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Welcome to the Partner Programme section of the Online Event Manual. This page is only for managing your Partner Programme. To manage your exhibition stand, visit the My Event tab. If you have any questions, please reach out to your MWC Shanghai Team for assistance.  

Partner Programmes Overview 

MWC Shanghai 2020 is Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology. Partner Programmes offer MWC Shanghai attendees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data and Beyond. The programmes are developed and presented by you and some of the top organisations in the next generation technology ecosystem. This is your opportunity to take the stage and provide invaluable industry learning opportunities for our attendees.

Partner Programmes are co-located events developed and led by some of the most innovative companies in the technology space today. Our partners determine the content and topics covered which can include new programme initiatives, emerging market trends, and, or product development. These events are usually geared to the next generation technology audience or industry specific audience.

Location and Contacts

Location: Partner Programmes at MWC Shanghai will be held at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai and Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

Partner Programmes:

No. 1388 Hua Mu Road
Pudong, Shanghai, 201204
(located at the corner of Fangdian Road and Huamu Road)

No. 1108 Mei Hua Road
Pudong New District, Shanghai 201204

Entrance Hall 2 (North) / Entrance Hall 3 (East)
2345 Longyang Road
Pudong, Shanghai, 201204


Your MWC Shanghai Support Team:

Partners are provided a dedicated MWC Shanghai Support Team to assist with the planning of the Partner Programme in the areas of marketing, operations and registration. Your Events Programme Manager will reach out to you to schedule your kick-off call at which time you will be introduced to the full team. From there you will decide how often you would like to meet to cover all the deliverables, talk about the programme and get questions answered.

Here are the teams’ responsibilities and contact details:


Role: Manage your programme in overall and provide support on marketing via GSMA channels

  • General Programme Management
  • Coordinates status update calls and emails with client, marketing, operations, and registration
  • Review and confirm feasibility of all marketing deliverables on the contract
  • Client liaison for all marketing-related points
  • Arrange marketing and promotion deliverables according to the contract
  • Provides guidance on best practices
  • Onsite support
  • Post-event survey


Stephanie Edmonds
Senior Events Programme Manager
Atlanta Office
US +1 404-825-2198
Burnice Ip
Events Programme Manager 
Hong Kong Office
HK +852-9028-7159
China +86-130-5215-0029

Carol Suen
Events Programme Manager
Hong Kong Office
HK +852 6050-7767

Please click here for more information of Marketing of Partner Programmes


Role: Support and manage the operations and logistics for your programme including:

  • Ballroom/Meeting room layouts 
  • Stage set-up 
  • Audio visual equipment 
  • Branding / Signage
  • Catering* 
  • Simultaneous Interpreters (subject to contract)
  • Rehearsal (subject to contract)
  • Onsite staff (Security and hostesses) 
  • Managing requests for out-of-package items 


Jane Saunders
Head of Events Operations, MWC Shanghai
Hong Kong Office
HK +852 6036-8265

Keri Wong
Project Manager, Events Operations
Hong Kong Office
HK +852 6138-3791
China +86-130-5215-0711

Michael Wan
Project Manager, Events Operations
Hong Kong Office
HK +852 6050-8519

Please click here for more information on Operations of Partner Programmes


Assist with:

  • Exhibition & Partner Invitation (E&P) account setup and management
  • Arrange and assist in conducting E&P training
  • Handle registration related enquires
  • Generate E&P status report pre-event and post event
  • Scanning solutions and management
  • Provide pre-event and onsite registration & scanning support

Registration Coordinator

Exhibition & Partner (E&P) Registration System set-up and training will be conducted by a Customer Service Representative. Partners will have the capability to review pass allocation, register attendees, and manage their programme attendance list via system. In addition, post event the Partner will receive a report of all attendees who were scanned into their programme.

Please click here for more information on Registration of Partner Programmes

Frequently Asked Questions

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