Onsite Logistics

Stand Building

The information outlined under this section, should be read before a stand design is submitted to ensure all regulations have been followed. Build height & floor loadings, 50% rule, hanging banner restrictions, disabled access, rigging, electricity & material specifications as well as hybrid and hospitality stand regulations can be found under this section. Health and Safety has also been detailed to ensure a safe build.

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Exhibitor Code of Conduct

This section covers rules and policies that are not directly linked to stand building but around exhibitor’s behaviour and permits. For example, dress code at the event, holding a competition on a stand, Wi-Fi policy etc. 

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General Health & Safety

Full information regarding obligations around safe working are detailed in this section. 

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New Rules & Regulations

The following event rules and guidance were developed in accordance with the government regulations and guidance applicable at the time of publication, the recommendations of health professionals, and the guidance of the Venue Owners, all in contemplation of the health and safety situation in effect as of the time of publication. These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time in order to account for changes in government regulations and guidance, updated recommendations and advice from health professionals and/or the Venue Owners and any other changes required to address the evolving health and safety situation. Every Company must adhere to the COVID-19 Rules and Regulations in effect at the time of the Event.  

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