1. General Exhibition Rules & Regulations

General Exhibition Rules & Regulations Stand Building Regulations
Adult Content 
Air Conditioning 
Alcohol & Drugs 
Audio Visual Frequency Interference
External Catering & Food Hygiene
Compliance with authorities
Competitions, Lotteries & Draws 
Display of Logo 
Distribution of Promotional Material 
Dress Code
Drones or Remote Controlled Flying Objects 
Food Hygiene 
Outboarding  & Suitcasing
Parties & Events on your Stand 
Photography & Filming
Press access during build up and dismantling
Selling of goods
Special Activities
Strobe/ Fast changing Lights
Vehicle use during Event Days 
Virtual Reality
Waste Removal 
Wireless Policy 
Build Height Restrictions and Stand Partitions
Ceiling Installations - Visibility
Company Name and Stand Number
Doors & Sliding Doors
Enclosed Exhibition Stands (50% rule)
Hanging Banner/Ceiling Policy
Hospitality Suite Policy
Ramps - Disabled Access
Luminescent Displays & Stand Lighting
Material Specifications
Fabrics & Decorative Materials
Paintwork & Surface Treatments
Pillars & Wall Services
Power Supply - Electricity
Legal Responsibilities
Water Features
Waste Removal


The organiser shall be entitled to close a stand during build-up or exhibition open period if the exhibitor is considered to be displaying materials of an offensive nature. The organiser reserves the right to clear out a stand, with the exhibitor bearing any costs that may, as the case may be, arise.


The installation of air-conditioning units with warm-air condensation is prohibited inside the halls without previous authorization from organiser.    
The organiser reserves the right to switch off any air-conditioning system on stands. 
Any other permitted air-conditioning machine must to be less than 60 dB, or be correctly isolated as not to interfere in any neighbour’s activities. 
Please see decibel scale below:


It is prohibited for any exhibitor or their contractors to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while working at the venue, or while performing site activities, including operating vehicles or equipment. 
The organiser and Fira reserve the right to remove anybody from site who does not adhere to this rule. Alcoholic beverages can be served on your booth for entertainment purpose but we ask for your collaboration to avoid excessive use by individuals. 
Please submit a BOOTH EVENT form via Forms & Deadlines if you are planing to hold an event on your booth.

NOTE: Damm is the official beer provider at 4YFN & xside. Promotion of other brand of beers is forbidden. 


The organiser is dedicated to providing a positive, harassment-free event experience for all participants and staff, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion. The organiser does not tolerate harassment of event participants or staff in any form. The use of harassing language and imagery (including that of a sexualised nature) is not appropriate at any organiser event or related social activity sponsored or organised by the organiser. Any event participant, including exhibitors and exhibitor staff, found to be violating this policy may be sanctioned or expelled without a refund at the organiser’s sole discretion.


Audio visual equipment of all types has the ability to cause disrupting interference to communication services, we require exhibitors to eliminate such interference from AV installations to ensure that quality of attendee and exhibitor experience is maintained for all. 

Due to interference problems with communication services during previous events, we require exhibitors to make an effort to avoid or minimize any possible source of interfences within their booths, not only to ensure the quality of their own communication services but also to reduce interferences with any neighbouring booth and general services provided within 4YFN and xside event. 

The CE marking or formerly EC mark, is a mandatory conformity for products installed at 4YFN and xside (video walls, computers, tablets, etc.). The CE mark is a minimum requirement, with part of the certification process to reduce likelihood of disruptive radio frequency interferences. However, the standard does not guarantee a given piece of certified equipment will not cause harmful interferences: this remains the responsibility of the booth holder. In dense environments, such as 4YFN and xside, even minor issues can have disproportionately large effects. For prototype equipment or demonstrations that require the use of licensed spectrum, please refer to the WIFI policy section.

All exhibitors that intend to install a video wall larger than 10 square meters must send the make and model details and relevant CE certification to and also specify if the video wall will be used permanently or occasionally during the event. Certifications should also be provided for the equipment that is used to drive the main screen (Video Matrix, controllers etc.), as these also generate and emit signals that can cause interference.  

It is not permitted to install any equipment without the CE marking. During the build-up and during the event, GSMA or its designated representatives may check that video wall installations have the relevant and mandatory CE marking, as well as if the equipment is radiating across in any protected, licensed or requested band causing detrimental interference to others, and if found as such require the exhibitor to take immediate action to rectify. 

During build-up, we also recommend: 

  • Use of good quality cables and wiring/ installation methods
  • Implementing shielding of cables and power sources of any equipment that may cause interference to communication services, such a power sources of video walls, computers, etc. 
  • Non-modification of any electrical equipment as this can lead to generation if interference and also invalidate the CE certification 
GSMA reserves the right to measure and evaluate signal emissions from any equipment and if found to be causing interference, even if carrying a CE mark, require rectification or ultimately the shutdown of the source of interference. 

Regarding the CE (formerly EC) mark, please refer to this website.


Balloons must comply with the above Hanging Banner Policy and must not be mounted above stands. They can only be filled with air.

Only one compressed air bottle can be kept on the stand at a time. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitors to make arrangements for storage of further bottles. In line with the Special Risks policy, the organisers need to be notified of this at least 90 days in advance. You can request compressed air through servifira eCommerce website, click here for more information. Please also send a notification to


4YFN & xside 2020 offers exhibitors an official catering company, which comply with the legislation relative to food hygiene and pass the strict quality controls. Please read through the  Event Suppliers section for information and contact details.


On the catering side, 4YFN & xside 2020 applies food hygiene and quality controls to all catering suppliers. Any exhibitors wishing to provide stand catering from an external caterer (non-official catering supplier) must ensure that the provider complies with the 4YFN regulation and legislation in force relative to food hygiene, in order to guarantee the proper security and quality of the catering service. If you have any questions concerning the health and safety rules & regulations, please contact:

SAIA, the official Food Hygiene Consultant
Tel: +34 931841048
+34 931841049 

Please follow the below steps to ensure compliance:


Required Documentation
Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate Application:
Any External Catering Supplier must hold a ‘Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate’ to provide service during 4YFN & xside.
This certificate would be issued by SAIA, our Official Food Hygiene Consultants.
Please contact SAIA on the details below to apply for your ‘Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate’. Deadline to apply is Friday 7 February 2020 

Additional Documentation: the below documentation must be sent to SAIA as part of your application

  • Requirements to operate: please read, sign and send back the ‘Requirements to Operate’. Click here to download the document.
  • Legislation fulfilment Commitment Letter, relative to Food Hygiene & Safety (Regulation 852/2004), Click here to download
  • Compulsory data form, Click here to download
  • Copy of the Sanitary Registration
  • Manual of the self-controlling system based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Certificate of training of the food handling personnel

Service Charges:

  • Pre event: 425€ (VAT not included): This charge will be applied per catering company. A one off service charge will be due for payment as part of each application to use external caterers. This service charge covers: document evaluation, certificates, onsite inspections.
  • Certification of achievement for food safety standards at 4YFN & xside 2020
  • Communicating Quality Protocol

Payment Details:

  • On receipt of invoice, applicable service charge must be paid. Bank transfers are the only accepted payment method. Please see bank details below
  • Please send a copy of the bank transfer to SAIA via email, please see contact details below
  • Once SAIA have received the documents and the applicable service charge the 'Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate' will be issued to guarantee service during 4YFN
  • The requested information should be sent via email for approval before Monday 3 February 2020 to: 

SAIA Contact Details

Contacts: Lluís Riera & Klaas Romaní
Tel: +34 931841048

Bank Account Details

Entity: SAIA
 Account Number:
2038 8949 4860 0010 9558
 IBAN Code:
ES64 2038 8949 4860 0010 9558
 Swift Code:

IMPORTANT: The Organisers and the Venue reserves the right to refuse access to any external catering companies that do not comply with the rules and regulations

Once the documents have been revised and found to fulfill all specified requirements, and the applicable service charge has been received (see details below), SAIA will issue The Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate which will guarantee the service during the event.


  • All catering companies are responsible for the waste generated as a result of their services. All waste is to be removed from the venue immediately and it’s the responsibility of the hiring client to ensure this is carried out
  • The dumping of materials or disposal in the venue waste bins is strictly prohibited. Companies who are found not to be complying with this regulation will be charged a waste removal fee by Fira Barcelona or may have their access rights revoked
  • External catering companies are required to pay a daily fee for the handling of the waste generated by their services. The fee is 90€ per day and per stand (VAT not included)
  • Payment Methods:
    • Bank transfers will only be accepted on/before Tuesday 12 February 2020. On receipt of invoice, please send the applicable fee via bank transfer and email a copy of the transfer to servifira
    • No Credit card / Cash payments will be accepted.
    • Payment details:

Fira Barcelona Logistics Department Contact Details
Location: Fira Gran Via, South Entrance, Level -1

Bank Account Details
Entity: servifira
Account Number: 2100 0927 56 0200017660
IBAN Code: ES49 2100 0927 56 0200017660


  • The 'Food Hygiene & Quality Approval Certificate' does NOT include vehicle access. External Catering Vehicle Passes must be arranged with the Logistics Deparment of Fira Barcelona
  • Please contact Fira Barcelona Logistics department to request your External Catering Vehicle Pass Application Form. Upon receipt of the form, the logistics department will inform you how to proceed
  • Every External Catering Vehicle Pass for delivery purposes includes three staff passes (one driver and two staff) for the duration of the event. Any additional external catering staff requiring access to the venue will need to hold an official 4YFN Badge from the exhibiting company to access the event


  • Vehicle passes must be requested at least 72h before the beginning of the event in order to process the staff badges
  • Only commercial vehicles are allowed to access the venue. No private vehicles will be allowed
  • If you require Vehicle Access during Build-up and/or Dismantling times, please see here  the vehicle access rules.
  • The Catering Vehicle Access Pass will only allow access to the venue during the event dates at the times stated below.
  • All staff passes need to be validated with a security sticker prior to the event open days, therefore any vehicle passes requested after Friday 21 February 2020 will not include personal badges. In such cases, exhibitors will need to provide their caterers with official event passes from their EVP allocation
  • Photo-ID checks are performed at all access points, please ensure an official photo identification document is being carried to access the venue (Passport or National ID Card)

Monday 24 February 2020

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Wednesday 26 Ferbuary 2020

08:00 - 22:00

08:00 - 22:00

08:00 - 22:00

  • Rates:

Vehicle Type

Bookings until Thursday 20 February 2020

Bookings after Thursday 20 February 2020

Up to 3.5t

500€ (VAT Not Included)

750€ (VAT Not Included)

3.5t or over

750€ (VAT Not Included)

750€ (VAT Not Included)

  • Payment Methods:
    • Bank transfers will only be accepted on/before Tuesday 12 February 2020. On receipt of invoice, please send the applicable fee via bank transfer and email a copy of the transfer to Fira Barcelona
    • Credit card / Cash payments will only be accepted from Tuesday 12 February 2020 onwards. Please go to the Logistics Office (Fira Gran Via, South entrance, level -1)

Fira Barcelona Logistics Department Contact Details
Location: Fira Gran Via, South Entrance, Level -1

Bank Account Details
Fira Barcelona
Account Number: 2100 0927 56 0200017660
IBAN Code: ES49 2100 0927 56 0200017660


GSMA's policy with respect to the attendance of minors (individuals under the age of 16) at its events is located in our Attendee Terms & Conditions, available HERE.

In order to help prepare for your visit, please keep in mind that the event includes: 

  • Loud noises and music 
  • Significant visual stimulation (including bright lights, large screens and demonstrations)
  • Large crowds
  • State of the art technology
Should you find yourself in need of a moment of quiet while attending the event, we invite you to visit our baby friendly space, located in Hall 5, lower level next to the Cloakroom area once you have gone through the Main Entrance.

Operating Hours: 09:00 - 23:00, Monday - Wednesday 


In order to facilitate your movement around the venue, information regarding access facilities is located HERE.
Thank you for your support in maintaining a professional, disturbance free environment. 


All 4YFN and xside, Mobile World Congress and related event venues are under the jurisdiction of the police and courts of the city of Barcelona, the region of Catalonia, and the nation of Spain. 

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, GSMA, Fira de Barcelona, exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, contractors, attendees, and all other parties involved in 4YFN and xside at Mobile World Congress are obliged to comply with the requirements of the police and the courts, including but not limited to security measures and the enforcement of warrants. 


No competitions, lotteries, draws, games of chance or the like may be held by Exhibitor whether at the Event or through the Sponsorship without the prior written consent of (i) Organiser, and (ii) the relevant local and/ or national authority/ authorities. To apply for such license, please contact: 

Servei Territorial del Joc i d'Espectacles a Barcelona
ViaLaietana, 14 
08003 Barcelona
Tel: +34 935676300 


Displays of logos or branding outside of exhibition stands such as light beams or projections onto bare walls or gangways are not permitted without prior written approval by 4YFN & xside.


If you wish to play music or show music videos on your stand as a secondary or accessory manner, please note that the organiser has entered into an agreement with SGAE, AIE and AGEDI that settles any and all use of intellectual property rights managed by the aforementioned entities in the course of 4YFN & xside. Therefore, you need not to apply for the relevant licenses for public performance. If you intend to play pre-recorded background music or show music videos on your stand as a secondary or accessory manner you therefore need not to apply for the relevant licenses for public performance. However, please note that live performances, dancing events, or parties are not included in the general agreement entered by the organiser with SGAE, AIE, AGEDI and therefore, should you wish to organise any such event, you should contact the referred entities.

If films are to be projected, the exhibitor must apply for the appropriate authorisation from EGEDA, the entity which administers the public performance rights of the audiovisual producers, and from AISGE who manage the rights of actors and actresses.

In both cases you should also inform the organizer of an intent to conduct any of above activities by submitting the “Stand Event” form in the  Forms & Deadlines

Pintor Juan Gris, 4, 2ª pl.
28020 Madrid
Tel:+34 915558196
Fax: +34 915559592
Passeig de Colom, 6
08002 Barcelona
Tel:+34 932689000-3
Fax: +34 932689001
Consell de Cent, 419. 2º , 1ª
08009 Barcelona
Tel: +34 932310414
Fax: +34 932313336
Consell de Cent 433, prtal 1
08009 Barcelona
Tel: (+ 34) 93 412 76 22
Fax: (+ 34) 93 265 35 77


Exhibitors are asked not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the halls other than within their own stand and on paid advertising poster sites and billboards.

Exhibitor’s representatives may not distribute promotional literature, brochures, invitations etc. along gangways or near the entrance/exits. Such activities are to be confined within the stand boundaries.

All efforts to advertise, promote sales and operate exhibits or Sponsorship by the Exhibitor must be conducted in such a way as not to cause any annoyance or inconvenience to other exhibitors or visitors and must only take place in the Space allotted for exhibition or as granted as part of the Sponsorship

  • All efforts to advertise, promote sales and operate exhibits or Sponsorship by the Exhibitor must be conducted in such a way as not to cause any annoyance or inconvenience to other exhibitors or visitors and must only take place in the Space allotted for exhibition or as granted as part of the Sponsorship
  • The Exhibitor shall maintain its stand in a clean and tidy state for the duration of the Event and will have its staff dressed appropriately (no nudity or semi-nudity)
  • The Exhibitor will not paste or otherwise affix or exhibit advertisements anywhere in the building except on its stand and/or where granted as part of the Sponsorship.
  • The Exhibitor will not distribute, exhibit or advertise any third party materials, items or services at the Event
  • The Organiser reserves the right to require any Exhibitor to remove any material or cease any activity at the Organiser’s sole discretion


Exhibition stand staff are expected to dress in business and/or business casual attire. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that all staff deployed on or around their stand (whether the exhibitor’s direct employees or their contractors) are dressed in an appropriate, professional manner. In recognition of the many cultures and nationalities present at 4YFN & 4YFN, attire of an overly revealing or suggestive nature is strictly prohibited. Examples of such attire may include, but are not restricted to: 

  • Tops displaying excessive cleavage (purposely exposing excess cleavage)
  • Tank tops, halter tops, camisole tops or tube tops (Shoulders are not required to be covered however it is advised to opt for wider strap tops / dresses over ‘tight spaghetti string tops’. Crop tops showing midriffs will also not be accepted)
  • Miniskirts or mini-dresses (Knees are not required to be covered. It is advised that if wearing short skirts / dresses they are not bodycon, tight fitting, slinky, body hugging)
  • Shorts
  • Second-skin bodysuits

These guidelines are applicable to all stand staff, regardless of gender, and will be strictly enforced. 
The GSMA as organisers reserve the right to request that any individual of exhibition staff, change their attire or leave the premises immediately if their appearance is perceived to be offensive to other exhibitors or participants   


Drones or any other type of remote controlled flying objects are prohibited at the event in order to ensure our attendees health and safety and privacy. Exceptions to this rule may be granted as part of sponsorship packages where special conditions will be established.


The organisers reserve the right to request that use of sound systems be limited to certain times of the day or, if the nuisance remains, turn off the sound system. They also reserve the right to curtail or ban demonstrations if complaints are received. 

Any exhibitors wishing to feature presentations, demonstrations, simulations or devices producing noise, shall adhere to the following rules and regulations: 

  • Any equipment, presentations, demonstrations, simulations or devices producing noise that disturb neighbouring exhibitors or visitors will not be tolerated. 
  • All noise originating from an exhibit must be set at a reasonable level at all times and shall not exceed 3db above background noise, measured from 3m distance to the booth. This applies to booths both inside and outside.
  • Out of respect for the fellow exhibitors, it is requested that demonstrations, which may generate noise during the event opening hours, are kept to a minimum. 
  • The recommended decibel for an event is 70db to maintain good health and safety standards for your booth staff, clients, visitors and neighbours. Excess exposure to high levels of noise can cause short or long term damaging effects. 
  • Any Speaker(s) or sound equipment within an exhibiting booth must be positioned to minimise the amount of noise or distraction towards aisles and neighbouring exhibits. 
  • Any audio or visual productions being played within an exhibit must be positioned to minimise the amount of noise or distraction towards aisles and neighbouring exhibits. 
We advise you to download a volume meter app, should you wish to keep control of the volume of your music.
If you are playing music or showing videos on your booth please refer to the COPYRIGHTS RULES


Suitcasing: The practice of companies or persons who attend shows as attendees but " work the aisles" , soliciting business from other attendees and exhibitors.

Outboarding: Non-supporting companies which set up exhibits or events at off-site locations, such as hotel hospitality suites or nearby restaurants, and encourage attendees to leave the show floor and spend time with them.

Both practices are strictly prohibited at the event. For the good of the show and the exhibitors supporting the event, the only legitimate area to conduct business during event hours, is within a contracted exhibition or hospitality space at the Venue. The Company shall not suggest or encourage an event participant to attend a location outside the Venue, in order to conduct business.


The Organiser must be informed of any events such as parties, receptions, press conferences within your Exhibition Space area. Events are only allowed to take place during the event opening hours of your hall and need to comply with the noise rules.
Any exhibitor deemed to be entertaining on their stand after the show closes each evening will be asked to finish their event and make their way to the venue exit.

If you wish to hold an event on your stand please go to Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual and complete the BOOTH EVENT form.
The Organisers will then reply either accepting your request for an event or declining with stated reasons.
If you have any questions please contact:


Photography and filming is not permitted during build-up or dismantling. Anyone found taking photos or filming will be stopped by security.

During show open days, photographing and filming of stands or products on stands is prohibited without the prior authorisation of the exhibitor(s) concerned and the organiser. Exhibitors are allowed to take photos or videos of their own stands; however other stands may only be photographed or filmed by official 4YFN & xside photographers. Privately hired photographers are not permitted without authorisation of the organiser. 

During show open days, photographing and filming is permitted in accordance with the below.

  • Attendees (including exhibitors) agree  not to:
    • bring in any recording devices (photographic, audio, video, etc.) or use such devices for other than a private non-commercial purposes w/o GSMA’s prior written consent
    • make any recordings/take photographs for any purpose of speakers, exhibitors, or their materials w/o GSMA’s prior written consent
    • make any recordings/take photographs of other stands without prior authorisation of the exhibitor
    • publish or disseminate such recordings/photographs w/o GSMA’s prior written consent
    • Place any tripods or other stationary photography or video equipment and cabling outside stand spaces or in public gangways

To obtain GSMA’s consent, please contact customer care at

Attendees (including exhibitors)  consent to:

  • GSMA/ its agents making recordings (electroni recording, film, video, audio, photography) of the Attendee w/o compensation. GSMA is the copyright owner of such recordings. 
  • Third parties capturing their image without compensation. Such third parties are released from all claims related to defamation, invasion of the right of privacy, publicity or personality, copyright or trademark infringement and unfair competition.  

Please contact one of the  official photographers  if you wish to use their services. 


Members of the press are strictly not allowed access to the exhibition halls during build-up or dismantling periods. Exhibitors who are found to have registered press as exhibition staff and have facilitated press access to the exhibition floor during these periods will be in violation of terms and conditions. Offenders will be expelled from the venue. 


If you are planning any form of attraction on your stand which requires a queue system or a large gathering of people, this must be included within your stand footprint. Any queue or gather spilling into the gangway surrounding the stand or into the main aisles will be moved and the attraction stopped until a solution is put in place with the organisers.


The use of certain robotics on your stand are classed as “Special Activities” and require further review and approval from the Organisers. Please read through the below for further information on the types of activities require a Special Activity Form to be submitted.

All robotics devices will be inspected on-site by the health and safety team, and may be subject to additional questions/confirmation regarding safety

Domestic robots, household robots and service robots

If you are planning any demonstrations which involve robotic devices developed for use by the general public (housework robots, surveillance robots, entertainment robots, and others) and / or have interaction with attendees, devices must comply with the EC safety standards and be CE marked. Documentary evidence or labeling may be required on-site by the health and safety team.

Important:  Any part of a robot which is used to cut or could be sharp, must be removed from the device

This special activity will be inspected on-site by the health and safety team. 

Robots, Devices or Machinery interacting with Humans

Demonstrations involving industrial robots and machinery that do not interact with humans, including, but not limited to, robot arms, articulated robots, and manufacturer machinery must follow the below regulations:

If the device will interact with humans, please review the next section.

This special activity will be inspected on-site by the health and safety team. 

Robots, Devices or Machinery Interacting with Humans

Demonstrations involving robots or devices designed to operate in close proximity or interact with humans require further review and approval from the Organisers. Please submit the Special Activity Form located in the  Forms & Deadlines  section of this manual.   

All such devices must comply with the relevant European safety standards and directives. It is important that you submit all of the documentation and technical information describing the safety features of the device such as stopping mechanisms, power and force limiting, safe reduced speed, etc. Please check the body of the “Special Activity Form” for further information.

This special activity will be inspected on-site by the health and safety team. 



Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from selling goods and services, for cash or otherwise, inside the Venue. anchor


Certain activities such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) self-driving cars, vehicle demonstrations, attendee participation activities, simulations, strobe lighting, and robotics, among others, require further review and approval from the organisers. 

Please refer to the Special Activities and prohibited goods section below of what is considered to be a special activity.

Should you wish to conduct a special activity on your stand, please complete and submit the Special Activity Form  which can be found in the Forms & Deadlines section.    

If in doubt please submit the form and the Organiser will advise if any further action is required.

All special activities will be inspected on-site by the health and safety team, and may be subject to additional questions/confirmation regarding safety.

Special Activities and Prohibited Goods

Unless specifically agreed by the Organisers in writing following a notice period of at least 70 days' prior to the start of the Event, the following goods and equipment are prohibited and will not be admitted on to the exhibition floor: 

  • Flammable liquids or gases
  • Naked flames incl. candles, torches etc.
  • Compressed gas cylinders 
  • Radioactive materials 
  • Radiation generators 
  • Goods classified as hazardous including toxic, corrosive, irritant, harmful or oxidising materials (with the exception of small quantities of domestic cleaning materials in containers or aerosols of less than 500 cc capacity) 
  • Any activity involving water where there is a risk of legionella i.e. water features, fountains etc. 
  • Explosive, pyrophoric or spontaneous combustible materials
  • Smoke machines 
  • Lasers other than Class 1 lasers or those in completely enclosed equipment 
  • Equipment that may cause nuisance due to odour, emission of objectionable noises or stroboscopic or disturbing lights, simulators and rides 
  • Animals
  • Machinery with moving parts on display including Robots or robotic features (see specific section Robotics)
  • Gas cylinders
  • Simulation Rides
  • Certain types of Virtual Reality 
  • Self-Driving Cars and vehicle demonstrations
  • Drones or remote controlled flying objects
  • Strobe or fast changing visuals 
  • Acrobatics or any other kind of activity that involves performers or artists


It is not permitted to organize any show cooking initiatives or any other similar activities in the hall during build up, event days or dismantling. Any show-cooking activities will be sanctioned. If you are planning to have a special activity on your stand, submit the Special Activity Form in Forms and Deadlines, we will review the information and either accept or declined it with a reason provided. 


Smoking, including the use of smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes and unregulated nicotine products within FIRA premises (Fira Montjuïc) is strictly prohibited except in designated areas. This prohibition applies to build up, show days and dismantling days.


All exhibitors / contractors wishing to use strobes or fast changing visuals on their stand are to notify the organisers by Friday 15 November 2019, with a clear, detailed explanation.

The below regulations are mandatory when using strobes or fast changing visuals:

  • Strobes are to be mounted as high above head height as is practicable
  • The number of flashes or image changes is less than 5 per second (5Hz) 
  • Strobes are not permitted to be on, for more than 30 seconds at any one time
  • Any effect should be positioned outside the normal eyeline of the public or delegates
  • Where more than one strobe light is being used the flashes should be synchronized
  • Warning signs must be present.
  • Where possible, the lights should be bounced off walls and ceilings or diffused by other means so that glare is reduced.
  • Continuous operation of strobe lighting for long periods over 30 minutes, should be avoided.
  • Strobe lighting is prohibited on the staircases of all double deck / 2 storey stands
  • The maximum intensity level allowed for this type of light will be 3000 lux measured at 2 meters from any point on the ground
  • Any special effects on the stand should be positions in a way that any neighbouring stands are not affected. Any complaints from neighbouring stands will result in the onsite Health& Safety representative investigating
  • Under no circumstances may light be projected directly or indirectly on passage areas such as walkways, skywalks, aisle or common areas

The Organisers and / or the Venue Organisers, reserve the right to curtail or ban demonstrations if complaints are received.


Engine driven vehicles, electric vehicles, vessels or machinery will only be admitted to be displayed during the exhibition if a special activity form has been submitted and accepted by the deadline. You can submit the Special Activity form through the Forms & Deadlines page in this Manual.

Please note the following rules regarding any vehicles on display:

    • The fuel tanks of motor vehicles must contain only sufficient fuel to move the vehicle in and out of the hall.
    • The fuel tanks on all other petrol engine equipment must be empty
    • The fuel tank must be sealed, wherever possible with a lockable cap
    • All vehicles must be provided with a drip tray and shall be positioned within the boundaries of the stand so that any protrusions, doors, tail lifts etc., do not infringe the stand perimeter
    • The running of engines during the open period of an exhibition is strictly prohibited
    • Filling or emptying of fuel tanks inside the hall is strictly prohibited at all times.
    • Battery must be disconnected (this does not apply to new cars which have on-board computer systems)

  • DELIVERY DATE: We recommend to deliver any vehicles on Saturday 22nd February 2020 (last day we allow vehicles to get in the venue during build-up period). There are more risks of damage if the vehicle is positioned before this date.
  • COLLECTION DATE: Collection of the vehicle should be ideally on Thursday 27 February 2020 at 08:00, when dismantling is starting and before gangways become blocked up with storage items
  • BUILD-UP PROCEDURE: Please refer to the Vehicle Access section of this manual.

Fira Barcelona and the organisers do not take responsibility for any damages to the vehicle or any other items or stand constructions during move-in or removal of the vehicle

If you are planning Autonomous driving displays or any demo’s including the movement of cars, vehicle demo in your stand please make sure to submit the “Special Activity Form” which can be found in the Forms & Deadlines section of this manual.


Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality involve immersive activities that distract and change the view of a participant’s actual surroundings. Such activities have the potential to cause injuries resulting from tripping, running into or striking walls, furniture, other objects or people.

In conducting VR, AR or MR activities, an Exhibitor must adhere to the following guidelines:

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) activities may also involve certain health risks. Such risks include motion sickness, nausea, dizziness, seizures, disorientation, loss of balance, and post-traumatic stress disorder responses. 

Exhibitors must ensure that participants in VR, AR or MR activities are fully aware of the health and safety warnings pertaining to such activities including through the use of safety signs to inform attendees of such risks.

Exhibitors are solely responsible for any and all risks and liabilities associated with any VR, AR, MR or other activities conducted at its stand. 


Exhibitors must submit the Special Activity Form if the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) planned activity involves any of the following:

• The participant’s engagement in any physical activity while engaging in the VR, AR, or MR activity
• If the activity requires the use of any props such as a holding an object like a bat / racket of any kind
• Any VR, AR or MR activity in which the participant moves / revolves 180 to 360 degrees
• Simulator rides or chairs with moving parts

Please complete and submit the  SPECIAL ACTIVITY form which can be found in the Forms & Deadlinessection of this manual.


It is forbidden to install or operate devices that propagate a wireless signal, as these will cause interferences in the general services provided at the venue.  Examples of what is not allowed can be found below:
  • Mobile hotspots (sharing your mobile Internet connection, thus creating a WiFi network)
  • MiFi devices
  • Beacons
  • Wireless microphones and/or cameras
  • Any other device that uses the unlicensed 2.4GHz or 5GHz spectra 
  • WiFi access points, also known as WiFi routers

In the interests of every exhibitor, unauthorized wireless networks will be detected and shut down. All exhibitors must adhere to the wireless policy and penalty processes will be activated if any are found to be in breach of the policy.

Please submit your Wireless Policy Acceptance form through the Forms & Deadlines page before Friday 24 January 2020.

Please remember the main driver for this WiFi strategy is to improve your WiFi experience at 4YFN please view the Best Practices Infographic  to understand general do’s and don’ts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We understand that some exhibitors may require a special WiFi network for demonstrations. If you have a specific business need, please contact Fira Barcelona at 4yfn.internet@firabarcelona.combefore Friday 17 January 2020 to discuss your requirements. 

The WiFi service is provided throughout the exhibition halls by Fira Barcelona. This service is provided exclusively in the 5GHz band that allows a better performance in crowded areas. Nearly all of the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops also run 5GHz WiFi.

Please make sure you have 5GHz compatible devices at 4YFN 2020. Click here for instructions on how to find out if your devices are compatible with the 5GHz Wi-Fi service.

For other cellular frequencies, please contact Fira IT Services on the below contact:

With any questions, please contact Fira IT Services: 

+34 93 233 2116


The organiser’s, The GSMA have adopted The Guide to Global Standards of Health and Safety at Exhibitions as minimum standard of health and safety that all venues, exhibitors and contractors should abide by. These standards are set out in the g-Guide which we strongly recommend that your contractor downloads.

Please note that the documents are regularly updated, so to ensure that your stand complies with current regulations, please ensure that your contractor regularly checks for these at the links above. Generally, if G-Guide specifications are adhered to (together with the specific 4YFN & xside regulations), stands will be issued with ‘Permission to Commence Build’ promptly. Please encourage your contractors to study it carefully so as to avoid delays.

It is a legal requirement that all ‘Space-Only’ stands are inspected independently for compliance with prevailing Health and Safety Law and Approved Codes of Practice.

The Organisers insists on safe working practices during the tenancy at the venue. Whilst the list below is not designed to be comprehensive, the following are important areas where a zero-tolerance stance will be taken without negotiation. Therefore, we advise you strongly to brief all personnel representing you on site (contractors, staff and any other personnel connected to your business), that they should arrive prepared.

The Deadline for ALL plans and documents to be submitted is Friday 10 January 2020


Space only stands do not include walling, stand dividers, stand fittings, electrics, carpet or floor coverings and you are responsible for organising all of this at your own cost.

  • All space-only stands must be designed and built by experienced exhibition contractors/ stand-builders
  • The design of your stand is your responsibility and must be substantial by nature
  • Dividing walls between stands must consist of solid walling, provided by you
  • Any partition walls with neighbour stands and back walls must be dressed on the rear side in a neutral colour and without logos or branding. Signage, logos or projections are not allowed on this area so as to be visible from the adjacent stand
  • When you arrive on-site, the area of the stand will be marked out on the floor. It is your responsibility to ensure that the stand is built to the correct floor markings. If you are in any doubt about the location of your stand, please speak to the Hall Manager who will be able to assist you in establishing the boundaries within which you and your contractors must build and work
  • When you design your stand please ensure that the view of other stands and of the exhibition as a whole is not obstructed. For further information, please read through the “Enclosed Exhibition Stand (50% Rule)”


Barriers shall be provided to protect exposed edges of landings, balconies and any other changes of levels exceeding 360mm.


In order to keep an open concept in the “Space only” area and for the benefit for all exhibitors, we will regulate the height of the walling in your space to a maximum height of 3m.

Exhibits and walling should be positioned in such a way as not to obstruct the view of the exhibition or adjacent stands.


For all Space Only booths being categorised as CO-WORKING SPACE ONLY, please note that NO WALLING will be permitted in the area and only seating style constructions will be allowed. 

Stand partitions:

  • All Space Only stands, except for those categorised as CO-WORKING SPACE ONLY, must provide their own self-supportive partition walling where backing onto a neighbouring stand or perimeter walling with the minimum height being 2.5m.
  • Any partition walls with neighbour stands and back walls must be dressed from the rear using a plain white finish and without logos or branding.
  • Any perimeter walls, not neighbouring other stands can be branded on the outside with company logo and/or open branding.
  • Rigged structures are not permitted on the exhibition area.
  • Totally enclosed stands are not permitted on the exhibition floor.

Exceptions to the above will be considered by the organizers on a case by case basis and only if all affected neighbour stands have agreed in writing.

Click here to see updated technical floorplans. Any changes to floorplans should be checked with as this regulations may be affected.


Exhibitors may cover their stands with a ceiling structure provided that they observe the  material specifications and health and safety regulations particularly about  smoke detectors.

It must be remembered that ceilings can be seen from higher floors and especially the upper walkway and so their finish should be aesthetically pleasing and be included into the planning of your stand design. In order to achieve a harmonious effect the Organiser may require changes to be made in the ceiling finishes, even if this entails additional expense to the exhibitor.

Important note: All space only stands are to remember that the top of stands must also be capped off. The top of stands are to be dressed to conceal internal structure from the gallery viewing.

The Show Operations Team reserves the right to force the stand contractor to make any amendments to the stand build onsite, at the expense of the contractor / exhibitor, that they feel deviates from the below rules & regulations and standard health & safety polices.


Name boards are not supplied on space only stands. It might be a good idea to add your stand number into the design of your stand, to help visitors find you. This is not mandatory.


Doors for entry and exit located on the edge of stands must not open outwards onto a gangway.

Manual sliding doors are only permitted in rooms with a maximum capacity of 50 persons.

Automatic sliding doors are only permitted with backup security systems that automatically open the door in case of a power cut and a manual override button that can open the door in case of an emergency. Such installations have to be made with a 24h power supply.

Sliding doors that are located in emergency routes also have to be fitted with above mentioned security systems for automatic sliding doors.


  • Fully enclosed stands are not permitted on the exhibition floor.
  • Exhibits and walling must be positioned in such a way as not to obstruct the view of the exhibition or adjacent stands.
  • Only up to / a maximum of 50% of any open side of a stand is permitted to have an outside wall (see example below)
  • The organisers will not allow walls to be stepped back in order to overcome this ruling.
  • Solid runs of walling along open perimeters are not permitted unless facing a venue wall. Under no circumstances are neighbouring stands to be visually blocked off from the rest of the exhibition.
  • As the rule is to ensure visibility, handrails up to 1.1m height (including platform) are considered ‘open’.
  • The outside finish must be the same as inside or equivalent in quality of build.
  • A complete side solid is be decorated and branded appropriately i.e., covered with branding, artwork, frosting on glass etc., however, these must not protrude into the aisle. Please indicate this on your stand plans

Exceptions to the above will be considered by the organisers on a case by case basis and only if all affected neighbour stands have agreed in writing

NOTE FOR BUILD-UP: Visual enclosures during build-up in order to protect the privacy of exhibition stands are only permitted if they are structurally sound and are kept within the boundaries of the stand space.



  • A continuous handrail must be provided where there are two or more risers
  • Handrails shall be non-climbable, i.e. with solid infills or vertical guardrails, which should be no more than 100mm apart and without horizontal members between verticals
  • The height of a handrail shall be a minimum of 900mm measured vertically from the pitch line of the stair to the top of the handrail
  • Handrails shall be continued as necessary around landings
  • Handrails shall not project on to the required width of the staircase for more than 100mm
  • All projecting ends of handrails shall be designed and constructed so as to avoid injury to persons descending a staircase


No elements, banners, balloons or other equipment is allowed to hang from ceilings. No rigging requests on the exhibition area will be approved by 4YFN & xside.


  • It is possible to build enclosed meeting area within a Space Only stand as long as it respects the stand partition rule and are no higher than 3m.
  • Hospitality Suites are meant for the purposes of private meetings and private entertainment. Hospitality Suite structures should be enclosed in such a manner as to prevent general access to the suite, allowing access only to pre-invited guests.
  • Hospitality Suites cannot include provision for any kind of public product demonstration.
  • Promotional videos should not be displayed along the perimeter of the Hospitality Suite, nor should promotional videos be viewable from the surrounding aisles. Any non-promotional videos that can be viewed from the aisles should be without sound
  • If you are planning to build a meeting room within your Space Only stand, please indicate it clearly in your Stand Plan Submission form.

If you are interested in renting a meeting room outside of your Space Only Stand, please contact your account manager


  • It is strictly prohibited to make any fixtures to the hall installations, walls, floors, ceilings or columns
  • All connection panels set in the hall floors must always be accessible
  • The exhibition surface area may not be covered with either paint or glue. The only permitted covering for the exhibition space is a platform or carpeting which must be removed by the exhibitor at the end of the event including the removal of any adhesive tape
  • Any damage incurred by exhibitors or their delegates to the exhibition hall walls, installations etc. will be repaired by Fira and charged to the exhibitor


It is obligatory to cover the concrete exhibition floor. Carpet is only provided for Stand and Meeting Room packages and Turnkey Solutions. If you have a Space Only stand you must make arrangements to cover the floor of your stand. It is strictly forbidden to paint or plaster the stand floors or to use glue to attach the floor covering. Only double-sided adhesive tape may be used for this purpose. This must be removed at the end of the Exhibition.


Fitted carpets, drugget, matting, crumb cloths and other textile floor covering and under-lays must comply with the standards below supported by documentary evidence or labelling.

British Standards - BS 4790 Spanish or M Class or European Standards - BS EN 13501.

You will be able to order carpet and platforms for your stand from our official supplier servifira. For further details, please contact servifira on email: or Tel: +34 93 233 2000. Please note that servifira online ordering website will be available soon

All floor coverings must be secured and maintained so that they do not cause a hazard. Mats shall be sunk, so they are flush with the floor of the stand. Any materials used for your booth installation or floor finishing must be flame retardant. When installing flooring materials such as carpet or pytex, special attention shall be paid so as not to damage the original floor, and no flooring materials shall be installed for the hallway.

It is strictly forbidden to paint or plaster the stand floors, or to use adhesive glue, including tape or bond; cable clips, screws or bolts to attach the floor covering. Fixing of floor coverings to the hall floor may only be carried out using the approved double-sided adhesive tape. This must be removed at the end of the Exhibition.

Please note: All costs relating to damage to the venue (including the floor), or any tape not removed by the end of the tenancy period, will be charged directly to the exhibitor’s responsible.


  • All gangways must remain unobstructed and accessible at all times
  • Under no circumstances will any part of your stand, furniture, exhibits or displays be allowed to project beyond the boundary of your stand
  • No doors or windows shall open outwards onto a gangway
  • Night sheets must be tied securely and neatly throughout the day and avoid obstruction to gangways
  • Building across gangways is not permitted.


The provision of a platform is not obligatory. If exhibitor decide to build a platform, it should be at a maximum of 5cm high.

Open corners of stand floors and platforms with sharp edges must be avoided. Platform edges must be fully highlighted and the use of the platform must be included within the risk assessment. You can order platform and ramp from our official supplier servifira.


All stands with a platform must have an access ramp. The slope of any ramp shall be uniform and no steeper than 1:10. Level landings shall be provided at the top and bottom of ramps and any intermediate position where exit doors open on to them. The minimum width of the ramp should be 1m. This slope should be within the stand and should not protrude into the aisle.


The luminescence of projections, electronic lighting display walls such as LED walls or other types of luminescent displays or general lighting within stands may have to be adjusted to avoid disturbances to neighbour stands. Such devices should be placed in such way to not affect surrounding stands. Stand lightning should be installed within the stand structure. No rigging requests on exhibition floor will be approved.


All materials used must meet the relevant   Spanish CTE (Código Técnico de la Edificación), British, M or Euroclass standard. We draw your attention to the fact that only materials authorised by competent laboratories which attain the required EC standards can be used. Test certificates for the classes of building materials and the required material characteristics shall be supplied upon request. Certain materials are extremely dangerous due to their flammability and as such their use is prohibited. The specification of materials is quite explicit as to their classification and usage. Please see our guidelines below.


Fabrics and other decorative materials used for stand dressing must be flame-proofed or purchased already treated by use of an approved chemical. Suitable samples of materials shall be submitted for approval or documentary evidence provided. Materials may be tested on site to ensure that they comply.
Untreated wallpaper and similar thin surface finishes, not exceeding 1mm in thickness, may be accepted, provided they are fixed firmly with an approved adhesive.
 Artificial plants and flowers are combustible and give off toxic fumes. They must therefore, not be used for stand dressing. Silk type flowers are acceptable providing they have been fireproofed and are marked as such or provided with supporting documentation.

British Standards

BS 5438 or BS EN ISO 6940 and 6941

Spanish, M Class or European Standards

BS EN 13501

Class M1 or Euroclasses

A1, A2 or Euroclasses A1, A2 or B


All glazing and mirrors used in the construction of stands must consist of safety glass which is laminated. The use of annealed and tempered glass will not be accepted. The material must comply with the Spanish AENOR, British and/or European standards (e.g. BS 6206 and BS 6262 or BS EN 12600). Documentary evidence or labelling is required  

Any uninterrupted, large areas of clear glazing or mirrors must be indicated with warning stripes, dots, logos, etc. Corners must be polished or protected if they would otherwise pose a hazard to people striking them.

Overhead glazing or mirrors shall be of wired or laminated glass to ensure they are adequately protected from shattering.

Nominal thickness Maximum pane size dimensions - The table/graph below shows the laminate thickness required (pg. 34 of G-Guide)


Thickness Required

1100mm x 1100mm


2250mm x 2250mm


4500mm x 4500mm


No limit




Plastics must conform to the requirements of BS 476-Part-7-Class 1 Fire Regulation. Plastic plants, trees, etc must also conform to this standard. Polycarbonate materials such as Lexan and Macrolon are acceptable. Perspex must not be used.


Plastic must conform to the requirements of M0 or M1. Documentary evidence is required. Plastic plants, trees, floating decorations etc must also conform to this standard. Perspex must not be used.


For M0 class above read A1 or A2. For M1 class above read A1, A2 or B classes. Documentary evidence is required.



Timber used in construction and displays under 25mm thick must be impregnated to Class 1 standard, in accordance with BS 476 - Part 7. The exception to this is MDF, which is acceptable for use due to its density.

NOTE: Treated boards will have BS 476 - Part 7 - Class 1 marked on them.


Laminated wood more than 18mm thick or non-laminated between 5mm and 18mm shall be labelled or certified to M3. Non-laminated wood more than 18mm should be assumed to comply with M3 without the need for supporting documentary evidence.

Wood-based composite or plywood below 5mm requires to be M1 supported by reports. It may also be impregnated with suitable fire proofing substances applied by an approved method to M2 standards provided that certificates are supplied with the name of the product, a description and date of the approved applications. 


For M1 class above read A1, A2 or B classes. For M2 read A1, A2, B or C. For M3 read A1, A2, B, C or D. Documentary evidence is required and should be submitted along with your plans.


Only water-based paints or adhesives may be used on site. Protective measures must be taken to ensure that no paint or adhesive is spilt or sprayed on to the fabric of the building

Fabrics and materials treated with fire resistant solutions should not be over painted with water-based paints

For Spanish or M class or European classes, paints should be of class M0 or M1 (euroclass A1, A2 or B) and be supported by documentary evidence. Nitrocellulose based paints are prohibited.


  • Pillars are located within some stands. These may be decorated without damaging them and in accordance with permitted height regulations taking into account that if they include connection boxes or fire equipment, these need to stay accessible at all times. Coverings must not be applied directly to the pillar but should be separated from it by means of an empty space or a soft material such as felt or insulating material placed against the pillar.
  • Pillars can be decorated or cladded up to 3m high max.
  • Many pillars and walls in the halls include fire safety equipment. These pillars can be cladded but must leave equipment, hoses, fire extinguishers or panic buttons completely visible and accessible at all times.
  • The cladding cannot be a completely enclosed. Doors cannot be mounted in the cladding system. The front of the fire equipment needs to remain accessible
  • When cladding around a fire hydrant that is equipped with a panic button an opening on the cladding on this side needs to be provided. The opening needs to be big enough to fit a hand comfortably and reach it (minimum 15x15cm).  Signage needs to be provided on top of it to facilitate its location and visibility.
  • Fire equipment signage on pillars and walls.
    • The exhibitor may request fixed signs attached to pillars or walls to be removed if it collides with their structure. Only Fira can remove them and a cost might be associated with this. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to substitute this signage in the same place where it will be visible (same height or the closest possible to the original position).
  • As with any other technical installation in the halls, pillars and walls must not structurally support any loads pertaining to stand decoration or any objects on display.
  • Please click here to view the village map, technical floor plans. Downloading options are .PDF, .DXF and .SVG files.
  • Exhibitors who have a pillar within their stand or partly on their stand can build cladding around it and brand this pillar. However the following rules have to be strictly adhered to:
  • The cladding has to be done by the exhibitor's stand builders in accordance the stand building rules laid out in our manual
  • The height of this type of cladding should never be any higher than the highest build element of the exhibitor's stand
  • The cladding has to be approved in accordance with our   Stand Plan Submission rules
  • The cladding has to be done flush against the pillar in order to minimize the impact on the public gangway. It should never exceed 100mm surrounding the footprint of the pillar
  • It is not permitted to create extra space for storage etc.
  • Any service boxes will need to be accessible at all times
  • If there is no agreement between the parties facing the pillar, the pillar has to be left as is
  • Where pillars are touching a stand boundary or they are located part on the gangway and part on one or more stands, the affected stands only have the right to clad the pillar and come to an agreement who can brand which side etc.
  • 4YFN & xside have always the right to refuse proposals of such cladding
  • In some cases the organisers will permit this type of cladding to pillars located on gangways in front of stands. If there is a pillar on a gangway between stands, the stands facing that pillar need to be in agreement about who can brand this pillar. The affected exhibitors can come up with a plan to each dress one side etc. as long as all parties agree (this has to be in writing)
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse any designs or request amendments to designs, which in their opinion have a detrimental effect to neighbouring exhibitors or the overall look of the exhibition. 


  • For more technical details of electrical installations please read the ” Electrical Safety” section.
  • All service chests and exhibitor boxes must be accessible at all times. Platforms must leave access to the underneath chest.
  • At Montjuïc venue, the multiple conductor cable will be provided in its tips of ring terminals with a minimum diameter of 6 mm and a maximum of 10 mm. The connection to the supply boxes of the Fira must be performed only by authorized personnel of Fira. Before that, the required documentation needs to be presented.

Electrical connection to service chests or exhibitor boxes 

In the Montjuïc venue, once the installation permit is obtained, and with a copy of the same, the installer shall request the connection from the Hall Manager who shall notify the Fira de Barcelona electrical service in order to proceed with connecting the power supply of the stand in the presence of the installer. The electrical service shall verify that the installation permit is authorized and shall proceed to connect.

During the build up period, short power cuts generated by connecting the switchboards of other exhibitors that share the exhibitor box may occur.

In the case that an exhibitor notices the need to modify their contracted power or add another switchboard during the event, this can be managed through the Fira de Barcelona sales department (, but this modification shall not be carried out until Fira de Barcelona considers it appropriate in order to avoid affecting other exhibitors.

Power supply through service lines 

When the power supply is greater than the power of the exhibitor box, the available connection points have been used up or a power supply is required in areas without services, an electrical service line connected to the Fira de Barcelona fixed installations must be installed.

This service line consists of a cable hose and a switch for supply to the exhibitor. This final switch can sometimes be omitted upon providing the supply in an exhibitor switchboard. This installation shall be carried out by the Fira de Barcelona technical personnel.

In this case and for all purposes, the point where the electrical service line installed by Fira de Barcelona ends shall be considered the starting point of the electrical installation of the stand.

When it is necessary to install an electrical service line, it must be requested from the Fira de Barcelona Sales Department ( two (2) weeks prior to the start of the event build up. The costs associated with the installation of a service line shall be charged to the exhibitor requiring the service.


  • The type of cable used between the Fira Barcelona supply box and the stand switchboard shall be 0.6/1 kV isolation type. Conductors to be used in the stand installation must be 0.6/1kV isolation level. Conductors of 450/750 V isolation level can be used with a rubber isolation (Type H07RN-F)
  • Colour code to identify the phase conductors is: black, brown or grey. Blue is identified for neutral conductor ant the green / yellow for ground conductor
  • Minimum section of the conductors depending on the protection installed

MCCB (Amperes)

Minimum section (mm)
























50 (35 for open air conductor)


70 (50 for open air conductor)

  • The ground conductor must be of the same section as the phase – neutral conductors until 16 mm2. From 16 mm2on, it can be reduced by half


  • Metal structures, receptors and, in general, everything that has metal parts and that could become live if a fault occurred, shall be connected to the ground distribution.
  • Trusses must be earthed, if any electrical installation (light fitting, wall outlet, cable etc.) is present in its immediate vicinity (on/below/through the truss).
  • Aluminium system stands must be earthed.
  • Steel constructions must be earthed, if any electrical installation (light fitting, wall outlet, cable etc.) is present in its immediate vicinity (on/below/through the construction).
  • Earthing takes place by a separate wire, connected as close as possible to or at the earthing point of the switch and distribution box (depending on the situation, by means of “plug in wall outlet” {if a better solution is not available}).
  • Junctions can be made with wire connectors, provided these are suitable for the (flexible) cable in question.
  • Junctions (whether or not within arm’s reach) must be protected by a junction box.
  • Earth leakage circuit breakers must have classification A (AC are not permitted).
  • Splitters are not permitted.
  • All lighting circuits and outlets of less than 32A shall be protected with 30 mA residual current circuit breaker (RCCB). All electrical equipment that is accessible to the public must be also protected with 30 mA RCCB
  • All circuits must be protected against overcurrents with omnipolar cut off (phase-neutral) in its origin


  • Only Spanish regulation will be accepted.  For any other case not explained, please follow the current Regulation of Low Voltage (Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión) published in the Royal Decree 842/2002 (Real Decreto 842/2002)
  • It must always be taken into account that the electrical distribution in a stand must be legalized by a sole owner, the legalization being separate for each stand. In the case of stand islands for several exhibitors, each of the stands must be legalized separately in accordance with Industrial Safety Law 12/2008 of July 31st.
  • Installations must be standardized and certified by a licensed electrical installer authorized by the Autonomous Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) who draws up the necessary documentation
  • Stands up to 50 kW require a Technical Design Project
  • Stands with more than 50 kW power must be legalized through an electrical project conducted by a local collegiate engineer. This Electrical project has a fee. For more information please contact with servifira at
  • The power supply will be available from 07.00 to 23.00 during the exhibition period, except on the last event day, Wednesday 26 February when for logistical reasons power to stands in exhibition halls will be switched off at 18.00. If you need power at any other times (including dismantling) you have to order additional power please see the  Exhibition Suppliers Please note: the additional power will be installed on a different switchboard e.g. if you need 24-hour power you will have two different switchboards

For high amounts of electricity and for the exterior areas it may be possible that a power generator is needed. Please contact servifira in order to receive a quote 

Should you require a high amount of kW or a three-phase switchboard in any of the Halls please contact servifira in order to receive a quote: please click here to email or Tel:+ 34 932332000 

For power supplies of all other stands packages, please check under the relevant section on Manage my Exhibition Space page.


No rigging requests for exhibition area will be approved by 4YFN & xside. Please direct any questions to


Water connections may be available for your stand or hospitality suite depending on where it is located. If your stand is located in Hall 1, Hall 2 or on the exterior, you must contact   servifira in order to check that this service is available given that there are limitations in these areas.

Any activity involving water where there is a risk of legionella (i.e. water features, fountains, etc.) is prohibited in the hall unless specifically requested and agreed by the organizer 90 days in advanced, complying with the national rules and regulation from the Spanish hygiene and health department (click here to see the rules)

Please provide the following information to the organizer: 

  • A certificate that ensures that the material used is new and has been properly installed, so there is no risk of spreading of legionella

In addition, it is mandatory to comply with the following regulations:

  • The temperature of the water needs to be below 20º or above 60º.
  • Reduce to a maximum the pulverization of water
  • Water should be treated to avoid contamination (chlorine for example). Please provide detail treatment product to organizer.


  • There are water and drainage outlets in the Halls, but if additional conduits need to be installed, these will be charged to the exhibitor. The screw-thread 1/2" and the drainage channel is 32mm.
  • Pressure piping with double sided threads should be used for piping
  • Water pressure in the Fira piping system is 4 bars. At night this can reach 5 bars
  • For apparatus that require a constant water pressure, it is recommended that regulators are used and, where necessary, devices that increase the pressure
  • The Organiser takes no responsibility for interruptions or irregularities in the water supply
  • Without exception the basic regulations governing internal installations to supply water must be complied with
  • Should you wish to order this service you will be able to do it through servifira eCommerce website,   click here for more information.

The installation of toilets is not permitted as part of stands.


All Exhibitors have to accept 4YFN & xside´s Waste Removal conditions. Please   click here to see the Terms & Conditions of the event manual which include the Waste Removal conditions acceptance.

 The exhibitor or the company responsible for building and/or decorating the stand should leave the area completely clean and free of debris before the end of the dismantling period. The following are the official conditions in relation to waste removal:

General Terms:

  • The Exhibitor must ensure that all materials, debris and waste be removed on a daily basis. Special attention must be paid to the the end of the build-up period. Please also ensure that all waste is removed before the end of dismantling.
  • General waste bins and skips will not be provided in the venue, these must be specifically ordered
  • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure their contractor has included waste removal and recycling within their stand build process.
  • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the contractor removes all excessive building rubbish, carpets and floor coverings from your stand area and the venue at the end of the build-up. Any charges incurred due to items being abandoned will be passed directly onto the Exhibitor. Neither the organiser nor the venue will accept responsibility for items left behind. All carpet tape must be lifted from the floor, if you fail to do this you will incur a charge.
  • Sharp items must be properly wrapped and disposed of in a safe manner.

Waste Penalties

If materials are found after the dismantling period, a clean-up fee of 300 € per square meter of your total stand size, will be charged directly to the Exhibitor, for example if the Exhibitor has contracted a 12m2 stand the exhibitor will be liable for a €3,600 fine (12 * €300) regardless of the total amount of materials found.

  • Dumping of materials (i.e. removing waste from stands and abandoning elsewhere) within the venue is strictly forbidden and carries severe penalties. Any contractor caught abandoning waste of any kind will be fined on the spot, €5,000 plus the cost of the removal of the abandoned material. 
  • Any Exhibitor or appointed contractor found abandoning waste in or around their stand space will be asked to make arrangements to remove the waste. Failing to do so, the official waste removal supplier will clean the area, and a penalty of €450 per 1m3 waste container will be charged to the stand building contractor.
  • For repeat offenders the penalty will increase to €1.500 per 13 waste container.
  • Exhibitors will be informed of any such situations of non-compliance of their contractors.

Exhibitors have the option of contracting cleaning service. Please check the Stand Services section under Event Suppliers page.