Your Face is Now Your Pass 

4YFN Barcelona 2020 has gone badgeless. The next event will be accessible with facial recognition, with the plastic pass that hangs around your neck, the characteristic feature of conferences around the world, banished to analogue obscurity.

That has to be a good thing, as we cut more than 15,000 plastic wallets and 15,000 plastic cards from our event by switching to the BREEZ facial recognition technology. As an event that has been carbon neutral since 2014, it is an important step as we start to reduce our plastic footprint as well as our carbon footprint.

Having system trialled the system at 4YFN19, the aim is to have the entire event accessed entirely with facial recognition.

The biggest benefit has to be the speed with which people can enter the event. Using BREEZ, individuals can walk into the event virtually uninterrupted. Queue times are halved by swift access that negates the need to stop attendees and scan their badges.

It will mean that attendees need to show their ID once on arrival on their first entry to the venue and that’s it – then they can access the venue with unfettered ease.

This is the future of events.

It will spur more genuine interactions where people spend less time squinting at the company name on your badge and more time talking to you about who you are and what you need.

Using facial recognition, despite relying on state of the art technology, is really back to basics. Your unique visage has always been your unique identifier. And now it is your fast track entry to 4YFN.



In partnership with ScanViS Limited, a company wholly owned by Comba Telecom