Exhibitor Registration Information

The Exhibitor and Partner Invitation System (E&p Invitation System) for MWC20 Shanghai will launch in mid April. Please visit the link below to login the E&p Invitation System later when it goes live.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please contact our Registration Team.

Registration Team

What is the Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System?

GSMA provides Exhibitors and Sponsors with an Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System account for MWC20 Shanghai. The system is designed to help you manage your allocation of passes you receive as part of your package. To find out your allocation of passes please visit the Pass Allocation section of the manual.

The E&P Invitation System allows you to:

  • Register for your staff and guests
  • Send invitations to your staff and guests in order for them to register
  • Search and manage your invitations and registrations
  • Download lists for your invitations and registrations
  • Manage programmes application registrations

Generally, companies nominate a Registration Coordinator to manage their registrations. Your Registration Coordinator will be notified by email of your company’s personal E&P Invitation System login details later when the system goes live.

What is a Registration Coordinator?

The Registration Coordinator is the key person in your company who will manage registration for MWC Shanghai. If you are not the Registration Coordinator go to Additional Contacts and Registration Coordinator and update those contact details so the right person receives the E&p invitation System login details.  You can also attend the training for the E&p Invitation System if necessary.

Further information about the E&p Invitation System can be found on our website. Click here and visit our Exhibitor registration FAQ’s.