MWC Shanghai 2018 was officially certified by the British Standards Institution as carbon neutral under the international PAS 2060 standard, reinforcing its position as the largest carbon neutral exhibition and conference in Asia. The GSMA implemented a range of measures to reduce emissions at the 2018 event, such as carpet recycling, waste management and reducing paper consumption, resulting in a greenhouse gas reduction of more than 97 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. To compensate for the remaining carbon footprint, the GSMA is supporting United Nations-certified projects in China, including a N2O decomposition project in Liaoyang as well as a hydropower station projects in Gansu and Guangxi. In 2019, GSMA will continue to focus on reducing environmental impact, as well as encouraging our participants to be environmentally conscious.




Participate in this year's MWC Shanghai Green Stand Initiative to calculate your stand's carbon footprint and receive your complimentary and fully confidential carbon footprint study. The Green Stand Initiative will be limited to 30 carbon footprint studies and participation will be on a first come, first served basis.

Participation requirements:

  1. All entrants have to be Space Only exhibitors at MWC19 Shanghai. Any exhibitors with stand packages such as meeting rooms, or shell scheme stands are not eligible to participate.
  2. A completed MWC Shanghai Green Stand Initiative application form needs to be emailed to
  3. GSMA’s environmental consultants will send you a data sheet to complete. You or your stand-building supplier will need to provide the following information before Monday, 15th July 2019:
    • Details regarding the type, amount and transport of materials used to build your stand
    • Transport and accommodation details about your stand-building crew
    • Transport and accommodation details about your exhibition staff

If you need any further information, simply email us at


We are launching the Donation Room initiative again in 2019. MWC Shanghai is encouraging exhibitors to donate materials such as furniture, IT equipment, office equipment and corporate gifts, as well as construction materials such as wood, glass and carpet to local socially responsible entities. Our Donation Room team will be onsite at the end of build-up and at the beginning of dismantling of MWC Shanghai and can pick up all donations from your stand.

If you have any materials to donate or you need any further information, simply email us at


We will be holding two sessions where our dedicated environmental consultants will provide useful tips on how you can be greener at MWC Shanghai with minimal additional effort and answer any of your questions! Dates and times to be confirm shortly, watch this space!

Please register your interest by emailing


We would like to encourage all participants of the MWC19 Shanghai to take a moment to read through this section. Our aim is to provide exhibitors and contractors with ideas of how they can minimize the impact on the environment during their participation and plan for environmentally friendly solutions in the preparation of the event.

See below our suggestions:

  • Send e-brochures by e-mail on request rather than providing expensive printed hard copies
  • Take advantage of the new mobile phone technology and stop printing out, download the documents you need
  • If absolutely necessary, only ship as much printed material as appropriate. Try to minimise the amount of printed material distributed and re-use excess marketing material after the event
  • Use paper packaging rather than plastic
  • Use recycled paper where possible
  • Use recycled giveaways or from sustainable sources
  • Minimise the use of water where possible
  • Encourage your stand builder to apply environmentally friendly principles in the design of your stand such as low-voltage lighting, maximum of re-usable elements like system stands etc. Ask your stand builder to provide you with information about how they can reduce the environmental impact of your stand and insist on contracting local staff and companies
  • Adopt the good habit of separating your waste into fractions
  • Purchase biodegradable or hard tableware for your stand rather than plastic
  • Promote car sharing or public transports to reach the venue every morning
  • Consider food donation if you feel that you will have lots of leftovers
  • Keep in mind that there are many ways to compensate your carbon emission