Manage My Registration

Manage My Registration

There are two systems in use for registering to attend the event:

The Public Registration System is used by all attendees to complete their registrations.  Paid & invited attendees will need to complete all steps themselves, whereas attendees uploaded via the E&P system with the single or bulk upload tool, will only be required to add in some additional personal information and submit their ID and photo for their identity check.

The Exhibitor and Partner Registration System (E&P) is used for those with a complimentary allocation of passes to register their visitors and staff.

Access to the E&P System

All registration coordinators will be sent an email with instructions on how to log in to their E&P account.  Once logged in, you will be able to clearly see your allocation of complimentary passes on the Dashboard.

You are strongly advised to review the Help Section and watch the Tutorial Videos before starting to make sure you understand all the tools available to you.  We have also produced a webinar.

If you are sharing the workload with a colleague, you can easily add another coordinator after you have logged into the system using the ‘Add Coordinator’ button.

If you want to change who the main registration coordinator, click on ‘Need to Know’ section at the top, then click on Additional Contacts and Registration Coordinator.

Pass Types

For those of who you weren’t with us in 2021, some of our pass names have changed:

Previous Name

New Name

Exhibition Visitor








Exhibitor / Partner Staff passes are the same and have the same benefits as the Discovery pass but with the addition of Extended Hours access.

We have removed the Exhibitor Contractor pass.For any of your staff or contractors that need access to the venue during the event, please register them with an Exhibitor / Partner staff pass.This will allow them access from the beginning of the build period all the way through to the end of the dismantled period.

Any contractors who do not need access during the event will register for a separate contractor permit via a separate system.

For updated information on the benefits of each pass, click here

Extended Hours

Also in 2021, we added a new development to allow registration co-ordinators to add Extended Hours access to Discovery passes.  If you realise that someone you have given a Discovery pass to needs access prior to the event opening, you can now add this via your E&P account and it will automatically update your guests’ Digital Badge.

Extended Hours access has also changed.Passes that have the Extended Hours symbol on them (), now give the holder access to the venue from Wednesday 16 February through to Tuesday 8 Mar, so no need to get a wristband or additional pass for the build period / dismantle.

Using technology for a safer visit

During these exceptional times, we’re going above and beyond to maintain a safe and controlled environment at the venue and all across the city. All MWC22 attendees must register online before arriving at the venue.

For a faster and more convenient way to register and check your ID instantly, we’re offering BREEZ, our online facial recognition technology, which also enhances your onsite experience with touch-free access.

This technology is delivered in partnership with ScanViS, a company wholly owned by Comba Telecom.

Learn more about ScanViS