submitted by exhibitor prior to start of the event - requests for exceptions cannot be made onsite.