Standard Meeting Room


  • System partitions
  • Wooden ceiling grid


  • Fascia with company name and stand number

Digital Print Out

  • Graphic on meeting room door (w) 601 x (h) 1860
  • Graphic on exterior wall (size and number depends on the stand layout)


  • Round table
  • Chairs
  • Information counter with lockable cupboard
  • Waste basket


  • Down-light with energy saving bulb
  • Power point, 500W power consumption max


  • New needle punch carpet


  • Please note there is NO internet provided as part of your package. If you require internet at your stand please click here.

Furniture inclusions, dependent upon meeting room size

Stand Size per m2
Round Table (d) 700 x (h) 7501234
Graininess Chairs (l) 395 x (w) 410 x (h) 85036912
Information counter with lockable cupboard (l) 1000 x (w) 500 x (h) 10001234
Waste Paper Basket1234
Down-light with energy saving bulb591418
Power Point, 500W power consumption max.1234

Furniture / Carpet

Please note you are permitted to change or increase your furniture requirements however all changes/ additions will be at your own cost. Please contact the official contractor for a quote or refer to the furniture order forms within the Forms & Deadlines section.

Company Name Board and Stand Sign

Please ensure you complete the stand fascia name board form, to ensure that your company name will appear correctly on your stand. If you do not return the form before deadline, the text for your sign will be taken from the information in our possession, which may not be correct.

Please submit the fascia name to the official contractor by 26 May 2022.


It is strictly forbidden to drill, staple or fix any attachments to the panels. You are only permitted to use double sided tape or Velcro to attach posters. Please note that it is not permitted to decorate any exterior panels of your stand.

Additional Services

Should you require additional services, please click here. Should you have any queries on your stand, please contact:


Mr. Easy Gu / Mr. Roy Chau



As a MWC Shanghai 2022 exhibitor you have been allocated a certain amount of passes dependent upon your stand size.  Please check the Registration & Access page for more information.

Company Profile and Product Listing on official MWC Shanghai website

Exhibitors are entitled to a Company Profile in English & Simplified Chinese and a Product listing on the official MWC Shanghai website. Please click here to submit your English and/or Chinese company profile and select your product categories.

Meeting Room 3m x 3m




**Exhibition package and design are subject to confirmation and adjustment.