Official Supplier: bnetwork


Our trusted accommodation partner, bnetwork, have over 400 properties to suit every budget. And for added peace of mind for our valued exhibitors, we’ve negotiated flexible conditions when making group block bookings – for an even more comfortable visit!.

Planning on staying longer? Ask bnetwork about extending your trip and getting the best value as you explore buzzing Barcelona.

Get in touch with the experts to find out more about your stay during #MWC22 and getting great deals on group bookings.

Contact Details:
Tel: +34 935 500 350

Avoid Hotel Fraud

Due to the scale and importance of MWC, there are unscrupulous & fraudulent accommodation sites and companies that target MWC Exhibitors & attendees every year, These unofficial agents target all participants & attendees, please be aware of their fraudulent practise & only make your reservations through the GSMA official housing partner.
Some of these dubious agencies operate under trading names such as, Allen & Stratton Events, Euro-Events, International Trade Show Council (ITC), Premier Destinations, Star Eventz, & Universal Shows. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, and with the desire of preying on unsuspecting attendees, these operators change their names frequently to avoid detection.

How Does Hotel Fraud Work?

Fraudulent companies repeatedly email our show participants with room offers for the week of MWC. Their website and/or emails mention MWC Barcelona, and even include official logos in the hopes of looking like an official or legitimate accommodation provider.

These groups promote attractive deals with local accommodation providers, but once payment has been received, the company disappears and can no longer be contacted by phone or email. Once the attendee contacts the hotel directly about their room, they realise the hotel has no record of them or their stay. Not only is their money lost, they must then scramble to find last-minute accommodation, which is rarely convenient to the venue or at a reasonable or attractive rate.

This practice takes money directly from you,  our customers and it negatively impacts the overall MWC experience. We do everything we can to stop these companies preying on any of our valued attendees. We do not want this to happen to you. If you are approached by a suspect company, or have any questions related to this, please contact our customer support team through the official details provided.

How to Avoid Fraud

Book through our Official Accommodation Partner, bnetwork. For almost 2 decades, bnetwork has been serving Mobile World Congress to deliver consistently best accommodation offer to our participants.
Do not only rely on the presence of the MWC Barcelona name and logo on accommodation providers’ websites, as our name and logo are being used unlawfully. The only accommodation company recommended by the GSMA and authorised to use our name and logo is bnetwork.
If using another supplier, thoroughly investigate all documentation regarding the company making the offer. Check carefully online to make sure they’re a reputable supplier with a history of satisfied, actual customers before sending any funds.
Use credit cards to guarantee your rooms, rather than wire transfers. If your supplier turns out to be fraudulent, credit cards typically offer some form of consumer protection, where wire transfers do not.

Please note: All of the services discussed here will be performed by an authorised third party supplier (“Event Vendor”). GSMA shall have no liability for payment, and the service requested will be directly provided by, invoiced by, and payable to, the Event Vendor. The rates at which the services will be invoiced and any applicable Event Vendor Terms of Services shall be notified to all Exhibitors for agreement prior to any order being concluded.

Ambassadors Programme 

For MWC we are placing specially trained Ambassadors in hotels across Barcelona during MWC event days to provide attendees with assistance as well as a plethora of information surrounding the event. These ambassadors can answer transport and MWC specific questions about event programmes but can also give you information about services around each Hotel, Restaurants and Barcelona sights.  

MWC Ambassadors will be on hand to provide assistance during the following hours: 

  • Sunday 27 de February from 11 to 21 h 
  • Monday 28 February from 7 to 11 and 17 to 21 h 
  • Tuesday 1 March from 7 to 11 and 17 to 20 h  
  • Wednesday 2 March from 7 to 11 and 18 to 20 h 
  • Thursday 3 March from 7 to 10 h 

This programme is offered in conjunction with our partners: